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An infection is an invasion and multiplying of pathogenic microbes in the body tissues in which they are not usually present (1). A colonization is the usual presence of non-pathogenic and even potentially pathogenic microbes on the skin, in the nose, mouth, bowel, penile or vaginal mucosa, as a part of normal human flora, in the amount not harmful for the body – this is not an infection. A contamination is the presence of germs which do not multiply, for example, in a contaminated (not infected)wound. A carrier state is the non-usual presence of pathogenic microbes in the body, in the way not harmful for the carrier, but potentially dangerous for others, since the carrier is usually contagious. An overgrowth of microbes, non-pathogenic in small amount, but pathogenic in large amount, for example, an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile bacteria in the colon can cause life threatening pseudomembranous colitis.
Re-activation of an infection may occur; for example, a Varicella zoster virus, which has remained dormant in the roots of the spinal nerves after successfully healed chicken pox, may be re-activated during stress or certain disease, and can cause shingles. Bacteremia, viremia, fungemia and parasitemia (the presence of microbes in the blood) may result in an infection of other organs, or sepsis. Systemic infection, like influenza, affects the whole body and causes systemic symptoms, like general malaise, muscle pains, fever, nausea, etc. Localized infection, like cellulitis, is limited to one or few body parts and presents with localized symptoms, like redness, swelling, pain or localized (nasal, ear, etc.) discharge. Chronic infection, like tuberculosis or AIDS, may last from several weeks to several years.
Recurrent infection is one that frequently affects a person, like folliculitis in those who share the same sport equipment, or fungal infections  in those with lowered immunity. Invasion of multi-cellular parasites, like intestinal worms or head lice, into the body is called infestation. Viral infections are often systemic and may cause fever, headache, runny nose, sore throat, muscle and joint pains, diarrhea, skin rash, etc. Fungal (yeast) infections in a person with a healthy immune system usually affect only the skin. In a person with a weak immune system, fungal infections, commonly caused by a yeast Candida albicans, may appear in the mouth (oral thrush), esophagus, rectum or vagina; systemic candidiasis is severe and commonly fatal infection.
Parasitic infections cause different symptoms, depending on the type of parasite and organ affected. Infestation (Latin infestare = to attack, disturb) is an invasion of multi-cellular parasites, like intestinal worms (helminths) or head lice to the body. In medical terms, the incubation period is the time from when a person is exposed to an infectious agent (pathogenic microorganism) till the onset of signs and symptoms.
Fever in localized skin infections or food poisoning may be absent, in tuberculosis or viral pneumonia it is usually low-grade, in influenza moderate, and in bacterial pneumonia or sepsis high. Pain in childhood viral infections and flu is usually general and vague, and in localized bacterial infections, like bacterial prostatitis, localized and intense. Discharge from the nose, eyes, ears, trachea, bronchi and lungs (phlegm, sputum), nipples, bowel (mucus in the stool), urethra, vagina and wounds may appear in all types of infections. An incubation period is the time elapsed between exposure to pathogenic microbes and symptoms appearance.
An autoinfection – the spread of an infection from one body part to another, usually by hands or clothes (folliculitis, impetigo).
By drinking contaminated water, one can contract stomach flu, cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, amebiasis, etc.
By swimming in contaminated swimming or spa pools, or lakes, one can contract hot tub folliculitis, intestinal parasite Cryptosporidium, eye and middle ear infections.
Industrial cooling or hot water systems, air condition and room-air humidifiers can be a source of Legionella. During walking barefoot, Clostridium tetani, sandworms, or intestinal parasites, like Strongyloides stercoralis or hookworms can be contacted. Infections acquired in hospitals can be dangerous, since causing microbes are often resistant to regular antibiotics, and patients infected are often already seriously ill. Legionella may be sometimes found in the tap water in newly opened or poorly maintained hospitals. A fomite is an inanimate object or substance capable of transmitting infectious agents (microorganisms) from one object to another. Ask a Doctor Online Now!Microbes may make harm by releasing toxins, for example, in food poisoning, a parasite Entameba hystolytica can release toxins, which can destroy colonic mucosa, resulting in bleeding ulcers and diarrhea. Invasion of microbes triggers immune response of the body and attracts inflammatory cells, like leukocytes, and substances, like cytokines, which attack the microbes.
Effective anti-microbial medications for most infections, except viral ones, are available.
