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Breastfeeding your child is natural and is not news, however when a woman in Queensland was forced to leave an aquatic centre it becomes news and an issue.
Apparently tomorrow (March 1st) is self-harm awareness day, and it's also national eating disorder awareness week, which is also a form of self-harm.
While the incidence of breast cancer is low in men, a recent national study shows their survival rates lags behind women.
Personal horoscopes are best read for your Ascendent sign if you know it, and also your Sun sign. Venus, your ruling planet has recently moved into your 11th house of casual friends, clubs, and groups diluting, diminishing, and weakening the bonds you once shared. Your relationship to your home, family, the past, and your own emotions are highlighted as the week begins. Evaluating the effectiveness of past actions in relationships, the need to stop repeating old mistakes, and to forget everything you once knew about your role in relationships is the theme of the week. In a sense, the party’s over as Venus moves from your 5th house of enjoyment, creativity, and love into the 6th house of work, responsibility, and health. What you’re barreling towards is the need for a separation from your current circumstances, a change, a release.

If you remember, there was a four month period of stasis and stalling in your 7th house of relationships, and legal matters, ¬† This was the result of a four month retrograde of Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, which technically ended at the end of January when Jupiter changed it’s direction. You’ve made progress empowering yourself to achieve what you want to achieve through detachment. Jupiter’s picking up speed now in your 5th house of creativity, children, and the love you express, making you a creative dynamo when it comes to communication, writing, storytelling, and networking. For the past three weeks Venus, the planet of beauty, relationships, and resources (money) has been residing in your 12th house of releasing the outworn, surrendering to larger forces, and ending what needs to end. I'm working on a project for one of my college classes and I'm focussing on pediatric cancer awareness.
For a couple days you will be dealing with your attachment to comfort and security while at the same time dealing with significant pressure for a big change involving the release of old beliefs, a trip overseas, some form of new education, a book, or some form of culture shock.
Where there once stood an exuberant lover of life now stands a highly sensitive, somewhat confused and wounded king (or queen) wondering how the rug got pulled out from underneath and how to proceed from here.
In any case, though, wounding Leo’s pride by failing to respect his position is never a good idea.
What you’ve been unable to control is the unwieldy nature of your foundations, astrologically represented as your home, family, roots, real estate, emotions, mother or father influence.

There is an indication that the ordeals you’re going through will deliver you to a place where you discover a hidden talent, or an opportunity to develop it, and offer it as your gift to the world. What is at stake this week is your ability to simplify in order to gain more independence and effectiveness. Your primary relationships may clash with your needs for security and you may also be required to take some new action in this area of life.
There is also an indication that you may be particularly good at discovering hidden talent in others. To paraphrase the brilliant Australian Astrologer¬†Bernadette Brady’s what needs to happen is equivalent to walking onstage, stopping the play, changing the plot, and moving everybody to a new theatre. In the astrological world It is no secret that 12th house talent is the most potent with potential to change the energy of the masses toward sensitivity and compassion. By the end of the weekend you may feel that your diluted, hands off approach challenges your need to know and to direct the things that will determine your future.

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