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Chinese herbal soups are gentle tonics meant to nourish the body and maintain proper bodily functions. Apart from cooking us the herbal soups when she stays, she also stocks my pantry with the chinese herbs when she leaves.
Place the blanched chicken and all the chinese herbs (except wolfberries) into a pot with water.
Nothing and I actually mean what I say by nothing can beat a perfectly made chinese fried rice. Never mind that we just experienced one of the hottest weekends in Southern California and it was 93? today and currently 80? at 9:30 PM. This chicken loaf is most in demand at home over the weekends and the family knows I love baking this one! Lee Woodruff’s latest book, Those We Love Most, is about family, love, tragedy, coming together and healing.
Now winter is upon us and the best way to keep warm is to have something good yet warming like this velvet corn soup. I started out with buying prepacked Chinese herbal mixes and I measured the quantities in the package so that I know the right amount to use and won’t overdose.

Traditional Chinese herbal soup cooked with free range chicken, mushrooms, wolf berries and topped with fried ginger slices and served in a clay pot. April 27, 2015 Anita 2 Comments 806610Do you have a favorite soup to order in a Chinese restaurant?
Since this soup is not as common as Chinese chicken herbal soup or Chinese six herbs soup, I never find pre-packaged soup packets for this. Usually wet markets in North and West Jakarta should have at least one shop specializing in Chinese herbs.
This soup is nourishing and especially great when you are feeling fatigue; it boosts your general well being.
After some time, I learnt to buy my own herbs individually as it is more economical than buying the premixes.
Every time she serves her herbal soups, she would tell us the functions of the ingredients in her soups.
Cool enough for your boots to see some daylight yet not so cold till you need to wrap yourself up like a bak chang (a chinese rice dumpling). If you are not cooking this too often and for convenience, you can use any brand of prepacked Chinese herbs for stewing chicken soup, they will do the job nicely too.

The restaurant version almost always have fried fish with it instead of chicken, but I never really like the fish, so I use chicken when I make the soup at home. For the most complete selection, I have heard that Kota area is the best, though I never ever went there myself to confirm it ?? If wet market is not your thing, I have found that the one shop in Pluit Village Mall in the little glodok section carries quite a complete selection of Chinese herbs. It’s quite amazing to learn about the health benefits you get from eating the chinese herbs. Taking care of the kids, lack of sleep and working long hours, she knows that the goodness of the herbal soups are just what we need to replenish our bodies.
Make it a healthy tonic soup and your body will thank you for it.My mother-in-law bought me a variety of chinese herbs when I was last back home.
For fear that my nose will bleed after drinking a soup with so many different herbs thrown in, I asked her (twice) if it’s really ok (confirm and re-confirm ya).

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