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From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
An esteemed doctor who has helped countless women achieve their dream of having a child offers his program for enhancing fertility through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Read an ExcerptThe Tao of FertilityA Healing Chinese Medicine Program to Prepare Body, Mind, and Spirit for New Life Chapter One Finding Your Footing Enjoy good health. Traditional Chinese medicine has long been used to ease pain, treat disease, boost fertility, and prevent miscarriage. In the first study that measures the effectiveness of both herbs and acupuncture in combination with IUI in-fertility treatment, Dr. In terms of both conception and take-home baby rates, the test group fared far better than the control group. According to the researchers, TCM is aimed at correcting imbalances in the body's natural energy flow, promoting an overall sense of well-being. Now that the researchers have established that TCM can have a major impact on the success of fertility treatments, they plan to design randomized clinical trials, including placebos, to further validate their initial findings.
With the average cost of in-fertility treatments ranging from $35,000 to $85,000 in the United States (most of which is not covered by insurance companies), many women and couples find themselves having to make difficult choices about building their families. Getting a grip on your finances is one of the few things you can do to regain control of this process. With anecdotes, interviews, and advice from both doctors and patients, you can easily apply these specific money-saving strategies to your own unique situation. Stories of Pregnancy and Birth over 44 years old - sharing news stories I find online, for inspiration! Sometimes things you wouldn’t have thought for a second would affect you leave you gasping for breath in pain.
This practical introduction to pediatric acupuncture and related techniques explores the important concepts of childhood development and integrates conventional theories with those of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture treatment of hayfever is another condition acknowledged as being effective by the World Health Organisation. Many seasoned practitioners will tell you that if you have a course of treatment starting before each hayfever season, gradually your symptoms tend to improve from year to year. If you need to get started with treatment you can book an appointment online or call me. Even if you are in the throes of an attack, acupuncture can help ease symptoms quickly. And feel free to circulate this information to sufferers you may know – they may be truly grateful to hear of another option.
First up, I want to let you know I have started two Chinese medicine newsletters which you can now subscribe to.
Take some time now, to ponder this information and how it might apply to you on your fertility journey. I want this information to spread far and wide so as many people as possible can learn how to empower themselves to improve their fertility. When you subscribe to receive my free fertility course, each subsequent email will be sent to you once you have opened the one before – that way you get to choose your pace. Typically the main frameworks for any undergraduate program in acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine don’t include in depth specialist training for fertility acupuncture. Therefore it is important you establish what studies a practitioner has completed in this area before beginning treatment. More information about what Suzanne can offer to help you improve your fertility is available here. Increasing numbers of studies are demonstrating the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine for fertility problems. Three to five months of CHM is considered to be a reasonable time in which to observe menstrual cycle changes. Tennis elbow diagnosis usually involves evaluation of common symptoms and signs, accompanied by simple physical tests. Pain relief, minimising aggravating movements, and muscle conditioning are considered primary rehabilitative goals for tennis elbow.
Despite numerous studies, and the prevalence of tennis elbow, there is little consensus regarding its treatment. Various hypotheses have been proposed to explain the biomedical actions associated with acupuncture treatment of tennis elbow. Another study compares manual acupuncture with electro-acupuncture treatment of tennis elbow.
A skilled acupuncturist considers a number of contributing underlying pathologies when evaluating tennis elbow. Effective intervention for tennis elbow frequently requires evaluation and treatment of structures and functions other than that of the elbow area alone. Fertility Wisdom: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Overcome Infertility by Angela C.
Introducing the only clinically proven program—steeped in ancient Chinese healing traditions—that has enabled hundreds of infertile couples to conceive. Fertility Wisdom introduces key Taoist beliefs that helped spawn the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. Somewhat useful but far too many recommendations to see a TCM practitioner; it might be better if you are already working with one.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A growing number of doctors in Australia are fans of techniques like acupuncture for treating a host of health conditions, including infertility, while some remain skeptical.
