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It is an ancient eye disease which is begins with acute inflammatory changes in the conjunctiva and cornea and progresses to scarring then leads to blindness. The use of sulfonamides and tetracycline proved to give satisfying results when used in early stages.  Late stages of the disease requires surgery as it treatment.
Newborns that are infected by the mother often have the 20% chances of developing respiratory infection due to C.
Nurses especially those working in social hygiene clinics should conduct health classes to their clients in order for them to know what C.
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The infection is transmitted through vectors such as host flies which are spread through its bite. There is the spread of infection in the blood, spinal fluid and other tissues which goes with fever, chills, and anorexia.

Appearance of inguinal lymphadenopathy is visible after the vesicular lesions have been healed which leads to the development of “bubos” (inflamed lymph nodes especially in the groin area). Non destructive elephantiasis of the labia and the clitoris then follow in females and elephantiasis in penis and scrotum of males are also possible. This is an uncommon sexually transmitted disease which involves the lymph glands of the genital area and is transmitted via sexual contact. Symptoms often manifested by newborns include: tachypnea, paroxysmal cough and eosinophilia. Nurses should have the convincing power to influence clients with active infection to submit themselves and their partners for medical treatment. It is prevented through frequent face and hand washing, good hygiene, and clean environment (which decrease the occurrence of host flies responsible for spreading the disease). Trachomatis infection.  Newborns of infected mothers delivered via normal delivery are often infected with such disease.

Influencing clients is done through presenting the truth behind the infection and how it can cause further harm to the body.
The nurse should also advocate the use mechanical contraceptives such as condoms during coitus. Good hygiene should be emphasized to clients and clients with active infection should never share towels or other personal things with those household members that do not have the infection.

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