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Cancer  is unrestrained cell proliferation caused by damage to genes regulating cell division cycle. Carcinomas- When a malignant growth occurs in epithelial tissue covering body organs, it is called carcinomas. Sometimes highly malignant tumors may arise from primary embryonic tissues in children like tumors in cerebellum, kidney and eye. Cancer disease mostly occurs to male of growing age (13-18 yrs) due to their mode of living, eating and environment.
Susceptibility to cancer depends upon familial factor, smoking, chemical & environmental factors, viral factors, alcohol and dietary factors.
Severe bleeding through menstrual cycle, in case of male bleeding also occurs through anus.
A common weed catharanthus roseus is source of two anti-cancer drugs are vincristin and vinblastin used in treatment of leukemia. Prostate cancer affects only men and many organizations are creating awareness on the importance of regular checkups for early detection. Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: It is advised that you should always attend regular routine tests because it can help with early detection hence save your life at an early stage. Prostate Cancer Treatment Options: The treatments are various and it will largely depend on the patienta€™s general health condition, the progress or stage of the cancer and their preferences which is determined by their financial ability. 2.Prostate radiation this is the use of radiation machines to completely destroy the cancerous cells. 3.Hormone therapy is done to reduce the levels of androgens hormones which are produced in the testicles. Having a professional doctor is the best as you will be ensured of receiving the best medical care for prostate cancer. Compensation information is available for those diagnosed with lung cancer in our FREE Lung Cancer Information Packet or by calling toll-free 1-800-258-1054. Sign up to stay informed with the latest cancer-related updates on MedicineNet delivered to your inbox FREE!
This method has reached a very advanced level of sophistication in the last ten years due to improvements in ultrasound imaging of the prostate during the procedure (allowing direct visualisation of the deposition of the seeds) and better computer assisted planning and seed delivery methods.
The great attraction of brachytherapy is that it is a single procedure, a small operation, with the patients almost always leaving hospital next day. The inclusion of patients for brachytherapy is defined by relatively strict criteria.  Usually, we accept those biopsy proven patients with a Gleason score less than 8, a gland of less than 50cc, good urinary flow rates and a PSA of less than 15. Sagittal view of the Seattle low dose radiation seed implant technique for prostate cancer with the transrectal probe in situ, and the implant taking place via the transperineal route through a template (seen ‘side-on’ in the main diagram but ‘ en face’ in the ‘bubble’ top right), the depth coordinate being called by the rectal ultrasound probe.
The delivery of interstitial brachytherapy is nowadays carried out with great precision, utilising trans-rectal ultrasound to visualise the prostate and allow the radioactive seeds to be placed under direct supervision. After initial assessment and fulfilling the entry criteria for inclusion in brachytherapy treatment, the patient is usually admitted to hospital for thirty six hours. The metal grid is set up and secured to the operating table.  Through the grid, needles are inserted through the skin of the perineum into the prostate gland, under direct vision using thtetransrectal probe. When the positioning of the needles is satisfactory and matches the defined radiotherapy treatment plan, the seeds are deposited. In the ward and for the next 3 months (as the half life of the isotope is 2 months) there will be no restriction on visiting, excepting close proximity to pregnant women and infants, as there is no significant radiation risk to the patient’s visitors. 5% of patients require a catheter to be re-inserted (and more commonly in those with a weak stream prior to the procedure – hence the selection of patients by whether they can produce a reasonable stream prior to the procedure).
We have experienced no cases of urinary incontinence and no major rectal problems (exacerbation of haemorrhoids with bleeding may occur).
The largest clinical work and the longest follow up of patients treated with iodine-125 seeds (our own method) comes from Seattle and the results are entirely comparable with those of surgery or other radiatiom methods in terms of cure.

