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With every spring time I see the trees and flowers are budding and it reminds me that its almost allergy season again, so what an appropriate time to talk about allergies and asthma.
It’s your immune system, that is to say your white blood cells are attacking pathogens of some sort, it could be anything. When you think about it, when your body reacts to something, you have a pathogen which is considered the protein or whatever your body is reacting to, it could be pollen from flowers, or cat hair, whatever it is.
Before we start to talk about treatment and natural ways of treating these things, I just want to remind you guys that a naturopathic physician and I just kind of want to give you guys a reminder of the principles I follow when I see a patient. Doctor as Teacher – again when you know about allergies and understand them it helps you kind of eventually become compliant to changes and to get well. Treat the Whole Person -whole body, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally as well, you always got to look at all these aspects when you’re treating someone with allergies and asthma, and anything else really.
So the body heals itself, you give the necessary needs, I give direction basically and education.
So what I want to first start saying, I’m going to do with this talk, is bring you on a walk through my mind, my thinking. So I want to talk about allergies, has anyone heard the term, heard the idea how inflammation starts in the gut?
Inflammation usually starts in the Gut – most of our White Blood Cells are actually made in the lining of our GI Tract.
Therefore “Gut health” and “Treating the Gut” is extremely important when someone has allergic type symptoms.
Anyway, the Gut is actually considered outside the body, but most people don’t think of it that way. Everything from the mucus lining in your oesophagus to the acid in your stomach, you need, most people don’t realize that you got or has stomach acid.
So there’s the different layers of the GI tract, the one I want to talk about most is the inner most. Also that mucosa has a lot of good bacteria, how many people know that they have bacteria in their GI tract? So keeping that you know that mucus layer healthy and all that healthy is important because it’s that barrier, its keeps the filter it keeps bad thing from entering your blood stream, it keeps proteins not broken down from entering in your bloodstream.
The protective mucosa of the digestive tract acts as a filter to prevent toxins and harmful microorganisms from entering our bodies and to let vitamins and nutrients in. This is just a little titbit, most people that are born in C section or that their mother have IV antibiotic at birth, tend to have more allergy problems. Compromised immune system food allergies and pair digestinal elimination you start having disease with leaky gut.. So where do I start, If you came to see me with allergies, this is kind of after I do a history and physical and all that, this is kind of what I think about when I think about treating someone naturally for allergies. Cytotoxic Food Allergy testing – food allergy testing, one of the biggest lab test that the first thing I would do with someone with systemic allergy especially in kids. Complete Digestive Stool Analysis – Digestive stool analysis can be helpful and that just looks at your pancreatic enzyme, looks at inflammatory markers, and tells me do you have good bacteria do you have any bad bacteria, do you have any yeast growing in your GI tract that could causing leaky gut.
I’m not going to talk these in detail why I would look at these first but those are the first nutrients that I would consider in someone who has allergies ok. My point here is that, patients always say “well I change my diet, I changed this, I stopped burning candles and it didn’t help”. So you can try this elimination diet, it is the best thing to do for food allergies if you don’t have access to testing. So I always say 85-90% kind of Palaeolithic style, cause people always ask what kind of diet, they want a name for it. Last thing for healing the gut is repair, especially if you have IBS or inflammation Bowel disease or something similar.
But these are some thing if you’re having a GI problems or pain or diarrhoea or something, you can do herbal demulcents.
So repairing, the gut also L-Glutamine is amino acid which is the main amino acid your GI cells use for repair so that’s one of the important things for allergies. Alright, so just a recap, just to remind you what we just talked about for healing the gut, Remove, Replace, Re-inoculate, Repair.
Alright, so the next step with healing the gut, I’ll talk about diet changes and proper nutrition and then avoiding toxicity that you can control. Sulfur dioxide sulfites, one other common additives people have allergies to, such as wine, dried fruits, shrimp (these are three popular allergies).
Ibuprofen and aspirin they can cause allergies in people, so if you live Ibuprofen and aspirin remember it can cause inflammatory allergies.
Alright, I already talked about these, aerosol sprays, candles, wash your pillowcases things like that its really important.
Vitamin C is extremely important, it helps with healing, and also helps with histamine, helps stop histamine release from the cell, which is histamine actually is what cause allergies right, anti-histamine is what you take.
Vitamin A and beta Carotene, especially beta carotene, high amounts of beta carotene, is really important for allergies and for the lungs if you have asthma.