These are whole Dong Quai roots and they are certified 100% organic and untreated during cultivation and preparation. The roots of the Angelica sinensis plant are used in traditional Chinese medicine as a powerful treatment for menstruation pain and menopause discomfort without stimulating estrogen production.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Known in the Western medical community by its acronym TCM, these traditional remedies include herbal preparations and acupuncture.
Shahar Lev-Ari and Keren Sela of TAU's Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Tel Aviv Medical Center say that the results, which have been published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine, show a significant increase in fertility when the therapies are administered side-by-side. The method is as "close to nature" as possible and can be used by women employing sperm donors, or after a partner's sperm is centrifuged to enhance its motility in the uterus. Lev-Ari, a cellular biologist and head of the integrative medicine unit, works with both medical doctors and TCM practitioners at Tel Aviv Medical Center's Fertility Research Institute. Lev-Ari and Sela followed the progress of 29 women between the ages of 30 and 45 who were receiving IUI treatment combined with TCM therapy, and compared their results to a control group of 94 women between the ages of 28 and 46 who were undergoing IUI treatment alone. There are several theories as to why Chinese medicine can be beneficial to fertility rates, including the possibility that herbal remedies and acupuncture can affect the ovulation and menstrual cycle, enhance blood flow to the uterus, and enhance endorphin production and secretion to inhibit the central nervous system and induce calm — all of which can contribute to successful conception. After years of raising my boys as a single mom, I remarried a wonderful man who had never had a child of his own. Five more losses, turned down for donor egg, foster care and adoption due to my age and losses - we have accepted that there will be no more babies in our house. Provides effective acupuncture techniques for treating 22 common childhood conditions, with special emphasis on treatments that are safe, simple, non-invasive, and readily accepted by children.

Although acupuncture does help when you are in an acute phase, starting treatment before you are symptomatic brings even better results. A good practitioner will settle the acute symptoms and also help strengthen the body over time so it is less reactive to pollens. It could cover anything from diet, research articles, psychology, sports medicine, hormones, gut health, immunity, chronic illness and mental health. They will help teach you more about how you can use the time tested wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine in your day to day life. I have a genuine passion for empowering men and women with tools to enhance their fertility naturally.
So please share any of the free resources I offer. All the articles, video links and webinar courses from me deliver information based on research, robust documentation by generations of Chinese medicine practitioners and over two decades of my own clinical experience. Comprehensive specialised training in this area of knowledge is usually taught at a post-graduate level. As a minimum, they should have attended specialist fertility acupuncture training at professional development seminars. She has specialist training in this area and gained a Masters (Honours) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which infertility was the subject of her research project.
Various studies have shown positive effects of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) on ovulation and luteal phase insufficiency.
Of particular relevance to IVF is a study suggesting CHM may positively influence several female fertility factors. We use basal body temperature charts to help track the cyclical changes that occur during treatment. Often this condition has become chronic due to delayed presentation for treatment, or unsuccessful intervention with other modalities. However manual work and high levels of pain before intervention are linked to poorer prognosis. Physiotherapy interventions reviewed include extracorporeal shock wave therapy, orthotics, mobilisations with movement, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, transverse friction massage, taping, laser, ultrasound, electro-magnetic field and ionisation therapy. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, E-endorphin, methionine enkephalin and dynorphins are believed to be involved with acupuncture’s analgesic effect.
One study compares needling local acupuncture points on patients unsuccessfully treated with steroid injection, to steroid injection treatment alone. Performance tests should be utilised and the entire arm, shoulder, neck and upper back should be palpated, range of motion evaluated and any associated signs and symptoms noted. Biomechanical force such as muscle overload and repetitive mechanical stresses may activate trigger points causing pain. Many of my tennis elbow patients have occupations that contribute to compromised upper back and shoulder posture e.g carpenters, dressmakers, massage therapists, and desk workers.
In particular it is important to investigate possible cervical spine problems that may refer pain to the elbow. Traditional acupuncture treatment involves evaluation and treatment of structures, as well as the physiological patterns that may be contributing to the degenerative processes involved. Daoshing Ni, descended from more than 70 generations of Taoist masters, has achieved renown among high-tech infertility specialists, TCM practitioners, and his many devoted patients.