Unusually heavy menstrual bleeding and bleeding after menopause are also possible symptoms of cervical cancer. Sign up to stay informed with the latest womens health updates on MedicineNet delivered to your inbox FREE! Watch this slideshow of pictures on ovarian cancer showing symptoms, tests, and treatments as well as what factors raise your risk for cancer of the ovaries. Stages in cervical cancer are a fundamental key in finding out how the cancer has spread to the surrounding cells or tissues. According to the American Cancer Society, the stages are described using the number 0 and Roman numerals from I to IV, with some stages further divided into sub-stages as indicated by letters and numbers. 0: Cancer cells are only in the layer of cells lining the cervix (surface cells), without invading deeper tissues of the cervix. II: The cancer has grown beyond the cervix and uterus but has not spread to the walls of the pelvis or the lower part of the vagina. IIA: The cancer has not spread into the tissues next to the cervix (called the parametria) but may have grown into the upper part of the vagina and not spread to N or M. IIB: The cancer has spread into the tissues next to the cervix (called the parametria) and not spread to N or M. III: The cancer has spread to the walls of the pelvis or the lower part of the vagina and not spread to N or M. IIIA: The cancer has spread to the lower third of the vagina but not to the walls of the pelvis and not spread to N or M. IVA: The cancer has spread to the bladder or rectum, which are organs close to the cervix and not spread to N or M. Cancer is a complex group of diseases that can affect many different body cells and tissues.
Cell division cycle regulated by a sophisticated group of proteins.Cancer results from mutation of genes encoding these proteins.
The agents that tend to produce cancer are called carcinogens.There are many types of cancer diseases such as Stomach cancer, Colon cancer, Lungs cancer, Brain cancer, Breast cancer, cervical cancer, rectal cancer, Blood cancer, Skin cancer etc.
Exposure to UV rays, X-ray light and another radiation may cause bone cancer and skin cancer.
Viruses have been associated with virus type of cancer such as human peplum virus, T-cell leukemia virus and hood skin virus. This is important because it will increase your survival rates as compared to a patient who started treatment at an advanced stage. During the physical examination you will explain to the doctor those symptoms of prostate cancers which are frequent urination, painful urination, difficult to maintain an erection, constant back and thigh pains. The testing done the digital rectal examination and prostate specific antigen tests and this will clearly indicate the status of the prostate glands.
Technology has brought many benefits in health systems as they are able to employ the use of modern equipments to undertake the process.
The middle panel shows the axial CT cuts through the prostate at various levels from base to apex demonstrating the deposited seeds around the urethra.
In a consecutive series of 400 patients implanted by our team, only one individual required a catheter after one month.
It may be detected on Pap screening and subsequent testing even before symptoms have developed.
More than 50,000 women worldwide develop cervical cancer and if the cancer is detected at its earlier stage, it’s always treatable. It is used to diagnose the size of the tumor, the spread of cancerous cells to distant organs (metastasis) or lymph nodes, or how deeply the tumor or growth has invaded into tissues around or within the affected area. The stage is also called carcinoma in situ (CIS) or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) grade III (CIN III).

The tumor can be any size and may have spread to the lower part of the vagina or walls of the pelvis. Cancer  causes major of death all over the world.In India millions of people suffer from this disease and large number of them dies annually. Cancer is a growth disorder of cells, most pernicious diseases and gene disordre of somatic tissue. These are malignant growths developing in such tissues which are derived from mesoderm cell. It develops from unchecked proliferation of leucocytes present in blood and their precursors in bone marrow. Cancer is also genetically passes from one generation to next generation such as blood cancer and breast cancer. In case we come across any of these signals among our family or friends and also other people, we should persuade them to see a doctor as early as possible.People now suffering cancer and facing death.
The treatments given in the initial stages are not as severe and thorough as the ones given in the later stages.
Digital examination is among the tests that are usually done and it will determine the status of the prostate glands. The workplace was a common source of exposure to asbestos fibers, as asbestos was widely used in the past as both thermal and acoustic insulation. The right panel demonstrates the template coordinates, through which holes the needles were inserted to achieve this distribution – the middle two pictures showing these coordinates superimposed on ultrasound pictures. A medicine called an alpha blocker is usually prescribed for three months to assist the urinary flow that may be (usually temporarily) less strong. There he was involved in research in radiation biology and received the Huisking Scholarship.
Staging is always evaluated by the doctor’s physical tests such as cystoscopy, proctoscopy or CT (computed tomography) scans of the pelvis and abdomen and it is a key factor in giving the appropriate treatment plan to the cancer patients. Having an understanding on prostate cancer will enable you handle the disease and cope well from it. Stöppler's educational background includes a BA with Highest Distinction from the University of Virginia and an MD from the University of North Carolina.
In India major form of cancer in women is cervical and breast cancer and in men is mouth, lung and throat cancer.
Information can be found on various sources, the internet is very resourceful as it has great websites with informative insights on prostate cancer.
The main cause of prostate cancer has not been established even though surveys have discovered that it is highly common among the black ethnic groups due to the high levels of testosterone hormones. Both lung cancer and mesothelioma (cancer of the pleura of the lung as well as of the lining of the abdominal cavity called the peritoneum) are associated with exposure to asbestos. She completed residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Georgetown University followed by subspecialty fellowship training in molecular diagnostics and experimental pathology.
Louis University School of Medicine, he completed his Internal Medicine residency and Rheumatology fellowship at the University of California, Irvine.
The prostate gland is located below the bladder and it is responsible for the production of semen which is an important fertility element in male species.

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