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Luckily for users of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the modern world it is no longer necessary to separate, soak, boil, and strain, the various raw materials that may go into your herbal prescription.
My preferred method takes advantage of high quality herbs that have undergone a low-heat extraction process and are then spray-dried, which turns them into concentrated granules or powders.
Modern research is yielding important and helpful information, focusing on the chemical constituents of herbs and their affect on biological organisms. A philosophy and practice for the past 80 years, and three generations of sons, at Cheng Woh Medical Hall – a Chinese herbal shop located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town in Penang.
Many of the original Chinese herbal recipes are still produced and sold in the shop, while others Mr. Fixed Freight Fee for any quantity of Chinese Herbs; Includes Air Mail Shipping and Handling.

Our website uses a secure shopping cart payment system which offers the highest levels of encryption and security to ensure your transactions with us are private and protected as they travel over the Internet.
We accept orders only from Web browsers that permit communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology - this means you cannot inadvertently place an order through an unsecured connection. Your personal information and credit card details are safe and secure and will only be used for the ordering process.
However, it should be noted that there are some times when this indeed may be the most effective choice. These come in classical formulas as well as individual herbs and can be blended together to fit individual needs. These also have a long history, and are considered more generic because the formulas cannot be altered in any way.

Along with several thousand years of experiential knowledge giving us traditional uses and guidelines for combining herbs, we can use this new scientific understanding to help us be as percise as possible in prescribing. There is strict quality control regarding microbial counts, heavy metals, and pesticide residues. However, especially for long-term use in chronic conditions this may sometimes be the most suitable method. This encryption makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to read any information that you send us.

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