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There it is — that horrible tingling sensation that lets you know a cold sore is about to erupt all over your face, ruining the next week and making you wish that burqas were suddenly in fashion for a short while. More importantly, I can treat them when they do appear, so recovery is much faster and less painful.
HSV-1 causes cold sores, HSV-2 causes genital herpes, although in some cases, Use Marijuana To Treat Cold Sores (Herpes) as well. However, it's easy to transmit the viral infection from one area of the body to another through contact, be it direct or indirect (sexual contact or accidental contamination of an area with infected bodily fluid). Most people are infected with HSV-1 as a child, through shared food or drink with a contagious carrier. Many people will catch the virus and never display an outbreak of lesions that indicate the presence of HSV-1. Others will show an immediate sign of infection through a lesion on the face, usually on the lips. HSV-1 loves a good fever, so if you find yourself with an elevated temperature, take a fever reducer like Advil to lessen your chances of experiencing a cold sore outbreak.
Bright sunlight triggers many a lip lesion, so use plenty of lip balm at the highest concentration SPF that you can find. I also slather my upper lip with SPF 40 sunblock every morning, because I never know when I might end up outside* for an extended period of time. Deep breathing and meditating exercises won't take more than 15 minutes out of your day, and can lower your blood pressure, too.
Your best bet in treating cold sores is to increase your consumption of vitamin supplements.
You know that it's great to learn about new advances in health, and better ways that scientists and researchers are developing for us to live better, but what really drives the point home--helps us to appreciate these things more that personal stories and experiences?If you (or someone close to you) has had personal experience with what you've been reading about on this page, why not add your story to the record?
Zoe is angry at me because I wouldn’t let her miss school today just because she has a ginormous zit that has set up camp on the tip of her nose.
Now, for the rest of us who are not ashamed to admit to a little dose of George Michael every now and then … emulating Rudolph sucks, no? I tried to talk to Zoe about feeling her pain but talking to Zoe under these kinds of circumstances is kind of like having a conversation with a volcano.
I don’t know what it’s like to walk around with an abomination of nature on my face?

And who could forget my thrilling bout with Bell’s Palsy, when the entire right side of my face became paralyzed and drooped lower than my boobs?
So yes, I do know what it’s like to walk around with a neon billboard stapled to my forehead flashing FREAK OF NATURE.
I wish I could tell you I sympathize with you regarding Zoe, but all I can think of is, Oh, you have one of those too? Secondly, dude, I’m so far beyond my teenage years that the melodies of Wham are but a distant echo (okay, maybe not.
Zoe must be related to my teenaged daughter, who has either two modes: Giggling Like a Maniac, or The Snarl Queen.
I think I read to use visine and it will take the red out, so blemishes arent so mean looking. I truly sympathize with you regarding Mellicent and Bernice because I have a raging volcano on my lip and below my nose right now. Hello I just stumbled on your site as i was researching cold sores trying to prove it was the long day at the beach this past weekend that cause the enormous lip i have now.
So I found this page through a truly terrifying Google search on similar facial eruptions and thus found your blog. It was horrible — ugly, painful, and because of the location, it took almost a month to heal. If you have one version of the herpes virus doesn't indicate you also have the other version of the virus. Keeping lips moisturized with a medicated ointment like Blistex or Carmex can prevent damage to your lips.
And the instructions for using a high-level SPF on your skin don't end with warm weather — cold, sunny days in the snow are perfect ingredients for a cold sore recipe. Now go stand in the corner and shout Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo at thirty second intervals and think about how your actions affect others.
Maybe then, I wouldn’t have to take cholesterol meds or hem all my pants with duct tape or pay $30 for an industrial strength bra or have a pound of bone shaved off my nose before I could legally drink. You can talk and talk and talk to your heart’s content and it will just sit there, stoic and silent, with bits of steams escaping every so often until all of a sudden, it blows its top and goes all Mt. Show me a teenager who thinks her parents had a life before she came into it and I’ll show you a teenager who thinks texting is the work of Satan.

The cold sore that parked her ass on my lip on July 4, 2008 and within six hours, blew my lip up to what you see here. If Zoe’s anything like my girls, this will be HER problem because NOW she can’t be seen anywhere with YOU!! My mom once let me stay home for nearly a week bc I had a zit that turned into a hole in my face the size of a pea because I kept trying to pop it.
As the mother of 2 teenage daughters (17 & 18)I am all too familiar with the Mt St Helens eruptions. I love any beauty related information, especially anything related to skincare treatment etc. It got so bad that I started forming some scar tissue above my lip where the sore would reappear every couple of months. One minute, everything’s fine and you’re busy fiddling with your walkman, singing your lungs out to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, fixing your shoulder pads and emptying a bottle of AquaNet into your hair and then WHAM! As far as my own fifteen year old self was concerned, my mother teleported to earth the day I was born, complete with credit cards and a Buick and mad culinary skills, having never experienced life as an embryo or infant or toddler or tween or teenager. Not only did she triple the size of my lip, but she also gave birth to multiple leaking blisters and canker sores. I have no idea how long Millicent intends to suck the life force out of me, but I’m guessing my lip will be entering a room five seconds before the rest of me does for at least two weeks.
Helens on your ass, after which, it will simply fume and ignore you for the next couple of decades. This would be the same Bernice who thereafter turned the inside of my mouth to raw hamburger, causing my entire face and neck to swell and ache for three of the longest weeks of my life. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom, holding an alcohol-soaked cotton ball to it, crying because of the embarrassment and the stinging of the alcohol, and watching the Ricki Lake show. I was sent to the company nurse (yes, we actually had a company nurse…it was 1990 or 1991). My cold sore had become grossly infected and the close proximity to my brain was apparently a potential issue.

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