Alright, so there are so many herbs and herb combination for inflammation and when it comes to herbs, it’s really all about knowing the patients and individual, when it comes to picking it, which ones are best. And so DHIST is one that we have here that contains which is a combination one, so its all in one bottle that can be really good for just your upper respiratory type allergies. And I just want to talk a little bit about, cause I see a ton of asthma and allergy patient.
Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation that is basically where we treat your blood with UV light, ok.
And basically what we do is we inject some lidocaine and a small dose steroid, however its a tiny bit of a steroid.
And this people who have asthma, this is great for asthma, people who have asthma, if you feel this point and you can feel it on yourself or your loved one, when you do it, feel for the spine or the scapula, and you wanna do two thumblings down, so you do one two and its usually right there. And I think the ingredients and stimulation of the point causes the response, I don’t know I think its more the stimulation, but usually they get immediate relief and it can last up to one month.
And some patients really get immediate relief for actually years, that’s actually kind of interesting, even interesting for me.
And they can be improved or cured by healing the digestive tract and looking at everything else.
And I just wanna remind you again, that you know what I just went through with you and the walk in my mind when I see an allergy patient, is these are the things that I’m trying to do. First, do no harm, doctors teacher its important, know what’s going on in your body, ask your doctor to explain things, look it up.
You’re a bit excited, with a little bit concern about this need diagnosis that you have a high blood pressure. Alright, what happened are 2 or 3 years later you get your high blood pressure checked again. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet will help lower blood pressure naturally. If these best treatments are available for your high blood pressure, are not involved in removing all the causes of high blood pressure.
So, yes this is obviously going to be a comprehensive study of organic apple cider vinegar because I’m not a doctor nor I’m a nutritionist but I am an avid reader and an avid researcher. One of the things that I do research is beauty and health care obviously which I want you to know.
But anyway, scientists have studied the apple cider vinegar and they found that is over 90 properties in it which is good in our health. Let’s talk about with some of the health benefits, like diabetes or high cholesterol, or if you have acid reflux, acid reflux is actually I suffer from or suffered from before I discovered apple cider vinegar.
This is why I started looking for an alternative medicine because I was not going to take acid reflux pills for the rest of my life and that was so ridiculous.
I feel like I don’t want to less everything because I’m not an encyclopaedia and what apple cider vinegar can do.
I found this can totally in my head but I am not sure but I know that there are studies that help you from joint pain. Now, I want to tell with you all that there are tons of beauty benefits as well and the first thing is; toner. It actually helps with sun burn but is sounds like it’s going to be painful if you will going to put in your sun burn and you can mix it with a little bit of water for the sun burn to heal faster and also soothes your skin that burning sensation. And also it actually has anti-fungal property if you have nail fungus, toe nail fungus then you can soak those fungus filled nails in some apple cider vinegar and it helps you clear that up right away.
I know that there are pills out there or as good as taking straight up apple cider vinegar but all you can do is you really taste the vinegar or taste anything that you’re drinking. If you do not want to drink it then you can add 2 tablespoons of ACV in one warm cup of water and gargle once a day with it.
Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections are itching, irritation and burning sensation in the vagina, redness and swelling, pain and soreness in the vagina and odorless vaginal discharge. You can also drink 1 tablespoon of ACV mixed in a glass of clean water, preferably empty stomach, but you can also drink it before meals. Drink it two times every day, once empty stomach in the morning and once 30 minutes before going to sleep. Acid reflux disease, also know as GERD and heartburn, is a digestive disease in which acid from stomach splashes up to esophagus. After that, remove the cotton ball and lay down on the opposite side for a few minutes to let the liquid drain out of the ear. Nail fungus is another common condition in which white or yellow spots appear on the nails. A cold sore condition that erupts during the active period of HSV-1 is usually the most painful. No medication is available against herpes simplex virus since it resides deep into the nervous system where no medication can reach it.
Apple cider vinegar can be used topically for cold sores in order to relieve the itching sensation. When infected by herpes simplex virus, apple cider vinegar is one of your best defenses against outbreaks, aside from having a healthy diet and following safety measures. If you are having trouble finding the information you are looking for, try using the search box. It could be environmental, extrinsic, or intrinsic, it could be an allergy to something you’re eating. Which is kind of scary maybe, but I see patients with allergies and asthma, kind of what goes through my mind and the course of action I take when I see a patient. It’s a long and complex tube, so long in fact scientists say that if you were to unravel it then it would 9 metres long.
