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Thank you for supporting Isthmus Acupuncture over the last 10 years and making us the largest acupuncture clinic in the Midwest.
The office will remain open and provide services and retail products through Thursday, January 28th. Providing quality holistic care for you has been our top priority over the last ten years and we plan to continue this going forward.
Under the umbrella of Body-Feedback, LLC, the owner of Isthmus Acupuncture, Michelle Buchanan will continue to provide acupuncture treatments and custom herbs, essential oils, and nutritional supplements on Madison’s east side. Isthmus Wellness, LLC will include the remaining staff of Lisa, Liz, Chandon, Lola, Heidi, Linda, Sarah, and Danielle and will continue to offer the services you are accustomed to on Madison’s west side. The popular Infrared sauna will be available at Isthmus Wellness and services will include ATMAT, massage, acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, and nutritional support. A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every person’s life we touched at Isthmus Acupuncture. Chinese Herbal MedicineChinese herbal medicine (CHM) constitutes a large part of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has been practised in China for more than 5000 years.
One of the underpinning traditional theories of TCM, is the principle of yin and yang, which provides a rationale for practice. Adverse reactions to Chinese herbs are extremely rare and are negligible when compared to those commonly produced by pharmaceutical drugs. The aim during the first consultation is to determine the nature of the disharmony by careful questioning and observation. Jo is able to combine her acupuncture and chinese herbs or use them separately according to the patient and their condition. Jo is always happy to talk and share her knowledge, please call for a FREE preliminary phone conversation with Jo on 07914 851 995.
Los pesticidas (herbicidas, insecticidas, fungicidas, etc) son sustancias toxicas disenadas para matar. Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials – food – required by organisms and cells to stay alive.
According to Chinese medicine theory foods are classified in a way similar to Chinese herbal medicines. Chinese medicine nutrition therapy (dietary therapy) includes the use of foods and use food-like herbs to promote health and treat illness. In conventional nutrition, foods are evaluated for proteins, calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutritional contents.
Examples are fresh ginger, onion, leeks, green onion, Sichuan peppercorn, garlic, celery, coriander, Chinese chives, fennel, spearmint, Chinese radish, radish leaf, chili pepper, sweet peppers, turnips, taro, leaf mustard, Shanghai cabbage, cinnamon, tangerine peel, kumquat, mustard seed and wine.
Sweet foods will slow down acute reactions and neutralize the toxic effects of other foods, and also lubricate and nourish the body. Sour foods with their astringent character will help to arrest abnormal discharge of fluids and other substances from the body, such as diarrhea, emission and heavy sweating. Salty foods will dissipate accumulations, soften hardness, nourish blood, and lubricate intestines to induce bowel movements. Bamboo shoot, chrysanthemum, bitter gourd, lotus root, water chestnut, root of kudzu vine, wild rice stem, angled luffa, sugar cane, tomato, watermelon, banana, pomelo, grapefruit, persimmon, mulberry, star fruit, preserved jellyfish, seaweed, kelp, cuttlefish, crabs, sea clams, snails, pig’s bone marrow, sprouts, water spinach, watercress, lettuces, arrowhead, salt and soya sauce. Millet, barley, wheat, buckwheat, coix seed, eggplant, cucumber, wax gourd, loofah, Chinese radish, lettuce root, celery, peppermint, broccoli, cauliflower, leaf mustard, spinach, Peking cabbage, Chinese cabbage, amaranth, Indian lettuce, lily bulb, pea, mung bean, pears, muskmelon, apple, pineapple, coconut, strawberry, orange, tangerine, loquat fruit, mango, papaya, water caltrop, tea leaf, bean curb, mushrooms, lily flower, duck egg, egg white, pig skin, rabbit meat, conch, frogs, sesame oil, cream, yogurt and cheese. Round-grained rice, corn, taro, sweet potato, potato, turnips, carrot, cabbage, radish leaf, beetroot, fuzzy melon, soybeans, adzuki beans, peanut, cashew nut, pistachio nut, lotus seed, black sesame, sunflower seed, plums, fig, grapes, lemon, olives, white fungus, black fungus, shiitake mushroom, sea shrimps, loach, pork, duck, goose, oyster, beef, quail, sea eels, egg yolk, quail egg, royal jelly honey, milk, soybean milk, rock sugar and sugar. Coriander, Chinese chives, onion, leeks, green onion, asparagus, sweet peppers, sword bean, spearmint, Garland chrysanthemum, pomegranate, apricot, peach, cherry, litchi, longan fruit, raspberry, chestnut, pumpkin, glutinous rice, dates, walnut, pine nut, mussels, fresh water eels, sea cucumber, carps, abalone, hairtail, lobster, fresh water shrimps, chicken, mutton, sparrow, venison, pig’s liver, ham, goat milk, goose egg, sparrow egg, maltose, brown sugar, cumin, clove, fennel, garlic, ginger (fresh), dill seed, nutmeg, rosemary, star anise, Sichuan peppercorn, sweet basil, sword bean, tobacco, coffee, vinegar, wine, vegetable oil, rose bud, osmanthus flowers and jasmine. According to the reference from China State Administration of Chinese Medicine the following herbs  may be consumed like foods and incorporated into daily diets in a longer term to promote health and prevent illness .
