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That’s because the only way to patent US “medicine” and make a fortune is to combine in a lab synthetic chemicals that cause horrific side effects, then pay the FDA millions to approve it.
So without further adieu, here are nine cancer cures for cancer proven by people who had cancer but no longer do!
Oil extracted from the marijuana plant has been shown to have extraordinary cancer-fighting properties. A number of recent studies have confirmed the cancer-fighting, tumor-shrinking value of medical marijuana.
Since 1999, there have now been a number of studies that clearly demonstrate that cannabis has the ability to effectively shrink tumors, kill cancer cells, and safely treat many aggressive forms of cancer, including brain, breast, skin, prostate, and lung cancer. However, due to the political controversy that surrounds medical marijuana, some physicians still remain unaware of these valuable studies, and mistakenly believe the misguided government reports that cannabis actually causes cancer.
A study done at UCLA in 2006 showed that not only does smoking marijuana not cause lung cancer, as had been previously thought, but that smoking cannabis actually protects the lungs from cancer.
The results showed that nonsmokers and cannabis-only smokers had the same amount of lung cancer, and that tobacco-only smokers had the highest rate of lung cancer. Cannabis oil, also commonly known as “golden oil” or “honey oil,” is a concentrated extract from the cannabis plant that is highly refined and chemically standardized, so that the amount of bioactive components (known as “cannabinoids”) in the oil are of a consistent strength.
Rick Simpson, founder of Phoenix Tears, an organization which studies and promotes the medical use of cannabis oil, has become a leading spokesperson for the medicinal value of cannabis oil, after effectively treating himself with the oil to help heal from a serious head injury in 1997. Although the medical establishment and the mainstream media have largely ignored the evidence that cannabis oil has powerful cancer-fighting properties, it appears that this silence is beginning to end as more and more people are discovering the truth about this forbidden medicine.
For example, according to ABC News, a father in Montana, Mike Hyde, claims that cannabis oil helped to cure his two-year-old son of a stage 4, malignant brain tumor on his optic nerve. Spanish researcher Manuel Guzman has done a whole series of studies since 1999 demonstrating the efficacy of cannabinoids to fight cancer.
WAMM is currently working with physicians and biochemists to develop the use of this enchanted oil further. Want to grow your own?If you are looking for good quality seed to grow your own medicine at home, then check out those guys from Royal Queen Seeds. Unfortunately, that method also involves selling your soul to the Medical Mafia, who control you and perpetuate the “fake war” on cancer — the one that actually mutates MORE human cells and leads to an early grave. Turmeric — Most turmeric sold in America suffers from high lead content and a high count of microbes.
Hemp seed oil — Cold-pressing the seed of the Cannabis sativa (hemp plant) produces a very important oil that is legally purchased in the United States at health food stores across the nation! Reishi mushrooms — You won’t find reishi on salads at restaurants or packaged at your typical conventional grocer. Real spring water without added fluoride (with average pH level of 8.8!) — If you’re fighting cancer, you most likely are in desperation to adjust your body’s pH.