It’s a long tube from your mouth down to your anus, and its not, when you eat its not going in your body, it has to go through absorption, before anything is in your body. Yeah, so it’s news to some people, but those bacteria that help your immune system, they help make nutrients, they do a lot of different things, that’s important.
They are quickly colonized by bacteria from the mother during vaginal delivery and breastfeeding. So you always address the gut with allergies and any type of inflammatory disorder and I want to show you this, so what did I tell you, what’s the connection? After I think about allergies, I always start healing the gut right away, if we do a stool analysis I wait to get that back for certain things. This is what I learned in school, and this is what I think in my mind when I see a patient. And sometimes if you don’t have access to these test, you read books about the most common allergenic foods. So I started, I did the food allergy test, and I need to check with my thyroid too, and there’s some stuff off with the thyroid, but green peppers.
I like food testing because I don’t want people avoiding something that they are not really allergic to.
I always say focus on that because if you focus on increasing that naturally you’re going to decrease the bad stuff. So I would say Palaeolithic is probably the best, or some kind of mix between Palaeolithic and Mediterranean diet, there are so many books out there with different names for diet.
Herbal demulcents – these herbs will coat and sooth the GI tract, kind of like putting lotion on the area – liquorice (or DGL), slippery elm, marshmallow, plantain.
All that means is that they those are herbs and usually they’re chewable, like DGL liquorice its chewable, its chewable because you want to basically coat your oesophagus all the way down, these are herbs that really coat your tissue, in a very soothing and healing to the tissue.
You know Mucosagen has a lot of the demulcents that I talk about and L-Glutamine for repair. The 4 R’s so always address that with allergies, basically any inflammatory disorder, but especially allergies ok. I might repeat myself a little bit, because diet and lifestyle changes are important for healing the gut too. And the popular food dye Yellow #5, causes allergies and issues in many people, all of them pretty bad.
And I put that it increases leukotrienes, so if you know what that is, those cause inflammation basically.
Fantastic for allergies, quercitin is great, ginkgos are Bioflavinoids, and a lot of other Bioflavinoids out there. So the sinuses and stuff, like ginkgo for instance has more affinity for the brain, but quercitin is what I would use with general allergies, chronic cough, sneezing, itchy eyes, and things like that. Sometimes Iodine I gave patients, that can help especially if they have that clearing of their throat all the time, because it can help hypothyroidism. Oral Magnesium, I have a lot of patients we have that do magnesium injections intravenously, they have chronic asthma problems and migraine headaches and stuff like that.
Because you can’t take all of them, but these are the ones that I find to be the best for asthma and allergies.

Nettles are an herb, that’s great for especially people that sneeze and have itchy eyes, just sinus congestions and everything. So if you have allergies with a lot of a, get a lot of sinus congestion, lung congestion, NAC is definitely something you want to be on. And sometimes I add Selenium and extra Magnesium for people that have allergies that can be very helpful. People with chronic asthma, what I’ve seen is that they have they need a last about a week, and they come in once a week for about a month, and then it will start lasting longer.
So there’s a lot of great herbs and stuff that treat the symptoms too, but you wanna address everything if you want to get completely healthy and through your allergies. So it can be physical, it can be mental, stress, I mean sometimes decrease on that load that I talked about, getting out of a bad relationship or bad job, or you know, things like that can help allergy symptoms. So you wanna avoid that kind of stuff, putting that on your skin, you wanna do things that aren’t gonna put a coating on your skin, you want that to breathe, you know. Your body wants to work properly, you’re no different than the next person, you just got to figure out what is going on, what are the blocks.
I mean I think you know educating yourself is good although we cannot educate ourselves too much at times. Somehow, just for some reasons, it goes up again even though you’re taking more medications. Okay, these best treatments available; like healthy eating, life style changes and medications, are they good enough to remove all the causes of your high blood pressure?
This is Traci and today I want to talk to you about how apple cider vinegar has been helpful to my beauty and  health care regimen.
One of the things that constantly comes up in all the natural beauty, all the natural health care research is organic apple cider vinegar.
It has nutrients and minerals like things like that so if you have an ailment; let’s talk about health ailments.