Ask a Doctor Online Now!Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis. Amir, the base of infection is an invasion of microorganism into your body what results in inflammation. Last month, the FDA released the 10th National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System Retail Meat Annual Report. The Centers for Disease Control calls antibiotic resistance “one of the world’s most pressing public health problems.” The widespread overuse of antibiotics is the cause of drug resistant bacteria. Beginning in the 1970’s, the FDA concluded that the common agriculture practice of giving otherwise healthy livestock antibiotics had resulted in the emergence of superbugs.
The Natural Resources Defense Council petitioned the FDA twice to prohibit the use of herdwide use of certain antibiotics in chicken, swine, and beef cattle. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies continue to reap the financial benefit of antibiotic use in farm animals. Presented in May 1997 when he'd been off work for 6 weeks and after he'd been diagnosed as having had glandular fever. His physical symptoms are a recurrent sore throat, always worse on the left side, starts there then moves to the right. He is a bit better, he had a slight reaction after the remedy with a sore throat for a week, but has had no recurrences since.
He has been on holiday to Greece, but overdid it before he went away and feels depressed since returning. At this point I feel he needs a Silver Series remedy because of his huge involvment with the world of creativity and new ideas. Not a lot happens after Iodum, although he is able to do more exercise, but has bad muscle aches and stiffness afterward. He again has a spell of intense headaches with sharp pains in his scalp, worse on the left side. He continued to take the remedy as required, working out to be approximately monthly with good results within one or two days. Stages of Viral infectionRSV and adenovirus are prominent causes in young children and Herpes type viruses in young adults. Recurrent UTI – Treatment And Prevention For Recurrent UTICovers treatments for recurrent urinary tract infections, as well as tips to prevent UTI and bladder infections.
Acute Viral Infections Of The Spinal CordInfections causes TM can result from viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or postvaccinal inflammation. People With Immunodeficiency Get The Same Kinds Of infections …Recurrent Infections May Signal Immunodeficiencies Your immune system is constantly on the defense fighting germs that could cause infections. Natural Help For Viral InfectionNatural Help for Viral Infection Viral Infections What is a Viral Infection?
IAH AC Viral Infections1 © IAH 2007 Viral Infections IAH AC Viral Infections Viral infections belong to the main causes of diseases treated in general practice. Vaginitis – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaA woman may have any combination of vaginal infections at one time.

Can Chronic Viral Infections Be ABarr Virus (EBV) is commonly known as the agent that causes infectious mononucleosis, or mono. Leukocytosis – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaMost commonly the result of infection, and is observed in certain parasitic infections.
Future Dengue Forecast: Intricate Relationships Between Mosquitoes, Virus And Climate Change FoundNorthern states could face longer outbreak seasons than the Southern region. Influenza And Other Viral Respiratory Tract Infectionsviral infections in immunocompromised hosts. Management And Outcome of Viral Encephalitis In ChildrenOr nerve root involvement (radiculitis) may also occur in viral central nervous system (CNS) infections. Pet Viral InfectionOrganism that causes an infection in the body; however, in order for a virus Many viral infections are spread in places such as kennels and shelters where animals are in close contact to each other. With the media focusing constantly on the Swine Flu epidemic, more and more people are becoming interested and concerned about contracting this and other types of viruses. The origins of most viruses are unknown; however there is evidence to suggest that many viruses that have a detrimental affect on humans have been transmitted throughout millennia from animals that we closely associate with.
So, one of the ways that a virus is introduced to humans is through animals that have similar biology to us and that we are in close proximity with. When a human is a developing fetus, the mother is able to transfer information to the child’s immune system on how to defend itself from viruses. For instance, the common Flu is usually transmitted by the virus entering the mouth or nose of the individual.
It should be noted that for the vast majority of viruses, the body is able to easily cope and defend against itself from them. Finally, for those looking to protect themselves from a virus, you may want to wear protective clothing like a face mask. Blog about the latest news and commentary pertaining to affordable health insurance and healthcare. It's easy to understand why most people are confused about the difference between a virus and a bacteria infection.
The main difference between a virus infection and a bacteria infection is that antibiotics have no affect on viruses.
Although viruses and bacteria are different and not treated the same, they are spread in the same manner. DISCLAIMER: The content or opinions expressed on this web site are not to be interpreted as medical advice. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site.
For example, if you have Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (a common cause of skin infections) in your nose, you may infect others, even if you alone never develop an infection. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth due to invasion of otherwise non-harmful colonic bacteria into the small intestine can cause bloating and diarrhea.
Example: infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which can cause infectious mononucleosis, often triggers no symptoms in small children. Examples of bacterial infections: staphylococcal skin infections, pseudomonas folliculitis, streptococcal pharyngitis, osteomyelitis, pneumococcal pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, etc.