An estimated three-quarters of the world’s population, especially those in developing countries, rely on herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicines treat the underlying causes of illness rather than individual symptoms.

Our herbal dispensary carries over 300 high-quality bulk Chinese herbs, consisting of both raw and prepared materials which are specially selected for each person. Our dispensary also carries granulated herbs, which are highly concentrated powdered extracts. Granulated formulas are custom-made for each patient just like loose herb formulas. The most valuable benefit of an herbal consultation is the carefully blended combination of herbs specifically designed to address each person’s unique set of needs.
As excited as we are to start our new business ventures, we are sad to announce the closing of Isthmus Acupuncture. Clients with prepaid package services or account balances will receive an email detailing the amounts owed or remaining prepaid services in February. Beginning in February we will resume our treatments under two new businesses, both located in Madison – Isthmus Wellness, LLC and Body-Feedback, LLC. She is also expanding her teaching and online education while embarking on the new adventure of publishing books. TCM is still a primary therapy in a number of Asian countries, whilst being routinely practiced in parallel with Western medicine in public hospitals in China.
Therefore, not one, but several diagnostic and treatment procedures are needed, which differs from the conventional medical approach. Yin and yang in TCM can be likened to dynamic balance between anabolic and catabolic processes in the body and organs, whose constant balancing action ensures a healthy functioning body. The results that can be expected and the length of treatment required depend on the severity of the disease, its duration and the general health of the patient. The practitioner will always take into account any previous or current illness or medication before providing treatment. Children and pregnant women can be, and commonly are, cared for by Chinese Medicine practitioners.
Diagnosis may include examination of the tongue for its structure, colour and coating and of the pulses at the wrists, which are felt for their quality strength and rhythm.
It’s an ideal opportunity to discuss your particular problem and whether you feel she can help you.
Una tradicion que se remonta a miles de anos y que se basa en la capacidad de la naturaleza para prevenir enfermedades y restaurar la salud humana.
El record lo tiene Alemania y Canada, donde las muestras de madreselva contenian 26 y 24 tipos diferentes de pesticidas, respectivamente.
El problema es que los pesticidas no solo matan las plagas objetivo, tambien matan o afectan a otras formas de vida que pueden ser beneficiosos para la produccion de alimentos o cumplir una funcion tan importante en los ecosistemas como la polinizacion. Nutrition consultation in Chinese Medicine is to provide clients the dietary advice combining appropriate foods and food-like Chinese herbs. In the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) nutrition and dietary therapy,, foods are just as herbs that are classified into cold, cool, warm and hot energy with five different flavors, and can be selected and prepared appropriately to Tonify the body, eliminator pathogenic factors, and regulate the yin and yang balance of the body.
The five kinds of energy are cold, hot, warm, cool and neutral, and this refers not to the physical state of the food but its effect on our bodies. For example Honey, dates, shiitake mushroom, taro, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, carrot, glutinous rice, peas, soybean, rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane, peanut, milk, apple, pears, cherry, chestnut, grapes, lotus seed, longan aril, carps and abalone.
For example: lemon, tomatoes, pineapple, apple, strawberry, papaya, pears, loquat fruit, oranges, tangerines, peaches, hawthorn fruit, olives, pomegranate, plums, pomelo, mango, grapes, vinegar and royal jelly. For example, bitter gourd, Indian lettuce, wine, vinegar, lotus leaf, tea leaf, turnips, apricot seed, lily bulb, gingko, plum kernel, peach kernel, seaweed, pig’s liver, bergamot, arrowhead, asparagus, wild cucumber and coffee. Foods with a bland flavor usually promote urination and may be used as diuretic, for example coix seed and wax gourd are used for this purpose. These foods can be eaten to activate the circulation the spleen (an organ in Chinese medicine responsible for digestion, not the biomedical concept of spleen), stimulate appetite, promote energy circulation, get ride of excessive dampness and turbidity, and detoxify.