I was having really bad shortness of breath, I was having weird symptoms but I didn’t have heartburn.
But I’m telling you, if you’re suffering from some sort of chronic illness; a lot of times but of course doing the medications will tell you what people do is to research. Of course again, like I said I’m not a doctor, I’m not a nutritionist you got to talk to your doctor about it even before you start your apple cider vinegar regimen. They mix apple cider vinegar with a little bit of baking soda and use it as shampoo or shampoo normally then conditioner and take half apple cider vinegar with water and pour it over your hair after rinse. Apple cider vinegar can also help to reduce flu radicals and it’s really good to ingested as well as to put radically because those free radicals can cause age a lot faster. I know some people hate the taste of vinegar and I actually likes vinegar so I just take it straight up. They can be caused by common cold, viral infections, dust and pollution, inflammation of tonsils and acid reflux disease. It can grow in any part of the human body, but infection in the mouth and the vagina are most common.
Common symptoms of IBS are bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain and cramping.
Cold sores, oral herpes or fever blisters are a condition caused by HSV-1 or herpes simplex virus type 1. The condition can also be due to herpes simplex virus type 2, although this type of virus is more prevalent in cases of genital herpes. The virus is usually contracted during childhood, during when the immune system is still immature.
However, there are various ways on how you can reduce the period of activity of the virus and increase its dormant stage.
White vinegar or apple cider vinegar is the variety most commonly used against the condition. However, take note that this should not be applied directly or poured right into the sores or blisters. You may start by taking at least two teaspoons of unfiltered and organic vinegar with a glass of water and consume it during a meal. The consumption of it can help shorten the duration of the outbreak and reduce its frequency and severity. You can check out overviews, treatments, causes, symptoms and preventive measures for the condition to help you manage cold sore problems. Type in the keyword, hit the search button and let us provide you helpful information regarding Cold Sores.
A lot of times, I don’t think people quite understand what an allergy is, and why they have allergy type symptoms.
People who suffer from a lot of allergies are suffering basically there’s an imbalance in their immune system. Then you have this antigen antibody complex and that will just basically run around in your bloodstream trying to get out of your body.
Now remember that everyone is an individual, I don’t do exactly the same thing with every patient, but I just kind of want to get you to have an idea and start, and may you can start seeing some things that you can start changing in your life to help our allergies.
Because the babies are sterile, and you don’t want to be sterile, you can’t live in a sterile environment.
So under on your left, poor diet, alcohol, chemicals I mean food additives, food preservatives that we all grew up I ate a ton of them when I was a kid. So sometimes leaky guts just manifest differently in different people depending on other related factors in their life.
With environmental things there are some that you can control especially in your home for the most part, you can control allergens in your food, so that’s why we always start with food allergies and food additives and stuff like that. And so these are the ones that you probably read about, the nightshades wheat, gluten, dairy, soy eggs. And I ate some yesterday, and I love green peppers, and I tell you what, it causes a lot of allergy symptoms in me, so I’m not eating green peppers anymore. Zinc, Vitamin C, Omega 3, fatty acids, Vitamin D3, B12 I see a lot in allergies, so we can test those.
Supplemental things, supplement digestive enzymes are bitters, like bitter greens before your meals. A lot of times its not enough hydrochloric acid, so that helps break down protein and helps with digestion ok. Meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, refined carbohydrates, trans-fats which are your margarine, fake fats right, causes a lot of inflammation in people, messes up your GI tract. So eat more fish, oil fish, gusted beef is way less inflammatory than grain fed beef, it’s because of the fat content is different.
You don’t want to eat any light yogurts (they are full of sugar!), only stick to eating just real plain yogurt.
So it helps that information, things like licorice, normally DGL form which is Deglycyrrhized licorice is what’s use for GI problem, slippery elm, marshmallow not light marshmallows, it’s actually an herb, and plantain, are usually the herbs that you use for demulcents and stuff. The problem is that yellow number 5 is in everything that kids eat, for example Captain crunch cereal, it’s in Big Mac and cheese, cake mixes cupcake mixes, pickles, so avoid that. So, but these are the majors ones that’s extremely helpful for patients with allergies.
But you got to be careful, definitely have a Doctor help you dose Iodine, you don’t want to do too much either.
And UV light is an antimicrobial, so this is especially good for patients that have chronic infections with allergies and asthma. And its always two thumblings down thats their thumb size, so if your husband has a bigger thumb, you wanna do a little bit down, remember that.