Patchy areas with a brownish or reddish scaly rash on the scalp (scalp ringworm), trunk, limbs or groin (jock itch), peeled skin on the hands or feet (athlete’s foot), or discolored or cracked nails are typical symptoms of a skin fungal infection.
Intestinal parasites cause bloating, diarrhea, mucus in the stool and eventual weight loss. Not every person who comes into contact with an infectious agent will become infected but once the infection is acquired, the micoorganism will take a period of time during which it multiplies and spreads within the body until the point that signs and symptoms become evident.
There is no single specific symptom but a combination of symptoms and signs that speak for an infection. In everyday speech, only infections transmitted directly from person to person (like flu) are considered as contagious. Once contaminated, fomites may carry microbes for few minutes or several weeks, depending on the type of the microbe and certain circumstances, like air humidity and temperature. Such a defense reaction regularly results in an inflammation of infected tissue, which can be observed, for example, as purulent discharge in common cold or swollen joint in bacterial arthritis.
For example, Streptococcus pneumoniae , causing pneumonia, can trigger fluid collection in the lungs, impeding oxygen exchange between the air and the blood and thus reducing the oxygen supply to the tissues, what may result in death.
When in doubt, a doctor can take a sample of blood, urine, stool, sputum, nasal or other discharge and send it to laboratory, where microbes can be determined by serologic tests or a culture.
A doctor can often make a diagnosis from symptoms and physical examination, but in doubtfull or severe cases, lab tests has to be done to determine the causing microbe.
The results showed, among other things, that 81% of ground turkey, 69% of pork chops, 55% of ground beef, and 39% of chicken sold in grocery stores contained antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
According to health experts, the agriculture sector is a significant contributor to the creation of drug resistant superbugs. Just last year, the agency issued recommended guidance to the industry suggesting that farmers limit the use of antibiotics to those situations where it is necessary to insure animal health. Farmers can continue to feed livestock large amounts of antibiotics to promote growth and to counteract exceedingly poor living conditions. He has found out that he is to lose his job when he is back from sick leave, several staff members have been made redundant.
He reiterates the amelioration from cold drinks and describes how fast he drinks a glass down. The Phosphorus component of this salt was evident from early on, indeed I gave him Phosphorous which helped a little. In May 1999 he had a "dramatic reaction to taking the remedy, I felt worse for two weeks after taking the remedy, bad aches and a sore throat. He admitted he had been taking it monthly because he wanted to continue to feel so much better. There are a lot of causes of red eyes though, including viral infections, allergies and irritation. 1, 2012More than 200 new laws, covering everything from local library boards to murder, will take effect Jan.
V iruses are important causes of community-acquired pneumonia in children and adults (Table 22-1). In fact, a virus are made up of simple genes that instead of having their own cell and other aspects of life, are usually found to have information which can help them hijack a living cell and use that cell to reproduce itself and spread.
For instance, chickens have transmitted quite a few types of viruses to humans, one of them being SARS.
It should also be noted that newly introduced viruses can in some cases be the ones that are most detrimental to humans due to the fact that our body does not have a defense for it.
Viruses are made mostly from proteins, so our body has created a natural defense, anti bodies that are able to lock onto certain virus proteins and destroy them.
In these cases, our body must fight the virus and quickly develop a natural defense before it does serious damage to our body.
Generally, a person may come into contact with the virus, whether breathing air that is contaminated with the virus, touching an object such as a door knob with the virus and then touching their eyes or nose allowing the virus easier access, etc.
One of the best strategies for protecting yourself from viruses is to stay as healthy as possible, eat a good diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system. However, this is usually an extreme measure or a measure that is necessary when you are at high risk for acquiring or giving another person a virus- not just a moderately harmful virus such as the flu, but a dangerous virus. When you are sick, these two terms are often used interchangeably to describe what type of infection you have.
A virus usually has more widespread symptoms where a bacteria infection tends to stay within one area, such as the throat.

Please consult with your doctor or medical practictioner before utilizing any suggestions on this web site. Contamination also refers to presence of pathogenic microbes on medical equipment, in the water, food etc. Examples of viral infections: influenza, childhood diseases like chicken pox, rubella, rubeolla and infectious mononucleosis, AIDS, viral hepatitis, viral hemorrhagic fever, etc.
Effective over the counter or prescribed anti-fungal ointments and oral medications are available. Nearly 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the United States are used on food-producing animals, most of which were not even sick. However, the agency stopped short of creating regulations or imposing mandatory standards for the use of antibiotics in farm animals. The FDA explained that it was too time consuming to evaluate the safety of all drugs used in standard agricultural practice. Once again, the brunt of the consequences fall on the consumer, who unknowingly purchases and consumes a potentially deadly superbug. He has not been well for the last two years, suffering from increasing tiredness, recurrent sore throats and headaches. He feels quite relieved, looks forward to not having too much responsibility for a while, but he is worried about how he will cope financially. Then he started writing play reviews at an Arts Festival on a freelance basis because of his contacts in the art world.