Now Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered that a combination of TCM therapy and intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a winning solution for hopeful mommies who are having trouble conceiving. He and Sela, a TCM practitioner specializing in women's health, have long been interested in how Chinese herbal and acupuncture therapies could work to boost Western-style fertility treatments, contributing to an increase in conception and take-home baby rates. In addition to their IUI treatments, the 29 women in the first group received weekly sessions of acupuncture and a regime of Chinese medicinals, which consisted of powdered or raw Chinese herbs such as PeoniaAlbae and Chuanxiong, designed to meet each woman's specific needs. So many people there had exhausted medical treatment options that the local doctors sent them to me for lack of any other option. When you sign up to this “General Practice” mail list, you will automatically be eligible to receive free access to the first of those webinars when it is released.
I’ve been in private practice since 1993 and I know without a doubt, that the time tested principles of traditional Chinese medicine have a lot to offer when it comes to balancing hormones and regulating various body functions to increase fertility. Modern research is substantiating more and more the wisdom found in traditional Chinese medicine with regards to natural fertility enhancement. However there are no formal guidelines or industry legislation in place at the moment to help patients identify practitioners with this education. Practitioners who have completed formal training at a postgraduate level involving intensive exploration of this issue will have much greater knowledge however. She has been a presenter on this subject at New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Women’s Health seminars and panels. These charts are also very encouraging for the woman as she observes the changes happening. However no conclusions were drawn from studies regarding the effectiveness of any of the treatments. Interestingly, despite evidence suggesting a lack of inflammatory markers, oral or topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in conjunction with avoidance of aggravating activities, may be helpful in early stage tennis elbow. However the effect of acupuncture on the associated underlying pathologies is not yet understood. An evaluation of the patients normal posture, and posture associated with activities that trigger tennis elbow symptoms, may also be necessary.
Trigger points are often treated by direct needling, typically involving injection of a variety of substances.
I also treat points corresponding to the spinal innervation of the muscles involved with the pain pattern. Women and their partners come to the clinic—often from across the country-- to fulfill a passionately held yet fragile dream: to conceive and deliver the healthy baby that mainstream doctors have told them they cannot have. Wu takes us through a brief history of Taoist beliefs and how they apply to the types of remedies for men and women who are experiencing infertility in any way. Check with your doctor first to make sure they don’t interfere with any other medications you may be taking. For women in menopause and those having gone through menopause, it can be taken every day, as when needed to improve fertility. The Tao of Fertility is the first book combining a practical plan for conceiving using TCM with empowering Taoist principles that can carry you through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. The vast difference in success rates is even more surprising when the age of the average participant was taken into account, Dr.
Have a look on this site at the list of conditions the World Health Organisation acknowledges acupuncture is helpful for.
There are also strong physiological links between your emotional interpretation of your life and your fertility.
The energy of the Heart is also expressed in our joy, ability to love and be loved, our self worth, creativity, passions, close relationships, social connections, sexuality and sense of purpose.
This natural fertility resource has been created to give helpful information and inspiration for those of you on the fertility journey. She was also invited to speak at the Australasian Fertility Nurses annual conference when it was held in Christchurch. This suggests CHM may positively affect IVF outcomes by increasing the size and number of eggs for harvest, as well as optimising the environment for embryo implantation and development.

The time it takes for pregnancy to occur can vary widely depending on the individual presentation of both the man and woman. Similarly there is a lack of evidence supporting or refuting surgical intervention and cortisone injection. This study showed similar improvements in both groups, suggesting acupuncture may be a viable alternative to steroid injection. This was a technique I learned a number of years ago and which I have found to be extremely effective for most types of arm pain.
The time frame it takes for pain resolution will be largely determined by the patients ability to reduce activities or biomechanical use of the body that aggravates the condition, as well as exercise rehabilitation of the affected structures. Using traditional Chinese medical techniques, sometimes integrated with Western fertility treatments, Dr.
