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In China, before the twentieth century, all mental illnesses were treated exclusively with herbal medicine.
I contend that Chinese herbal drugs of the19th century were at least as effective as whatever European or American doctors were inventing and prescribing at that time. The resulting symptoms of LQS are usually diagnosed as depression, anxiety, insomnia, tachycardia, or panic disorder. Besides relieving constraint, the Herbologist can affect the mind by administering herbs that Nourish the Heart.
When used to treat psychosis, anchoring herbs are often combined with herbs that Dissolve Phlegm, because in many of these cases, phlegm has become an additional disease factor. Hi I am interesting for Anxiety, Irritability my husband was suffering anxiety for 5 years.
Very good article ,Can you advise me where in the uk i can get these teas and herbs .Thank you ,Glenn. HiI Loved the article you wrote, i would like to ask where can i get my hands on these Herbs. Hi , i would like to know how to use the ingredients of psychosis disease, the amount of each herb and if it should be all at the same time or different some in the morning and some at night, and dose it be boiled or uncooked . Diploma in Ayurvedic Healthcare, 3-year self-paced distant learning program in Ayurvedic medicine.
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Despite the tremendous effort on research and development by government and industry, effective treatment of cancer in most patients remains elusive at present. It would be a fiction to expect TCM to substitute as an alternative approach to modern cancer chemotherapy, despite its thousands of years of use in China. In tracing the source of new drugs for cancer, more than half of current anticancer agents used clinically in USA are either natural occurring or derived from natural products. Claims involving Chinese tea are a headache for adjusters because of the difficulty in determining its value.
It is of course these same difficulties that endears Chinese tea to people trying to defraud insurers. Har Koo Chao, a common herbal tea used as a substitute for the more costly herbs shown in the photograph below. The very first investigation involved a burnt shipment of Chinese herbs, of the type used in Bak Kut Teh¹.
Herbs used in Chinese cuisine, spread over a fire site to give the impression of a valuable shipment of herbs. While this story might not really seem to be a Chinese tea claim, the features of this claim have applied to many false claims involving perfume, batteries, costly switchgear and Chinese tea. The truck is old and of low value, not commensurate with the value of the goods said to be carried (see photograph).

Although we have had a Chinese tea claim with the above features in the past 12 months, this variant of the scam has become dated.
Sea containers do develop holes, but invariably they are on the top of the container near the corners (see photograph), where they are impacted by containers placed on top. Since Chinese doctors have been keeping records for thousands of years, there is historical evidence suggesting that such treatments were sometimes successful.
Nevertheless, it is considered a physical condition and will respond to therapies other than counselling.
These substances have a markedly calming effect and help to create a comfortable environment for the Shen.
Used alone, none of these herbs has very much therapeutic value, and used alone any of them could present problems. I currently curate a database of natural anxiety remedies, and I can't say I've ever run across a list like this. A friends mother in law who is Chinese and suffers like wise has recently been cured by taking a herbal preparation boiled up every day by her husband who owns old Chinese medicines books. However, there are distinct potentials, from theory to herbal compounds, which could be derived from CM.
One example is the famous Fog Tea of Tianmu Mountain, a blend of herbs which helped free millions of people from opium and morphine addiction.
Exercise, massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicines are examples of highly physical modalities that can relieve this condition.
Can you please let me know how much is the concoction for each herbs so that I can purchase and try on your recipe? Please email me Chinese Herbs for treatment of anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia in Chinese if possible stating how many gm for each item.
I've never heard of licorice, ginseng, etc being used to treat anxiety, but I think it's very interesting and warrants further investigation. He is co-founder of the Shen Clinic and co-founder of the popular Dr Shen line of Natural Medicines, sold nationally in many natural food stores. Thus, there is a great need to incorporate new mode of therapeutic approach in prevention and treatment of cancer.
For example, the balance concept of TCM may be an intriguing therapeutic approach for future cancer therapy—aiming not to eradicate all cancer cells but to keep it in balance with normal cells to result in bodily function as close to normal as possible and maintain in such a state as long as possible.
Despite the interest in plant-based new drug discovery, only a small portion of more than 250,000 known plant species have been investigated for cancer drug discovery. Compare that to the best Western approach to addictive opiates at that time which was to substitute a newly invented and presumed less addictive drug, heroin.
Some of these substances are sour date seed (suan zao ren ), longan fruit (long yan rou), arbor vitae seeds (bai zi ren), and wheat berries (fu xiao mai).
There's nothing in the old texts about schizophrenia, but there are many references to delusional behaviour, including muttering to oneself, and hearing voices.
Call them formulas or recipes or mixtures or combinations; by combining herbs, synergies have been discovered that vastly increase the medicinal effects.

Chinese medicines (CM) have been used in China for about 5000 years for symptomatic treatment of diseases including cancer. Another potential contribution of TCM is its rich source of active anticancer compounds and their combinations which could be developed and proved to be effective therapeutic regimens (or adjunctive regimens) in the future. Live and learn: which is exactly what Chinese herbologists have been doing for several thousand years. Shen can be disturbed by events in our life or in our memory, by stagnation, heat, drugs, diet, loss of sleep, or loss of blood. To practitioners of TCM, delusional behaviour indicates that the spirit, under extreme duress, has indeed taken flight. He is also adjunct faculty member and lecturer at AIMC, Berkeley's Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College.  His book, A Patient's Guide to Chinese Medicine, is published by Baytree Publications. The traditional approach of CM is to use different herbal formulae to restore the balance of Yin-Yang of body energy so body function can be normalised. Herbs such as licorice, poria, codonopsis, and ginger are often added to increase digestibility and absorption. Can this traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach provide an alternative to the evidence based conventional cancer chemotherapy? Since stagnation and deficiencies underly many of these conditions, formulas will also contain herbs that increase the quantity and stimulate the flow of qi and blood. Excessive or lack of joy can stress the heart, worry eats at the gut, grief endangers the lungs, fear taxes the kidneys, and anger assaults the liver.
This bitter root is known to move the qi of the chest; however its ability to do this is greatly enhanced by combining it with a small amount of ordinary mint (bo he). The famous 'women's herb' herb Dang Gui is often used because it both builds and invigorates the blood simultaneously.
Phlegm-Fire in the Heart, as this psychotic condition is known, requires herbs to Extinguish Fire and Dissolve Phlegm. Though it is estimated that China has over 100 million mentally ill people, China has only 17,000 certified psychologists, which on a per capita basis is only ten percent of what you'd find in most developed countries. A history of poverty and an attitude that mental illness should be stoically endured are two reasons for this. Also, Asian cultures have traditionally downplayed individuality, so spending money on personal improvement has been frowned upon.
Not so common is rhinoceros horn (xi jiao), endangered and banned and never the legendary sex tonic of folklore, but really just an herb used to treat heat induced convulsions, mania, and delirium.
Chinese doctors, with the benefit of several thousand years of trial and error, had access to a full pharmacy of effective herbal medicines.

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