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Chinese herbal medicine has been used in the treatment of humans and animals for over 2,000 years. The aim of any treatment with Chinese herbs is to bring the body and emotions into balance. The channels and collaterals are considered to be a series of connecting passages through which qi and blood flow.
Chinese medicine teaches that healthy digestion depends on the proper functioning of the Spleen and Stomach. It is common that a diet heavy in rich and fatty foods (like many commercial dog foods) damages the Qi of the Spleen and Stomach.
Qi Blends Digestive Blend is a formulation of herbs that address the most common dysfunctions of the Spleen and Stomach seen in pets.
Based in Richmond, Va., Tara Carson has written articles for editorial and corporate online and print publications for more than 10 years. In Chinese medicine, the connection between the spleen and the stomach is considered the body's center of balance. Bupleurum is an herb native to China, Japan and central Europe used to alleviate spleen qi deficiency, and is readily available in the United States. The hyacinth bean is the seed of the hyacinth plant, which is a vine that can grow up to 20 feet in length. We’ve identified the areas of imbalance that most often lead to health problems in cats and dogs and chosen herbs to address them. We’ve identified the areas of imbalance that most often lead to health problems in pets and chosen herbs to address them. The primary channels are indicated by the lines that are shown on acupuncture charts such as the one shown below. The Qi of the Stomach can become rebellious and flow upward leading to nausea and vomiting.

She has experience as an adjunct professor of nutrition at Northwest Christian University and holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism and nutrition from Virginia Commonwealth University. The stomach sends all nutrients responsible for nourishing the body to the spleen, which then creates qi, the life force of the body.
There are approximately 12 herbs included in the gui pi tang formula including ginseng and astragalus. The root contains the active components that include saponins and plant sterols, which have been used anecdotally for centuries to reduce fevers and alleviate inflammation, and preliminary scientific research has supported their effectiveness. We call our herbal formulas “Qi Blends” since they are blended together to promote health and restore harmony to the “Qi” (or vital energy) of pets. Qi, blood, and body fluids can be weak and deficient, in which case they are unable to nourish the body and function properly. Instead of treating a disease or symptom with just one medication, our blends treat the pet as a whole. This separates the pure essences of food (which become energy) from the turbid waste (which is excreted). When a person's diet is nutrient poor, qi production becomes compromised resulting in spleen qi deficiency.
A practitioner should be consulted prior to using this and all other herbal formulas as there are very few scientific tests that corroborate their use.
As always, consult with a licensed practitioner prior to taking hyacinth bean or any other herbal remedy.
It’s important to note that these organs in Chinese medicine are not the same as their western counterparts. The treatment principles explain how the blend uses herbs to balance the yin, yang, qi, blood, and body fluids, as well as the channels and associated organs. The Spleen transforms the food into energy (or Qi) and transports this Qi throughout the body.

Weakness in the Qi of the Spleen can lead to a build-up of turbid dampness that causes flatulence, bloating, or loose stools.
The Chinese Kidney, for example, may have some of the same functions as the western Kidney, but it is a much broader concept than simply the anatomical organ. We find that the balance and interaction of all the ingredients together are more important than the effect of each ingredient on its own.
Food can also become stuck or stagnant when the Spleen Qi is weak leading to loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort or pain, and bad breath.
Many Chinese herbs are available to treat spleen qi deficiency, and as with all herbal treatments, a practitioner should be consulted prior to using them. On the other hand – qi, blood and body fluids can be excess and overflowing in which case they become stuck or stagnant.
On the other hand – qi, blood and body fluids can be excess and overflowing in which case they become stuck or stagnant. To attain balance, these three vital substances need to be strong and healthy in their flow. Therefore, hearing problems, brittle bones, and a feeling of fear indicate imbalance in the Kidney meridian. The anatomical kidney may be perfectly healthy in this scenario, but herbs are required to treat the Kidney meridian.

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