I taught them to come in for one course of treatment each year prior to the onset of symptoms and each year they got progressively better. Please feel free to circulate the sign up link to others who may be interested, and please give me feedback and ideas about what you want to hear more about. More and more, medical research is proving this ancient medicine has a place in our modern world. The ancient Chinese knew the Heart energy had a critical role to play in our reproductive process. She was subsequently invited to present to staff at Christchurch fertility medicine clinic, Fertility Associates.
Clinical experience suggests CHM should be prescribed for a minimum period of 3 months when there are obvious menstrual cycle imbalances.
Cortisone injection appears to only give short term relief and there may be risk of further injury during this time due to pain masking.
They all had various reasons for not being able to conceive and they were all able to, after adopting a TCM lifestyle.Depending on your constitution, there are different types of foods you should adopt, exercises to participate in, meditation, acupressure,etc.
And very often research is “discovering” what the ancient Chinese medicine practitioners observed and recorded in extraordinary detail thousands of years ago. Modern medicine is now finding links between our fertility and parts of the brain involved with how we interpret our world emotionally. They talked about the energy of the Heart activating the reproductive organs at puberty, and maintenance of this connection is essential to keep us fertile. When Genea Oxford launched their private fertility clinic, Suzanne was the sole Chinese medicine practitioner invited. However because fertility challenges do not always involve such obvious issues, it is worth consulting with me about your individual circumstances.
Wu details a proven 6-part self-care regimen that helps create the internal harmony and balance vital to conception.
It seems as if this helps many people either work together with their Western medicine physician or after their Western medicine doctor told them it was hopeless. He will have to travel all the way from China to India and then back again, with the Monkey King as his escort. In a nutshell, to improve your fertility it is important to find joy and feel gratitude in your everyday life.
Now modern medical research is showing the brain’s hypothalamus has a modulating effect on our reproductive hormones.
She continues to have a good working relationship with both Christchurch fertility clinics.
Clinically I find patient outcomes are best with those who also pay attention to using Chinese medicine nutrition principles. Her techniques not only enhance the results and reduce the side effects of in vitro and other Western fertility treatments, they also shorten labor and speed postpartum recovery. Thank you to the fellas who pointed out the confusing sign up link name I emailed out for this news letter. My newsletters will give information you won’t commonly find elsewhere and will help you make more informed decisions about your health and wellbeing. Of relevance to our current topic is that the hypothalamus is also involved with our emotional interpretation of our environment. Both clinics regularly liase with Suzanne to share relevant information to benefit individual patients. This fits very well with what the ancient Chinese observed – that our emotional response to our environment has an effect on our reproductive system and fertility. So it’s important to treat yourself holistically to optimise your opportunity for improved fertility. You do it by making sure you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong before taking even a single step. Nor do you stand still—you are in motion every second, every minute, every day of your life.
Sickness, by definition, is the imbalance of yin and yang, or interopposing and intersupporting forces.
What establishes being in balance for you is entirely different than balance for someone else. In a way, it's not that different from what Henry David Thoreau, in Walden Pond, believed: that you must preserve nature at all costs. A child growing up as I did in the Taoist tradition chooses early on which of these paths to walk. There's astrology, as in fortune-telling, which teaches how constellations and human energies affect out lives. Another path is feng shui, the study of how the placement of objects affects our energy and how our physical environment can be conducive to our life force.
There's martial arts, which teaches how to find inspiration and knowledge in the observation of animal movement in nature—a knowledge that can then be used to strengthen our body and increase our understanding of the relationships among people. But I did not start with the study of medicine or healing, because for Taoists, the five paths are just extensions of life itself. We started with an understanding of the good and the bad in the universe, and learned how life worked. But as a child, my responsibility was to play hard and study hard, and to appreciate the life I was given. It was the way I swept the floor: the patterns I created, the way I felt when I was doing the task. And on those days when I felt particularly happy, I could see things I wouldn't have noticed otherwise, like the dust particles on the hardwood floor and the way they danced in the light.
At the time, I didn't understand this silence and why the people were standing like statues. But slowly I could see the value of this kind of quiet time and the lessons you could learn from it.
I was learning the Taoist ways that would prepare me to go on and learn the practice of Chinese medicine.

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