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ScatterHaving separated the people by language at the tower of Babel, the LORD then scatter them from the land of Shinar to populate the earth.
The SCATTERING of the people from the land of Shinar throughout the world is pictured in s?n. The more detailed form of MIGRATE (qian) seems to specifically reference the migration of the Chinese people from the plain of Shinar.
How Did They Know?Now, here's the million dollar question - How did the ancient Chinese people know all the details we've discussed in this series of articles? The Chinese word shuo helps us to know how the ancient Chinese knew about the pre-Babel history of mankind.
Just in case we're not certain that these eight elders who shared words with the ancient Chinese people were in fact Noah and his family, a word used for HANDING DOWN or PASSING DOWN (y?n) also reveals the source of their knowledge. Not only was the written syntax of the Chinese language provided by its developers as a means of communication, but it was used as a way to record history. University of Warwick student Valerie Yating He, has won a place on a highly selective programme for outstanding young chinese people. Applicants for this prestigious programme had to demonstrate outstanding scholastic and personal  achievements. Note for Editors: This year's annual China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth consists of a series of exploration and exchange activities, which will be held in various major cities in mainland China and Hong Kong.
And then while I was waiting for that sweet dragon picture to upload, I read this, this and this about China’s military and the Gates and Hu meeting. With a history of over 6000 years, Chinese Painting blossomed around 221 BC during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, when it was pursued by the wealth people who had plenty of spare time.
Oil or acrylic are is popular in Western art, while Chinese ink is used in traditional Chinese painting.

An interesting note, they acknowledge the general region from which they had departed, using the word WEST (xi), which takes us back to the ONE MAN in the garden ENCLOSURE - Adam. How were they privy to precise details about the creation, the sin in the garden, Cain and Abel, Noah's name, the flood, and the events at the tower of Babel? In particular, the history of pre-Babel events were encoded in several images - hidden details of a time long ago. She is studying for an Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Warwick’s Warwick Business School (WBS). The Programme aims at providing an opportunity for outstanding Chinese youths to learn about the current socio-economical, technological and cultural development of China. It really doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal, but is pretty interesting nonetheless. Then, Chinese Painting became popular around 581 AD since more and more people began to appreciate its beauty. At first, Chinese painting brushes were made of goat, hare, or fox hair because these animals’ hair was suitable in producing brushes that were both soft and stringy.
However, the silk paper was quite expensive so only very important documents and paintings will use such kind of paper. Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of all the earth; and from there the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth. The people would gather according to their particular language, and go forth from that place throughout the whole earth.
Both words are pronounced qian; the first one is generic, the second is specific to the Chinese people. How could they know these things which would not be recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures for another 800 years?

Who could that be, but the eight people who were saved through water (1 Peter 3:20), Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives?
The precision with which these characters agree with the Hebrew Scriptures cannot be a mere coincidence.
During their time in the Chinese cities, delegates will have chances to meet people from different circles, ranging from distinguished persons to local residents. During this time, people began to paint real subjects like trees and flowers in Chinese painting, and the “six principles” of Chinese painting were widely introduced till the 1300s. In most cases, the ink comes in the form of thick black sticks and used in combination with an ink stone. By the first century, when the early form of paper was invented, it became much cheaper to write or paint. I would suggest that would be Noah and his wife, along with his three sons and their wives. The ancient Chinese people knew Noah and his family, and received from them the knowledge of what happened prior to the flood. And through appreciating the Chinese painting, you will gain a full glimpse of the traditional Chinese art culture. Showing due diligence, the first generation of the Chinese people, as they prepared a style of writing for their descendants, used it as a way to record and preserve the history which had been passed on to them. The painter will wet the ink stone and then grind the ink brush on the stone, wetting the stick, and making the ink run so that it can be used for painting.

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