Almost a quarter of all modern prescription drugs, including aspirin, are derived from plant sources. At the Academy’s Herbal Clinic, we apply a holistic approach to the use of herbs to address physical, emotional and spiritual issues. If you currently have appointments scheduled with Isthmus, you will be contacted directly with new appointment times and locations. Although CHM is an ancient system of health care, it has undergone continual development over the centuries as the causes of illnesses that afflict mankind have evolved, so has it.

It is usual to have 1-3 months of treatment to assess the effectiveness on the patient’s health. In practice, the clinician usually combines the herbs with some or several of the following treatments: Acupuncture, Dietary Therapy, and Exercise.
En los ultimos tiempos los productos herbales chinos se han convertido en un icono mundial debido a sus propiedades curativas y se incluyen en la dieta diaria (sopas, salteados e infusiones) por millones de personas de todo el mundo.Desde 2009, China es el mayor exportador del mundo de este tipo de productos.
There are foods that nourish our bodies and foods that help eliminate or drain the pathogenic factors. Foods with cold or cold property are often recommended to clients with warm or heat constitution or patients classified as heat patterns. Studies of herbs and their medicinal properties were prominent in the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, Greece, Tibet, Persia and India.
There is also a strong tradition of Western herb use in the United States where patients are seeking more natural sources of medicine. Once a student practitioner has assessed a patient’s specific needs, a formula is individually created to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers. Loose herbs, because they are in their natural state, are considered to be more potent than granulated or prepared formulas.
Granules are popular because of their ease of preparation and their portability when traveling.
Prepared herbs cannot be modified for the individual patient, but are popular because of their convenience.
In the interim, please contact Michelle directly to schedule appointments or to ask questions. If you have an appointment scheduled in February, we will contact you directly this week to confirm the new appointment time and location. Muchas personas los consumen porque consideran que son buenos para la salud, sin conocer que estan expuestos a niveles peligrosos de pesticidas.Asi lo demuestra un estudio reciente de Greenpeace en Asia Oriental que ha publicado un informe en el que denuncia como China exporta su medicina tradicional con gran contenido de residuos de pesticidas.
When a clinical pattern is identified by the practitioner, certain foods are recommended to either tonify the body or eliminate the pathogenic factors in addition to the acupuncture treatments. Foods with warm or hot property are often recommended to clients with a cold constitution or patients classified as cold patterns.
While most over-the-counter herbal products can only address physical ailments with standardized, pre-formulated dosing, our student herbal practitioners are educated to design custom-made formulas for each individual. Estudios cientificos alertan que los pesticidas pueden causar envenenamiento y en algunos casos la muerte a corto plazo con altas dosis de las sustancias mas peligrosas. Much of this knowledge is still used today and has been proven effective in modern clinical testing. Tambien ocasionan graves efectos cronicos a largo plazo con la exposicion aun a niveles muy bajos. This focus on individualization puts the patient’s specific needs in the forefront, and just as importantly, takes into consideration any possible interactions with prescribed medications.
Los pesticidas estan involucrados en graves problemas de salud, como la reduccion de la fertilidad masculina, cancer testicular y problemas del sistema nervioso, especialmente en los ninos y ninas.A nivel mundial, sin embargo, la venta anual de estos productos del sector quimico se duplicaron entre los anos 2000 y 2009, y la industria quimica mundial ha proyectado que sus ventas crezcan en un 3% por ano hasta 2050. Una tendencia que no es sostenible desde el punto de vista ecologico ni para la salud de las personas. There are about 60 herbs listed as food-like herbs according to the reference published by China State Administration of Drugs. Es, literalmente, un callejon sin salida.Este ultimo escandalo confirma una vez mas que el sistema de agricultura intensiva quimica esta fuera de control. In the practice of Chinese nutrition, these herbs may be recommended to the patients and become a part of patient’s daily diets. Greenpeace pide a los gobiernos que tome medidas, reduzca el uso de plaguicidas promoviendo la agricultura ecologica frente a la agricultura industrial intensiva con aplicacion masiva de insumos quimicos.Greenpeace tambien quiere exigir una mayor financiacion publica para investigar la agricultura ecologica y en particular sobre las alternativas no quimicas para controlar las plagas.

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