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NEW MEASURES: People wanting to purchase cold and flu tablets containing pseudoephedrine will need to visit their doctor and get a prescription.
Labour is questioning whether alternatives to a ban on over the counter sales of cough medicines containing pseudoephedrine were investigated. Prime Minister John Key announced this afternoon that pseudoephedrine, a main ingredient in many cold and flu medication, will become a Class B2 prescription-only drug.
People would now have to go to their doctor for a prescription before they could purchase it. Medsafe has been asked to consider if a total ban on pseudoephedrine, used to make the illegal drug "P", pure methamphetamine, should go ahead. Police and groups who work with drug addicts have welcomed the partial ban and other measures to boost control and to better assist addicts. Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove said while Labour was supportive of the package he was concerned the law-abiding public was being punished for the actions of a few. People have to give identification and details to buy the medicine now but Mr Cosgrove said that measure could be beefed up and information sent directly to police.
Mr Cosgrove also said the Government was expecting Customs and police to do more, despite recent budget reductions.
There are alternative medications containing Phenylephrine which could not be used as a precursor for P and was effective for about 80 per cent of people. New Zealand Self Medication Industry Association executive director Tim Roper said the partial ban was extreme and unjustified.
He said cold medicines were safe and effective and patients should not suffer because of the actions of criminals.

The association supported the use of software that immediately passed on details of sales.
The Pharmacy Guild chief executive Annabel Young said the changes would mean more work for pharmacists. She asked the public to understand when pharmacists could not give them what they wanted without a prescription. Pharmacists will not be required to stock the drug so having a prescription would not guarantee being able to get it.
Also announced today was an extra $22 million funding for additional rehabilitation beds, frontline workers, improved helpline and greater power for compulsory treatment. Odyssey House in Auckland, which cares for addicts, welcomed increased funding for treatment.
Odyssey chief executive Christine Kalin said drugs such as P were highly addictive but residential treatment was highly effective. The Salvation Army, National Committee for Addiction Treatment and Stellar Trust also welcomed the announcements. Taken at bedtime, ContacA® Cold + Flu Cooling Relief instantly coats a sore throat with a soothing, icy-cooling liquid. Treating children with homeopathy utilizes nature’s medicines to gently relieve symptoms and promote healing.
For the temporary relief of the cold and flu symptoms of congestion, sore throat, nausea and vomiting, sneezing, runny nose, headache and body aches. The information found on this site is intended as General Knowledge and is in no way a substitute for medical advice directly from professionals; nor is it meant to be a viable mode of treatment.

Opinions on this site should never prompt you to disregard or delay professional medical advice.
Anything purchased on this site is subject to Vitamin Boat Corp.'s acceptance and approval at our discretion.
A Verified Buyer marking indicates that the review was written by an individual who has purchased the mentioned product directly from Vitamin Boat. Yet sore throats, stuffy noses and sinus pressure can strike when you least expect it, leaving you exhausted, dragging and run-down.
If you have conditions that concern you, the best route is to seek out professional assistance in person from a trusted doctor or other healthcare provider. We may refuse service or cancel any order at any time without any liability to the consumer or any third party.
Fortunately, ContacA® Cold + Flu is a fast-acting, multi-symptom reliever and an exceptional ally when cold and flu season arrives.
Same day shipping policies do not apply to out-of-stock items or pending orders requiring billing verification. Contac, a brand trusted for more than 50 years, offers both day and night formulas for temporary relief of cold and flu symptoms, so you can get through your day, sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.

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