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May 16, 2013Eye Health, Featureseye herpes, Ipoh Echo Eye Health, ipoh echo issue 166, ophthalmologist Dr S.S. The eye gets infected most commonly when an infected person touches an active sore or blister, after which he or she touches their eyes.
A patient who gets infected will complain of a painful sore over the eyelid or a painful red eye with blurring in some instances especially if it infects the clear transparent part of the eye called the cornea.
The eye doctor will often instil temporary stain into the affected eye (with fluorescein dye) to detect the eye infection. If the eye infection is detected early and the virus has infected the cornea (clear transparent area) superficially only, it often heals well with no problems.
Most infections are asymptomatic and the disease is acquired most commonly from asymptomatic infected individuals.

Use of images for any purpose including but not limited to research, commercial, personal, or non-commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent. It may be transmitted by the infected person into his or her own eye or from one person to another. The infected portion gets stained and is able to be picked up when special blue cobalt light is shone into the affected eye. However, if the cornea is involved more deeply, the infection may lead to scarring of the cornea, loss of vision and sometimes even blindness. In severe cases, it may also infect the inside of the eyeball although this is not as common as the former. So if you have any eye infection that you are unsure of, or it is prolonged, do seek professional eye treatment.

They all have the unique characteristic of remaining in the body at some specific location for the remainder of the patient’s life.
It is estimated that almost 90% of the population would have suffered from the Type I variety during childhood.

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