And usually takes some time, 3 or 4 months, but in the grand scheme i think its not that long. Because you’re dropping the inflammatory load that stress is causing, so you have to address all that stuff too.
Even things like dry skin brushing, and you get a brush and stimulate your lymph system and that can help with detoxification and allergies and stuff like that, that you can do you know you can get brush for two bags and last a year, that’s cheap and easy. Identify and treat the cause, its not always evident a lot of times you got to do some digging.
Okay, let’s say that you’ve just discovered that you have high blood pressure and you’ve just been to the doctor.
If they are not, then, just like I made within the last 5 years, I have 5 years worth cuts and sometimes, if I completely cut a tendon, sometimes the damages are not reversible. If you have health ailment, let’s say you have high cholesterol, diabetes or you have high blood pressure, I guarantee you that apple cider vinegar is going to be one of the own natural care for that. I’ve gone to doctors, months and months, I went to a long doctor, I went to heart doctor, they did X-rays on my chest and I had an echo done on my heart because I couldn’t figure out why I’m experiencing like that because they said, “Your heart is super healthy and your lungs are super healthy, maybe you have asthma”, so they were like giving me medicine for asthma and all this kind of stuff. So, I started taking that before bed because when I lay down it gets worst and long holds my acid reflux is now under control. If you have acne, you can take this internally as well and you can put it on top because we are talking about beauty benefits. Because God created the earth and there are so many things that we don’t know around that we can use in conjunction with Western medicine.
I put a little bit of apple cider vinegar on his food from time to time just to relieve some of his joint issues.
Some people if you have acne or oily skin, you can actually just take apple cider vinegar straight up and apply to your skin.
It bounces down the PH and it actually clarifies your scalp to help your hair to grow fast.
Sometimes people get sunspots like on the back of their hand and they can use it to fades out or if you have dark spots or sunspots this can help you. Then we want to neutralize those free radicals as much as possible, so apple cider vinegar can help you definitely with that. I take 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar every single morning before I eat anything just to settles my stomach and it prepares my stomach for food.
In this post, we have listed 7 home remedies using apple cider vinegar as the main ingredient. 3 out 4 women experience yeast infections at some point in their lives, but it occurs more commonly during pregnancy.
ACV can ease symptoms of IBS, but to get a long lasting relief from IBS, you need to adopt some changes in your diet and lifestyles. If your condition is serious then do not try this remedy and consult with your doctor immediately. Vinegar is believed to be one of the best remedies against cold sores and is being used by infected individuals for several decades now. The virus stays dormant inside the body and remains asymptomatic until reactivated and this is the only time when it can be transmitted to another person. Curbing the outbreak prior to its eruption is one way to reduce the active period of the herpes simplex virus.
To know how you can use vinegar for the management of cold sore conditions, here are a few things you should know about. What you can do is get a cotton ball, put a few drops of vinegar into it and apply it on the sores.
You can gradually increase the amount of teaspoons that will be added up to 5 but it should not be more than that. It tries to escape to what we call the excretory organ, and the biggest excretory organ is your skin. So what, my point is I want to talk to you about first, allergies is an inflammation right? Stress, infection, all of those cause damage to the good bacteria and at the same time you’re getting lack of nutrients for cell repair. You know people come to see me with inflammatory bowel disease but they have allergies, or they come to see me with thyroiditis and they have allergies too. Remember these are the ones that are individual but those are the most common once you want to think about. You just make your own out of vinegar and water, alcohol, you can get the scented oils and put lemon in it or something to make it smell better.
Because every person is deficient in Omega 3s, even if you’re eating a lot of salmon ok. But a lot of beta carotene is important, so anything orange, carrots, sweet potatoes, things like that beta carotene is in. So even patients with chronic pain, I do Magnesium injections for patients which helps their allergies. And underneath that I have liposomal glutathione, it can be a good supplement to take however you want to, it can cause some detoxification in you, and can maybe, so it’s not a bad thing, but you might get a headache and stuff when you first start taking that.
They get sinus infection all the time, they have pneumonia, they’re in hospital, walking pneumonia, strap pneumonia, all of those I would do some UBI treatments on them, very beneficial for it. So I think its more of the actual injection rather than the ingredients of what’s in the chop.
