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Herbal Medicine Week takes place June 2016 – a great time to address the relevance of herbal medicine in today’s society.
I regularly use Chinese Herbal Medicine in my clinic – natural herbs each with their own specific characteristic and medical use – to treat different issues and help rectify the over-activity or under-activity of yin and yang, energy and blood and help restore the body to its normal physiological functions. I’d like to introduce you my favoured category that I consider to be the ‘Powerhouse’ of Herbs – known as ADAPTOGENS.
Modern Western scientists investigated these particular herbs in the late 1940s and the term ‘adaptogen’ was established. Homeostasis is the internal system’s ability to remain constant and balanced despite the external stressors. The mechanism as to how adaptogens vitalize the body to achieve high mental and physical performance has been studied extensively in the former Soviet Union, Japan, Germany, Sweden and the United States.
When adaptogens are present, the adrenal gland hormone output is efficient and conserved in response to physical and environmental stress. The Soviet Olympic and elite athletes have routinely included adaptogens in their sports training programs to achieve maximum performance without side effects. Classic Chinese herbal energy tonic with considerable immune-enhancing properties: tones the adrenals, lungs and spleen. This helps to restore the adrenal glands after internal stress of cortisone or steroid use. Dang Shen: For an anti-oxidant surge Western research has demonstrated its strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and analgesic capabilities. This has a balancing effect on the endocrine system and is used for those whose energy levels vary considerably during the day – so is used for the treatment of diabetes, and unstable blood sugar. Used to treat dizziness, weakness and numbness, and helps to support the healthy function of the liver and kidneys. It works to improve immune function, and helps with depression, long-term memory and cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat). Used to treat adrenocortical hypo-function – stimulates the adrenal gland and helps to increase the ability to handle stress and improve mental fatigue and physical endurance. A great example of an adaptogenic herb with a balancing adrenal effect – it helps with nervous exhaustion from overwork, boosts heart and blood circulation. Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic – it can also help with nausea in pregnancy, uterine and ovarian pain and diverticulosis. Astragalas ( Huang Qi ) ?? has a sweet taste and a warm properties and it is use for treating the spleen and lung. The dawn of Chinese herbal medicine began over 2,000 years ago, and comprises over 27 generations of physicians to date.
Secondly, plant material, whole shells or resins, insects and animal parts have therapeutic value (never endangered species in the principled practice, such as Lotus Center).
Third, herbs are chosen to be in a formula based on the energetic action of the herbs themselves.

Fifth, herbs are chosen based on which meridian and organ they have a specific resonance or relationship with.
Sixth, each formula is very well balanced so that the herbs compliment, support, or ameliorate certain desirable or harsh properties with each other within the same formula.
Eighth, often multiple formulas or compositions are layered and dispensed to the patient for complex co-existing problems.
Ninth, In Chinese medicine, herbal formulas are based on a Chinese differentiation of disease pattern (not allopathic or western medical diagnosis).
The professional Chinese herbal pharmacy has herbs in raw, and in prepared form, in tincture, powder, and tablet form. I came back to Lotus Center with Blood pressure BMI & hypertension being my main concerns.
Just want to update you that I gave my little girl 2 doses of the Chinese meds so far (2pm and 6pm) she took a nap in between with fever of 102 but I didn’t treat the fever, just gave her cool towel on her head. The Chinese brew (herbal decoction) is the best thing that has happened to me to help me deal with IBS. During my treatments at Lotus Center, time was taken to listen to me.  No one seemed rushed. Lotus Center has made it so I rest better, I have more energy, I’m sick less, I feel good. After months and months of unsuccessful rounds of fertility drugs & a failed IVF, Michele worked with me for a series of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.
Betsy Oldenburg’s keen eye and straightforward approach to working with imbalances in my body have been a great help. Twelve months ago I was told by an orthopedic specialist that I needed to have surgery on my neck.
For years I have suffered with plantar fascitis and because of the success I’ve received getting treatments, I highly recommend Bowen with Betsy Oldenburg for any tendon, joint or muscle problem. When I come in with a migraine, it is totally gone by the time I leave!  I am also able to reduce the occurrence of the migraines through the use of Chinese herbs and dietary modifications recommended by Michele.
As alternative medicines and therapies such as acupuncture and cupping gain in popularity, there has never been a better time to learn about herbal supplementation, particularly now that Herbal regulations are under scrutiny. Herbs have been used for centuries and once they affect the body in any way, they are considered medicines. Hormones are kicked into high gear to create fight or flight responses when dangers appear. Great for adrenal exhaustion, supports immune function, improves visual acuity, and supports faster post-op healing.
Helps to treat diabetes, depression,general lassitude, and irritability, lack of concentration, worry, neurosis and depression.
Over time, however, you may begin to notice important long-term improvements, resulting from your body’s internal balance and wellbeing. In combination with Ligustrum lucidum (glossy privet), astragalus is used orally for treating breast, cervical, and lung cancers.

Chinese differentiation is  based primarily on history, tongue presentation, and pulse assessment, as well as on palpation, olfactory assessment, and observation. Within a week it has come down tremendously, thanks to Michele’s Chinese herbal formula. There was education given – so that I was more knowledgeable about what was going on with me and how to continue to work on my progress and prevent further problems. They have effectively treated my infant daughter several times when she had a pediatric fever, cold, vomiting, & cough. After seeking infertility treatments and trying for 2 years, I came to find the Lotus Center. By incorporating her suggestions for posture corrections and specific stretches, in addition to receiving her bodywork, I have felt more aligned physically and mentally.
Michelle really listens to you and works with you to come up with a treatment plan using both her many years of experience and intuition.
Also works as an anti-inflammatory, mild laxative, pancreatic tonic, and an immune stimulant with anti-viral properties. It is also said to be a powerful tonic to the brain and mind, and is believed in China to improve memory. It effectively assists the body in using its own resources to achieve optimum levels of physical, mental and emotional health. They taught me how to cook Chinese herbs to make her customized medicine & the results were impressive!
The muscles in my neck and shoulders that had pained me for years were responding to these gentle movements. Then I saw Betsy’s ad for Trager and massage therapy in a community publication, and I thought, ‘why not’? The resultant stress and anxiety created causes poor health and accelerates ageing process.
It is said to strengthen the whole body, preventing poor liver function and strengthening kidney function.
Also, the elevated levels of glucose have been observed to return to normal more quickly in the presence of adaptogens. After taking adaptogens, there is more energy available to carry out difficult tasks, to perform better with less fatigue. In the former USSR, pilots, astronauts, athletes and workers in many other occupations have effectively put adaptogens to work.

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