In retrospect we will see that the "letting go of the art world" is not the key issue, it is only the result of his illness that he is unable to continue working. He has become a successful freelance journalist, and hopes to get his book published in due course.
In fact, since the dawn of man, we have been susceptible to both viruses and bacterial infections.
This fact is why antibiotics which are effective in killing most bacteria do not affect viruses. The information that tells the immune system how to attack specific viruses is usually shared from the mother to child. In fact, we may be transmitting many harmless viruses each and everyday at work, home and in the community. Generally speaking, most viruses that are easily passed on from one to another are categorized as highly contagious.
In addition, some common sense approaches to protecting yourself from viruses include, washing your hands often with soap, especially after you have been outside and before you eat. Generally speaking the Flu, which now includes the Swine Flu that has been introduced this year should not be that much more dangerous than the flu viruses of past years. Strep throat, tuberculosis, and urinary tract infections are examples of infections caused by bacteria. They also have similar symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing, fever, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and cramping.
In 2011, healthy livestock were fed 30 million pounds of antibiotics, while sick people were treated with only 7.7 million pounds. Last year a federal district court determined that the FDA’s denial of the petition was arbitrary and capricious.
He is not sure exactly when he had the glandular fever, the blood test is positive for IgG, but not for IgM. He knows he has to move on, develop his own creative ideas, he feels he has spent 10 years watching other people's creations.
The key issue is the feeling that he "reached the pinnacle without the support system", and I will understand this later. When I was working the artists became my friends, it was difficult to differentiate work from friends. With today’s medical innovations, we are able to counter a wide variety of viruses that have decimated humans in the past, however from time to time, a new virus is introduced to humans and can have a devastating effect on the many that it infects.
Recently, it has been suggested that the pig transmitted swine flu to humans, however this has not been verified as of yet.
There are generally a few major ways in which a virus can be transmitted, through inhalation of the mouth and nose, through an orifice such as eyes, sexual organs or an open sore and through the sharing of blood or other body fluids (ex. The Flu is one of the most contagious viruses around due to the ease at which it is transmitted.
As always, those with weakened immunity systems, children and older individuals should get vaccinated and take preventive measures, since they are the highest risk of not only acquiring these types of viruses, but suffering the worst from them. A virus may produce phlegm that is clear or cloudy, but a bacterial infection may produce phlegm that is green, yellow, bloody or brown.
Except of acyclovir and related antiviral drugs, at present, there is not a lot of effective medicines for viral diseases available.
The normal strands of these viruses are responsible for almost 3.6 million cases of food poisoning each year. While the number of antibiotics given to people has remained steady over the last 10 years, it has skyrocketed for livestock. The court held that the FDA had to review the numerous scientific studies detailing the risks of antibiotic resistance from using non-therapeutic drugs in food-producing animals. His identical twin brother has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years and he is very afraid that the same will happen to him. I run the performance program of an arts centre, we promote experimental work, the more radical the better. I'd be out till really late, I was reaching my limit, but I've got all these contacts and one of my natural instincts is to party.
I realized there's no point in overdoing it." His sleep and the muscle aching also improved, he has had no headaches. A vaccination is usually slightly altered (dead) viruses that do not pose a threat to a human body. However, due to our medical innovations over the last century, we are able to come up with a vaccine each and every year to fight this year’s specific virus. Another person with a virus can contain it by sometimes simply protecting those around them by covering their mouth and nose. Surgical removal of parasitic cysts, like in Echinococcus, from the liver, bones, brain or lungs is sometimes required. In the past, if you became ill with one of these stands of bacteria, you would simply obtain a prescription of antibiotics from your doctor and would recover relatively quickly. The reason that he keeps overdoing things is because of all his contacts in the art world, which brings in the phosphorus component.
However, when this foreign “dead” virus is introduced into the human body, our bodies think they are a threat and immediately come up with defenses to kill it. When bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics,  treating infections becomes difficult and even impossible, resulting in serious illness and death. Therefore, if we do come into contact with a “live” virus of the same variety such as the measles, mumps, etc, we are able to destroy it before it poses a serious threat to our health. He has started to write a book, a very imaginative story dealing with the issues of instinct versus reason. For instance, stay home from school or work, which can help to slow the spread of the virus.

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