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I've been running all over Florida on vacations for about 60 years and I've never seen the stuff anywhere. Back in the late 80s when I managed the front end of a CT Rite Aid, I remember when they took all that off the shelves in every store, because of Complaining Stupid People. Anyone who's worked retail knows multiple times when a customer is told "You're total is $6.66" and they freaked out and and either added something to their bill or took something off. Medicina Mexico knows that keeping your customers happy, secure and safe is more important than making money and will always result in repeat customers. Licensed pharmacies in Mexico are only allowed to sell medications, either brands or generics, from an approved pharmaceutical which has passed testing and has subsequently been authorized by the Mexican Government.

If you look on the left at About US you will see our licenses, permits and our Regulatory Body. The crazy pharmaceutical shutdown their lab in order to make a new package for this medication. Disclaimer: theChobble uses photos floating around the internet and are covered under Fair Use and are believed to belong in the public domain.
The pain reliever is acetaminophen, which is the ingredient in Tylenol, and I learned many years ago that acetaminophen has no effect on me. If you are the source, please contact us and we will put up a link to your personal portfolio.

If you believe any images that appear on theChobble are in violation of copyright law, please email us and we will remove the offending information as soon as possible.

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