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Chiropractic, a century old mainstream art of spinal and joint adjusting takes advantage of the neurologic changes that occur when the joint is restored to its proper and optimal movement and function. Congratulations to Active Care Center, SC on being the on top Physical Therapist in Arlington Heights ranking of 2015. Information included in the v-card can be seamlessly imported into the address book on your computer in programs like Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, or to your online contacts in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other email accounts. Simply scan the code below and depending on the type of your phone, you may need to answer the prompt how to use scanned information: add it to contacts, dial a number, display a map, etc. AT Chicago Chiropractic, a leading Chicago chiropractor, we look a lot towards functional medicine.
Conventional medicine compartmentalizes the body into specialties, such as cardiology, rheumatology, dermatology, and digestive disorders. Practitioners of functional medicine focus on the core imbalances that underlie medical conditions. Chiropractic philosophy involves what has been described as a "contextual, naturopathic approach" to health care. Once there is a clear understanding of what chiropractic does for human health, people see clearly how chiropractic is not in competition with what medicine does. Medicine takes most of its criticism over the issue of long-term health care, especially long-term drug use. If medical doctors of the future are better educated about the successes of natural methods of Chiropractic, it will take away this conflict of Chiropractic versus Medicine. Chiropractic is based on the premise that we all have a brain and nervous system that holds all the information needed to have a perfectly healthy body. Coulter and researchers at the RAND Corporation [1] performed an analysis of an insurance database, comparing persons receiving chiropractic care with non-chiropractic patients.
Recipients of chiropractic care reported better overall health, spent fewer days in hospitals and nursing homes, used fewer prescription drugs, and were more active than the non-chiropractic patients. Although it is impossible to clearly establish causality, it is also reasonably clear that continuing chiropractic care is among the attributes of the cohort of patients experiencing substantially fewer costly healthcare interventions. In another study, Van Breda et al [2] interviewed 200 pediatricians and 200 chiropractors, to determine what, if any, differences were to be found in the health status of their respective children, because their families were being raised with 2 very different health care models.
69% of the chiropractic children never experienced otitis media, compared to 80% of medical children who did.
Two hundred pediatricians and two hundred chiropractors that were selected were surveyed to determine what, if any, differences were to be found in the health status of their respective children as raised under the different health care models. Another, more recent study is unique, because it was conducted by researchers at the Center for Disability Research at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety (University of Massachusetts) and the Center for Health Economics & Science Policy at United BioSource Corporation, London, United Kingdom. Their objective was to compare the occurrences of repeated disability episodes between different types of health care providers, who treat claimants with new episodes of work-related low back pain (LBP).

Statistically, this means you are TWICE as likely to end up disabled if you got your care from a Physical Therapists (PT), rather than from a chiropractor.
Chiropractic Research and Studies Chiropractic alternative medicine has been shown by scientific research to be safe, effective and saves time and money.
Infants and Chiropractic Chiropractic alternative medicine has also been shown to help newborns and infants with health issues. Headaches Chiropractic was found to be an effective treatment for people suffering from tension headaches in a 1995 clinical study. Functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare based on prevention of a disease and being able to identify the underlying causes of disease, rather than just on symptoms.
Our biological systems function more like a network than like individual, autonomous processes. Functional medicine sees the body as an integrated system rather than a collection of independent organs.
Their goal is to intervene at multiple levels in order to restore balance, manage complex chronic disease, and return patients to good health. I feel it is only because there is a lack of understanding where each profession does its best work for better health. It has prided itself on the fact that people with health crises live longer than they have in the past. It has been shown repeatedly in the last decade through various research reports that long-term health care belongs more in the realm of natural methods.
If someone’s health has failed and they experience a heart attack, I am very glad that we have a system of paramedics and medical doctors to keep that person alive. These people experience a decrease in many different diseases and health problems as life progresses. Health problems exist because there are blockages in how this information is allowed to get to the body for it to heal itself.
Deepak Chopra has said: “All we need to do to have perfect health is to remove the interferences to how our body is supposed to work.
With usable responses of 35% from the chiropractors and 36% from the pediatricians, analysis of the results indicates a definite correlation between chiropractic care and superior health. Pawlusiewicz, a Chiropractic Physician and a Clinical Orthopedist, focuses his efforts on precisely matching your condition with the best treatment. We now know that every organ and system can affect every other organ and system in the network, so the whole person needs to be treated rather than only the diseased part. The approach uses principles of systems biology, which involve analyzing how all components of human biology interact with each other and with the environment. Most medical conditions are complex and don’t necessarily fall into simple, easy-to-treat categories.

Palmer, treatments very depending on the patient's condition and the type of approach taken by the particular practitioner.Although many other interventions may be used, spinal adjustments are the most common approach taken with most practitioners advertising themselves as primary care doctors and considering themselves as part of "alternative medicine". An increasing number of medical professionals are saying that there is a need to move away from drugs for long-term health and to move to methods that are more natural. However, if someone is involved with natural methods of healthcare they have a dramatic decrease in the risk of having a heart attack in the first place. Chiropractic care is based on the idea that we look for the blockages to how our nervous system is supposed to communicate with our bodies and remove these blockages. While the 'medical' children had a history of fewer childhood diseases, they also had received a considerably higher percentage of childhood immunizations (94%), as compared to the 'chiropractic' children (25%). Imbalances in environmental inputs and physiological processes can cause the signs and symptoms of disease.
For example, digestive disorders often involve inflammation, immune response, digestive system function, psychological issues, and energy transformation issues.
Organizations like the World Health Organization, The United Nations, and local governments say openly that the wave of health care in the future is dealing with health care methods that build a stronger body.
The 'chiropractic' children showed a 69% otitis media free response, while the 'medical' children only had a 20% otitis media free response. It may not obvious but a chiropractor is often a good form of treatment for symptoms such as this.
As a result, people who use natural health methods have a stronger, healthier body and a higher quality of life throughout those earlier years as well. Pediatricians were more likely to feel that every child would have been on a course of antibiotics at least once, and some suggested that almost 100% of children suffer from otitis media, whereas many chiropractors reported that their children had never been on antibiotics, and the occurrence of infectious diseases was significantly less among the latter sample. Each practitioner uses the patient’s unique physiological, mental, and emotional story as the basis for diagnosing illness. The results of the study confirm the benefits of the chiropractic model of health care on the health status of children. Malfunctions in these systems can affect all other systems in the body, and may cause imbalances in hormonal function, cell replication, immune response, inflammatory response, digestion, and structural integrity. A comprehensive and individualized treatment approach is then devised to improve the patient’s physiological function and environmental inputs, rather than focusing simply on symptom relief.
Treatment may include typical medical approaches such as genetics, endocrinology, gastroenterology, psychology and immunology, as well as non-mainstream treatments and drugs such as homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine and detoxification. Rather than simply diagnose a condition and prescribe a pill for symptom relief, a functional medicine specialist will search for the root cause of disease and provide a multi-pronged approach to restoring balance and, ultimately, good patient health.  Call Chicagoland Chiropractic, your Chicago chiropractor at (312) 337-4004 to learn more!

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