I wanna know everything going on because that helps me guide treatment and pick out the right things. He tells you that your blood pressure is a little bit too high and so, welcome to the club!
Less junk food, less sugar, less fat, less salt and you start doing exercise like 3 times a week or 30 minutes a day. Now when it’s unpasteurized it contains a natural substance in the bottle you can see called the mother. Like if you google apple cider vinegar, high cholesterol they going to tell you apple cider vinegar.
And then, from completely unrelated thing, I actually go to the doctor because I was having vocal chord problems and if you don’t know I am also a singer.

I don’t even have symptoms about acid reflux, I haven’t had symptoms for I mean probably at least year but if ever I do then I just take a little bit of apple cider vinegar so that’s one thing if you suffer from GERD or Acid reflux. They don’t really know all the possibilities of herbal remedies that you can use in conjunction with or even sometimes in replacement of Western medicine.
Of course it does have apple cider vinegar’s smell, it going to smell apple cider vinegary and your face is apple cider vinegary. It clears up your hair follicle or any dirt clogged up is going to help remove all those to your hair is free to grow.
Oral thrush is most common in the babies, the elderly and in people with weak immune systems. If you experience more serious symptoms like rectal bleeding and unusual weight loss, then consult with a doctor immediately. The cores may not go away overnight and you cannot do anything about it, but you can reduce its severity and minimize the size of the sores or blisters so that you will not be too conscious about it. The virus may stay dormant for quite a while and reactivates due to various factors, thus resulting to a cold sore outbreak. Vinegar for cold sore was first used in Europe when the condition became prevalent in various countries within the continent. Weakened immune system, infections and illnesses can trigger the reactivation of the virus. Vinegar, on the other hand, can help you with that, as it can assist in preventing outbreaks effectively. Applying it on an open sore can sting a lot so it would be best to apply it even before the cold sores or fever blisters starts erupting.
Apple cider vinegar can limit the level of sugar after a meal, thereby reducing the risk of an outbreak, as well as further infections. Topical application, not the other hand, can prevent the sores from spreading to other parts of the body, and reduce swelling and redness on the affected area.
So this might manifest as skin problems, you might have lung issues, asthma, mucus membranes, sore eyes, runny nose, sinuses, bowels issues, urinary issues etc. So a lot of your white blood cells are made in that GI tract, so that’s a good fact to remember, and to understand why GI tract is important for allergies. So sterile gloves touching you, C section not the health, not I mean of course you need be a born C section at times, but these babies needs to be on probiotics and stuff early on. It’s usually not what they see me for but that’s always there when they have inflammatory disorders as well. For myself, I gave you story about myself, I’ve never had allergies a day of life until I moved to Kansas. I always tell patients start using spices, look up some recipes, there are a lot of benefits, anti-cancer benefits, detox benefits, so turmeric, garlic, ginger, green tea has been shown to be very beneficial for inflammatory disorders.
You know glutathione they’re use it in kids for breathing treatments for asthma and things like that, but it’s a major anti oxidant in the body but it also tends mucus. Kids like to do that, so if have kids that have allergies you know make a little chart or something and they can try to get every color every day and that’s helpful. And always get Alaskan salmon, Atlantic salmon is probably the most toxic food we can eat, so Alaskan salmon. Ok, so its one of your rotator cough muscle basically, its on your your back, its on your shoulder blade.
And so what we do we inject basically 4cc’s and its pretty painless, lidocaine in it too, its a very tiny tiny tiny needle. You are now a high blood pressure patient, so you’re suffering from one of the most serious condition that the most sickness in the world right now. During the last 5 years, I’ve been treating just the symptoms, just the damages, but I haven’t look at the root cause of the problem. In other words, back to my knife; if I keep on playing the knife, I have lots of cuts on my hands. The mother is like the pulpy stuff that appears over time within the bottle, it’s sort of cloudy, dark, coloured-pulp. Then, apple cider vinegar, acid reflux; someone’s going to tell you to take apple cider vinegar because its actually it’s just that good for you.
I was having some vocal issues like my voice was not doing so great and when I take warm up; I was warmed for a few minutes my voice is like no control of my voice. If you suffer in sinus infection, chronic sinus infection then apple cider vinegar will help you with that.
Because I read some really interesting who uses apple cider vinegar and different types of teas cure from cancer or chronic illnesses like GERD, diabetes, weight loss, if you’re using this you’ll going to be loosing less 5 pounds in a week.
