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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, increase in internal heat and dampness trigger acne outbreaks. The goal of acne treatment in Chinese medicine is to reduce the internal heat and dampness of the body with appropriate therapies.
Chinese Medicine and Herbs for Acne Scutellaria Scutellaria, also known as huang qin, is widely used in herbal formulations for treating acne. Phellodendron In traditional Chinese medicine, phellodendron or huang bai is recommended for eliminating damp fire from the body. Rehmannia The root of rehmannia or shu di huang can benefit people bothered by recurrent acne outbreaks. Tree Peony Root Cortex Another popular Chinese herbal remedy for acne is the tree peony root cortex, known as mu dan pi in Chinese.
Red Peony According to the traditional Chinese medicine dark red clusters of acne rashes is a sign of poor blood circulation and increase in internal dampness.The root of red peony or chi shao contains a compound called paeoniflorin that helps to reduce dampness and boosts blood circulation, thereby providing fast relief from acne eruptions. Western medicine and Chinese medicine treat acne very differently though they agree on one point. Though this may sound strange, it makes perfect sense within the logic of Chinese medical theory.
Fortunately, you need not understand this or even have heard of the herbs used to treat acne.
0printWhile the history of the modern medicine has its roots back in 18th century, ancient sciences such as Ayurveda and Chinese herbs stretch back thousands of years (approximately 3000-5000 years). Like other alternative health treatments, TCM too focuses main cause of acne and helps treating it effectively. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of acne healing is based on how it is caused.
According to TCM, the heat that causes acne comes from three major sources; the blood, the phlegm (accumulated) and toxins in the body. Most of the commonly occurring acne belongs to this type of acne according to Chinese medicines. The acne occurring from toxic substances’ heat is generally pus filled and have inflammation. Here you can write a few short sentencs about why your customers can buy with conficence from your store. 3.then our doctor will tell you the systoms you know and do not know, the cause and your daily performance. The place to find more information about acne, including tips to treat your acne, the cause of acne, natural acne treatment, medical acne treatment and many more. While modern treatments are available these days, it is true that natural remedies such as Chinese herbs for acne are still popular.
Aside from these Chinese herbs, you can also try some healthy foods that are known to be very effective when used to treat acne.

That’s it, these are some best Chinese herbs that you can try whenever you suffer from acne and want to get rid of it naturally.
Exposure to chemicals, toxic substances or obstruction in flow of qi energy increases heat production. Eating excessive oily or fatty foods, poor digestion or living in damp environment increases internal dampness of the body. Depending upon the underlying cause of acne outbreak, it is usually treated with formulations containing herbs that address different aspects of the skin problem. It helps to cool the body.The immune strengthening property of the herb enhances the natural ability of the body to fight bacteria associated with acne eruptions. By purifying the blood, it protects the skin from toxic substances that trigger acne outbreak. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. During that period, the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practitioners had discovered special treatments for dealing with health ailments and conditions that strike mankind frequently. The acne is caused mainly due to the heat on the organs (it is called as Zang Fu), which is fundamental ailments such as body fluids and blood.
The sufferer of this sort of acne would have rapid pulse rate and the tongue will be red with yellowish coating.
Some of these foods include olive oil, Papaya, Carrot, Blueberries, Sardines, Potatoes, Almond, Strawberries and Bean Sprouts. By knowing what the cause is, it will also help you to find the right treatment based on your condition. Excess internal heat stimulates abnormal inflammatory and hormonal activities, leading to inflammatory conditions such as acne.
Excess damp encourages growth and multiplication of microbes, increasing risk of bacterial infections associated with acne flare-ups. Along with herbs, foods that help to cool the body should be included in the diet to clear the acne lesions. It helps to reduce the internal heat and eases blood flow.Ointment containing the dried root of scutellaria can be applied to the acne lesions. Nevertheless, almost all the herbal formulas are typically prepared as decoction (boiling the water first, then adding herbs and finally after some time, getting them down from the fire). Treating this sort of acne in TCM requires the herbs that neutralize the acidic nature of phlegm. The patient’s tongue will be reddened with yellow coating and the pulse will be high probably with fever. For example, if you have acne due to hormonal imbalances which can be the most common cause of acne then some natural remedies such as red clover can be a right treatment option. While acne is quite common, this issue can also ruin our life if it is not treated properly.

The heat that causes acne comes from various sources such as spicy food, stress, severe emotional stress, hormonal changes, irregular menses etc.
The herbs used for this problem include white chrysanthemum, red peony roots, mulberry bark, forsythia fruits, prunella spike and chamomile. Herbs include angelica roots, orange kernel, licorice, flatsedge, nutgrass, forsythia fruits and tangerine peels. The aim is to remove the toxins and free radicals and make the person’s skin and blood normal. Treating acne doesn’t happen overnight and if you want to treat acne naturally, you may want to take a look at some best Chinese herbs. It contains some substances such as isoflavones which can be used to control the hormone levels in your body.
By using Chinese herbs for acne, you have made a right decision to treat acne naturally without having to worry with any negative side effects. Unlike other acne products which may cause some negative side effects, Chinese herbs provide relief and cure acne in a natural way thus there is no need to worry about any side effects that may appear later.
ADVERTISEMENT Herbal creams, serums or toners applied topically are a wonderful add-on and provide more immediate healing.
Combining internal and topical treatment together is the most effective way to achieve complete, long-term results.
Generally, people are either prescribed birth control pills, antibiotics or isotretinoin, the latter of which has dangerous side effects.
Many of my patients have complained of mild to severe side effects they've had from past acne treatment with prescription drugs. There may be digestive discomfort or loose stools, but even these mild symptoms don't usually last too long. Make sure your herbalist has experience treating skin conditions, and that they're committed to using Chinese herbs from a reputable pharmacy. Ask about whether the herbs have been tested not only for quality, but also for pesticide or fungicide residues. Herb quality is a big concern in the Chinese medicine community, and is something to which you should pay close attention.
For example, lesions that look bright red require different herbs than those that are pale or purplish. But with diligent treatment, the vast majority of my acne patients report dramatic improvement.
She is the co-founder and clinical director of Oasis Palisades, a health and wellness center on the west side of Los Angeles.

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