Organic garlic cloves — Beat down the pathogens thanks to over 200 biologically active components!
Apricot seed kernels — The apricot seed “cyanide” controversy foolishly obscures an effective alternative cancer cure. Cannabis sativa — The “Father of Chinese Medicine” discovered the healing properties of marijuana in 2700 BC. This offer applies to shipping addresses in the lower 48 United States and the $19.00 minimum order amount must be met.
National Institute of Health, more recent studies, which began abroad in 1999, have shown that cannabis can effectively and safely treat many forms of cancer. In some cases, it may be important to educate your doctor about the important research discussed in this column. The study followed four groups of subjects: nonsmokers, cannabis-only smokers, tobacco-only smokers, and cannabis and tobacco smokers.
Those subjects that smoked both cannabis and tobacco had significantly less lung cancer than those who just smoked tobacco.
The clear-golden oil is a resinous matrix of cannabinoids, which is similar to dark-colored hash oil, only more distilled and much more potent. For years, Simpson has been supplying the valuable oil to medical marijuana patients free of charge. Hyde said that he secretly slipped cannabis oil into his son Cash’s feeding tube out of desperation, after the boy’s chemotherapy treatments were making him too sick to eat. Studies have demonstrated that (isolated chemical components of cannabis), such as THC (tetrahydrocannibinal) and CBD (cannabidiol), can  shrink tumors, and some reports suggest that the whole plant extracts are more effective than the isolated cannabinoids.
Cannabis oil is extremely nontoxic, and unlike every pharmaceutical drug that is approved to treat cancer, there are no serious health risks associated with using it. Oral ingestion will produce the strongest effects, and would likely be the most effective for serious medical conditions.
With more than 2 decades of experience they ship their medical cannabis seeds world wide and guarantee top quality for the best price. By purchasing cheap turmeric, you could actually be increasing the heavy metal toxins and bacteria that you consume, driving cancer cells.
It’s very high in essential fatty acid content, and it does NOT contain the psychoactive THC ingredient used by people who smoke pot.
Go to health food stores and check the supplements and dried powders, usually sold as capsules. Nearly every nutritionist on the planet would tell you to eat plenty of raw organic vegetables and fruits and consume lots of water — and it better be real spring water to help alkalize the body.
Simply put a teaspoon in a glass of water daily and help alkalize your system so cancer can’t even survive if it wanted to.

There is a special enzyme that the “bad guys” (mutated cells) use to multiply, and it’s called “ornithine decarboxylase.” You could block this enzyme and cut off the enemy’s “supply lines.” How much easier would it be to beat cancer if cancer cells had NO fuel?! Thousands of people have used apricot seeds to eliminate cancer without negative side effects.
Throughout history, the ancient Egyptians, Persians and even Greek civilizations used medical cannabis. In other words, smoking cannabis actually had a protective effect on the tobacco smokers’ lungs. According to Simpson, many of the cancer patients who have used his oil were cured or vastly improved, and that many other illnesses have been effectively treated with the oil as well. Do you think that it’s illegal to cure diseases with food, or is that just what you read in JAMA —The Journal of the American Medical Association?
A member of the achene family of fruits, it’s regarded as a “superfood” due to its unique ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 essential fatty acids and contains up to 5% pure GLA, which is even higher than in spirulina. What if the “cyanide” from myths that scare you are really referring to the kind that KILLS CANCER and NOT you? Mainstream medicine in the USA is very slow to recognize this because the DEA absurdly classifies it as a Schedule I narcotic, scaring off would-be patients and doctors. Maybe you saw some label that the FDA slapped on an organic product which says food can’t claim to cure any disease or disorder — yes — that was probably it.
Find an organic turmeric tincture that contains the phytonutrient curcumin, and you can build natural immunity. In China, they’re called the “Mushrooms of Immortality.” Reishi are meant for long-term consumption and have been linked to reduced blood pressure and improved nerve function and stamina! Since its discovery over 50 years ago, melatonin has demonstrated itself as a functionally diverse molecule with antioxidant properties. You might treat cancer and diabetes with reishi mushroom, just don’t tell the hospital administrators or your local newspaper that it worked so well, or they might have to report you to the Medical Mafia.
A vast amount of experimental research has revealed its vital role in the body’s defense against numerous cell-damaging free radicals because it possesses 200% more antioxidant power than vitamin E. Melatonin reduces oxidative damage and has been found to be superior to glutathione and vitamins C and E. There’s no money for the mafia-style medical establishment in selling baking soda and the formula for killing cancer. When you start talking about important polysaccharides and saponins that decrease cell proliferation in cancerous lungs, the oncologists’ cash registers stop ringing and they send you home to LIVE!
It’s true that the body naturally produces melatonin in the brain, but if you’re diabetic, borderline diabetic or over the age of 55, it’s common to need supplementation.

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