I don’t need a high carbohydrate food especially in the morning but if I did it, it helps to neutralize my blood sugar so my blood sugar does not spike.
First is the production of alcohol from bacterial fermentation of the fruit juices, while the next stage is the fermentation of the alcohol to come up with a sour taste. Usually, the sores are preceded by pain and itching, so when you feel like the sores are about to erupt, you can start applying apple cider vinegar to it.
So basically, that’s why you those type of symptoms, it’s just that the antigen anti body complex trying to be released from the body. So that’s just a little background of the gut and why I treat the gut, cause everyone always ask that, so I hope you guys kind of have a better understanding of that now. I always like to use bitter greens or something like that first but sometimes they were just so damaged they need straight enzymes, so just really depends.
Lots of good fat, nuts and seeds, lots of vegetables, lot of fruits, lean, meats, and fish and stuff like that. So on those two muscle on your shoulder blade there’s a reflex point, and its a trigger point but its also one of the major lung point in chinese medicine.
But if you come in and I just say here take this and this for your symptoms, I’m still not practicing my medicine. The same in your case with the high blood pressure, doing that 5 years, your blood pressure has been maintained at a normal level but the damage relay to your high blood pressure continue to accumulate. Let’s say if you have depression, stress, not sleeping well, you have sleep apnea, you snore at night, you smoke, you have asthma, you have pains everywhere, you take an excessive intake of alcohol everyday, you take a lots of medication, you suffer from other medical conditions; like chronic lung disease, cystic fibrosis, you suffer from anaemia, a luck of iron in your blood and all of those things can cause high blood pressure.
Before you use unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar with the mother, you have to shake it up so that the mother or the pulp will go in it because there are some nutritional value in it.
So I went to a laryngologist to look at my vocal chords and he looks he did all things up to my nose down on my throat. Yes, it is acidic but the PH is actually balances our PH or the alkaline actually balances out so it actually works better in your stomach.
It also helps you with varicose veins, it helps like reduce the varicose veins to prevent them from happening and reduce the appearance of the varicose veins go bigger. But there was a study that people who took 2 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar everyday loss an average of between 5 or 10 pounds. If you’re going to start to use toner, I suggest diluting it with water at least at first little bit for the first week. And your blood pressure will actually go down to normal, so pretty happy about yourself and you’re getting the fact that you’re getting to fix. So, with these lists of all the causes of high blood pressure and see the medications can remove the causes.
I have lots of cuts, lots of damages, same as you, if you don’t treat the causes of your high blood pressure; in the next 10 to 20 years, you can expect a lot of damages that will accumulate and you can expect more consequences and what are the damages.
He looked at my vocal chords and said, “You have a little bit of a reflux on your vocal chords” and I said, “Oh! It helps with digestion; if you’re over weight you can absolutely take apple cider vinegar is one of the things that can help you.
So, it’s a gradual process, it’s not going to be like first thing like you going to have that’s without any other lifestyle changes.
Just to see how your skin reacts to it because it is acidic so you want to be careful about what you are putting on your skin especially for sensitive skin because sometimes it can irritate it. Some people if they don’t like the taste of apple cider vinegar, what they do is they just take a regular bottle of water and they will put 2 tablespoon in this entire bottle then they will sip it through out the day. Ok, so whole protein that aren’t digested cause people would say “why would I react to broccoli?” well it’s that broccoli protein is not being broken down, you have leaky gut, it leaks through, still working on digestion and healing the GI tract will help with food intolerances that can cause allergies, allergy symptoms ok. So there’s no wonder why your bellies are getting larger, your muscles starts to hurt more, your joints starts to have joint pain, you start to have leg cramps, your skin gets dry, you get dry cracked heels, you loose hair on your arms and legs or maybe on your head, you start having problems with your teeth, you starts having problem with your kidney and your liver, so the damage is accumulate if you don’t treat the cause of the problem. More brain damage, more damage to your blood vessels, more damage to your heart, more damage to your lungs, more damage to your kidneys, your joints will hurt more, your muscles will hurt more, your sexual functions will be deteriorated, you will have more sleeping problem, you will have more digestive problem, your heartburn, you start to loose hair, you start to dry skin, you start to have more wrinkles on your face and the suffering will be a lot more. There are some blogs people who have just had their own experience, as you can see if there are any health benefits you can benefit from organic apple cider vinegar regimen. I suggest doing it like half mixture first then adjust it accordingly what your body needs.
