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IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: The information and products on this Blog (MY Journey With Candida) are not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, orprevention of any disease. A fracture is a break in the continuity of the bone and is usually caused by force beyond the strength of the bone. Fracture of medial malleolus is a common ankle injury and following is an xray of fracture of medial malleolus.
Like other fractures, treatment of the fractured medial malleolus depends upon many factors which are injury related and patient related.
Surgical treatment of medial malleolus fracture aims at anatomical restoration and holding the fractured fragments at that anatomical position by means of screws, Kwires or tension band wiring. About Dr Arun Pal SinghArun Pal Singh is an orthopedic and trauma surgeon, founder and chief editor of this website.
This website is an effort to educate and support people and medical personnel on orthopedic issues and musculoskeletal health.
It is not clear why but some people continue with these kinds of symptoms long after their injury has healed. If problem is persisting with this intensity then you must see a doctor to rule out the cause.
Could you let me see xrays of yours immediately after your injury, before and after second surgery, and the last xray done on you. Please send the answers to my questions and pictures to contact at boneandspine dot com and I would try to do my best. However, if you are unsure you can visit your physician again and discuss the options, risks and possible outcomes again. If you want further information, you can use Contact Form on our website to provide your case history in detail including your pre and post reduction radiographs.
After trauma it is always wise to consult a doctor, get an xray of the area and confirm or rule out injury. A lateral view can be done from either side and both would be able to reveal the injury if present. In a normal course, nine weeks is the ample time for a fracture of medial malleolus to unite but every individual behave differently.

If xray shows a united fracture in normal and acceptable position then the pain would arise from soft tissues. Also, once it has finally healed and I'm allowed to weight bear on it, how long before the leg muscles return to a state that allows me back to work?. Ive had this on my leg for two days, I have absolutely no idea what it is, I just woke up with it. At 3, your child may understand sequence (he did it first or last) and how long something takes (a long or short time). This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. I know medically, you’re not supposed to pop the blister as the water or serum beneath the pillow like blister is there to protect the wound and not cause infection. Gosh, hopefully there won’t be an obvious scar on my arm, I have enough scars already.
These are presence of concomitant fracture of fibula, amount of displacement of medial malleolus, age of the patient and demands and expectation of the  patient. In some cases, where initial injury has led to substantial swelling, the patient may be given a temporary slab first and on reduction of swelling proceed to definitive cast. He had a displaced fracture of medial malleolus and the fracture was fixed with two malleolar screws. If you had been treated promptly and adequately, these would fade with time and might disappear too. I had to have a surgical procedure to fix the bone and have a metal plate and screws put in.
This happened 9 weeks ago i was senthome from hospital with a sprain, however i returned 3 weeks later to be told that it was broken.
Because you did not provide rest to your your joint for initial period [though there is no fault of yours], it would take a longer time for soft tissue pains to go away. Firstmost priority in your case should be establishing that facture has healed in acceptable position.
Fracture of fibula usually heals without any problem if it is in upper and middle part of leg. You could even make a paste, paint it on to sit on the skin for awhile.This is so off subject, but how does that mud do with the drain? It is mostly done in cases of undisplaced fractures or patients with very low functional demands. I had a cast for 4 weeks and was told that i would be x-rayed with cast off at follow up appointment and if not healing i would need surgery.

Because you have pain on walking as well as rest, I think xray would help us to rule out if the origin is from fracture or the ligaments around. When I gave Isaak an oatmeal bath for his eczema itching I used a wire mesh drain collector for any particles. This blog is what I do for myself to control my Candida I am not a doctor and claim no medical expertise.
Therefore, I had to have another surgery where the bone was then broken once again and the hardware was then replaced in my leg. I am now 3 years later and have a very deformed looking ankle and have never stopped having swelling. The x ray after the cast showed that it had been reposition but the joint had a 1.4 mm gap. At follow up appointment i was seen by a different doctor who never x-rayed or offered cast and referred me for physio. Information found on this blog should only be used after exploring the safety of the information.
My question is what is the cause of the burning sensation in the area of the leg that was broken coming from? I told him what other doctor had said and he just said i didn't need x-raying the bone has had time to heal. Blog owner will not be held liable for the use of any information found on this blog.NEVER DO ANYTHING YOU SEE ON THIS BLOG WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR!!! I also damaged my muscle and tendons in my leg with the break and now if i do a long period of standing i develop muscle spasms in the leg and foot and it gets stuck and i have to pull it out or stand to make it go away. I am worried that the bone may not have healed properly as firstly i was walking on it for 3 weeks before casting and now without x-ray unsure if healing properly. I still have swelling and pain in the bone and also on other side which i presume is torn ligaments and am being woke in night with pain in my ankle broken bone side.
I lost my insurance after the injury and have not had any since then so cannot see a doctor to find if there is anything that can be done. Is this normal after 9 weeks , i had cast removed 10 days ago and go for physio in 3 days time.

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