What happened is, not only to the last 5 years you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure. It might also affect your relationship, it might affect your life, will increase your stress level, it will cause you to die younger and you will suffer a lot more if you will not fix the cause of your problems.
He prescribed some medicine for me to start taking for the acid reflux and my breathing within a week got better and I stopped taking whatever asthma medicine that they were giving me. It’s great for people who are type 2 diabetic because it helps to lower or it does not spike your insulin that much.
You’re going to have reduce to diet, exercising and take apple cider vinegar supplement because all I can do is I can help you with all your physical ailments or it helps joint pain or people who suffer from arthritis. Sometimes, you’ve got to add a little apple cider vinegar, last, I know my cousin completely have an oily skin and she uses it as a toner. It will stay that way but now what happened is two years later, you come back to your doctor and somehow for a non-reason, your blood pressure will go up again. Fix the cause, you can have a cure and you can prevent all of the damages that will happen to your body. When I came back to the pulmonologist then he said, because I start taking medicine for the acid reflux, my breathing got actually, hmm he said, “Oh yeah, sometimes the acid get into your lungs and I said, “Oh, well, no one told me this.” But again, I was really having typical symptoms of acid reflux like the burning sensation, that’s why I have no idea.
If you have a problem with insulin spikes or blood sugar spikes; then this is going to help a sort of even out the insulin in your system so if the spike when you eat really high carbohydrate and blood sugar foods. Sometimes, if I want to take more with two tablespoons during the day and I put in the bottle of water then drink it through out the day. You are not quite not sure what’s happening because your eating more healthy, you’ve been doing your exercise, your life style changes to improvement of high blood pressure and you’ve been taking medications properly. But somehow, it’s still tending to go up and also during that time, there has been few changes in you body.
But I found that taking in the morning works fine for me where I normally do is I some water or a cup of water then I’ll take 2 shots tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and I drink a lot of water.
You’ve start to that you’ve been gaining little bit weak, your tummy starts to get bigger, you start to have stomach problems, reflux, indigestions, your muscles and joints starts to hurt more, your skin starts to get dry, you start to have a little bit problem in you’re your bedroom but even though your blood pressure has been maintained at normal level. Instead, trying to find the best treatment, maybe you should try to look for the best cure.
You can add tea, juice, smoothie or whatever you want but I do not milk though because it will probably taste weird but it is edible you can take that butter milk.
I also heard some people are adding honey too and I’ve added a little bit of honey to apple cider vinegar especially when I’m suffering from acid reflux.
You’re not quite sure what your doing that will help your blood pressure but he recommend you to try a higher dose of medications. Now, if having a healthy diet will remove all the causes of your high blood pressure, then maybe that’s not a cure.
I might think that you should get a second opinion if someone else knew a better treatment for your high blood pressure other than the best treatment that you had right now. Well, just treating your high blood pressure because you will end up with serious consequences if you do not treat your high blood pressure properly.
I read that there’s vitamin B in the honey, so it actually helps make the good property of the organic apple cider vinegar more poppy. The little vitamin B that is in the honey actually helps with the apple cider vinegar so that is another way to take it. I would like to hear what you think and if you like this video; you maybe share the video or maybe you can subscribe to this general. Now that your blood pressure back to normal because it is very important thing that your high blood is the biggest cause of death in the world. So, you want to keep these things under control, you want to do the right thing and want to have the best treatment available for high blood pressure. Alright, I got a big cut on my hand because of playing with the knife and go to the doctor. The doctor gave some stitches, gave me the best treatment available for my cut and he the stitches, band aided it.
Now that you’re on the new medication, your blood pressure went back to normal and you’re very happy. He gave me plain medication to go on to the treatment and within 2 or 3 weeks, the cut heals, I had a normal pain and came back to normal. Okay, I’m so pretty happy with myself with the cut but 2 years later, I got back more cuts.
But having a healthy lifestyle, there’s actually remove all of the causes of your high blood pressure and if you did not remove all the causes; Do not expect to cure. Alright, 5 years later, few more years later, I go home and have lots of cuts on my hand because of my silly habit. More cuts and even I got cuts on my other hand and more pain but no worries because the doctor can always stitches out and give me more pain medications.

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