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Infectious Microorganisms: the Cause Of Just About Every Chronic Degenerative Disease Known to Man? A reader recently wrote me, describing a persistent cough she has been battling after coming down with a cold. I have been seeing many articles written on the benefits of Colloidal Silver  for gout attacks on the internet and as a result I thought I would write this brief article on colloidal silver treatment for gout. Colloidal Silver has been used in the treatment of gout by relieving pain, and also in treating inflammation and joint mobility.Silver has a long history of being an antiseptic and disinfectant.
I have used colloidal silver for 10+ years 2 ounces a day no problem Not rated yetI have used colloidal silver for 10+ years 2 ounces a day internally with out any problems.
I had been working on this article for an hour or so as a challenge to “Loose Lips Laibow” on her bogus claim that her “Nano Silver” is nothing more than a Colloidal Silver re-named for marketing purposes.
After his retirement he served as the VP for Intelligence Systems with BDM, a major defense contractor.
Yes she has done a good job of exposing the US Governments duplicity in suppressing Colloidal Silver for the benefit of Big Pharma and a betrayal of the people they are supposed to serve and protect. Yes she has been instrumental in getting Colloidal Silver in the hands of people who will thumb their noses at our Big Pharma shills, the WHO, FDA and CDC, and give it to the people stricken with Ebola.
Simply put there is no such thing a “Nano Silver”, just as there is no such thing as “Structured Silver” being peddled by Dr.
Silver, pure Silver Particles, in the “Nano Meter” (nm) size ranges of 4-25, if it is to be ingested in the body and Silver Ions if it is to be used topically are what kill pathogenic organisms, period end of story. Rima Laibow claims, “Colloidal Silver only deals with bacterial pathogens, not viruses.” And “Nano Silver” is different than “Colloidal Silver”. Loose Lips Laibow’: “There have been a number of curious postings in the past few hours regarding nutrient silver and the deadly Ebola virus.
Liar Laibow: “Additionally, the topical use of Nano Silver has been approved for food contact surface cleaning and health care sanitizing applications by FDA and USDA.
I CHALLENGE ANYONE REFERRED TO IN THIS ARTICLE TO CONTACT ME AND COME ON AIR, LIVE, AND HAVE A DISCUSSION ON COLLOIDAL SILVER… I WON’T HOLD MY BREATH. If you want a True (nano) Colloidal Silver (20ppm) twice the strength of Liar Laibow’s mis-named Colloid there are two ways to you can have it. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Alex Jones, Antibiotic, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver Facts, Colloidal Silver Truth, Dr.
ONLY TRUE COLLOIDAL SILVER HAS BEEN SHOWN TO STOP EBOLA REPRODUCTION- NOT WHAT YOU ARE PROBABLY TAKING or MAKING NOW. Government Incompetence, Public Apathy, and ignorance are going to be the biggest killers, not the Ebola Virus. We are seeing the very real possibilities of a worldwide pandemic which, by the way, is overdue in a historic statistical sense. There are so many frauds in the “Silver Solutions” market today that it sickens me, and I will be calling some of them out at the end of this article.
Now I am not going to waste any time at all on the blame game because it matters not how it was created or spread. Nature has a way of thinning the herd of the weak and stupid; is that you and your bloodline? There is only one way to guarantee with any pathogen as infectious and virulent as Ebola is kept from you and that you and your entire family will not need to be cremated- do not become exposed.
So with that said let us look at first the disease and virus itself so we can understand the danger. Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission. The Ebola Virus is less than a micron in size and while not ‘technically’ “airborne’, as the flu virus is at one tenth its size, it is perfectly capable of being carried on a dust mote by the wind, aerosoled  in a cough, sneeze, or as in Dallas Texas, some idiot uses a pressure washer to clean up the vomit of an Ebola victim, after, of course; leaving it unattended for plenty of time for dogs to come take a taste become carriers. SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: The virus can survive in liquid or dried material for a number of days (23).
The Ebola virus infection is systemic, meaning that it attacks every organ and tissue of the human body except the bones and skeletal muscles. YOUR DOG COULD BE A CARRIER IN SPITE OF THE CDC STATEMENT, The Associated Press reported, “Dr. The Ebola virus causes small blood clots to form in the bloodstream of the patient; the blood thickens and the blood flow slows down.
Spontaneous bleeding then occurs from body orifices and gaps in the skin, such as needle puncture marks and rips that can suddenly appear.
As mentioned above there is no licensed, government approved, cure or treatment for Ebola except “supportive care”, whatever that means. Please go to my previous article on Colloidal Silver (now) if you have not read it so you will understand the difference between a “Colloidal Silver” and “Ionic Silver”  Colloidal Silver Truth!
The Air Force Study, demonstrated that Colloidal Silver (nano) Particles stop reproduction within the cell thereby stopping the spread of the virus. It is not known to the the Author in what quantities and at what Parts Per Million (ppm) to recommend, unfortunately. THEY ARE IONIC: HERE IS A PARTIAL LIST OF PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET WHICH HAVE NO VALUE INSIDE THE BODY AS SILVER IONS IN THE CHLORIDE RICH ENVIRONMENT OF THE BODY IMMEDIATELY BECOME SILVER CHLORIDE . No you can’t do it with batteries and coins, or any of these supposed “Colloidal” Silver Generators. I list this one first because he is the biggest fraud but a great marketer of his crappy unit, I bought on to test and it truly is a piece of crap!
The list of IONIC GENERATORS claiming to be COLLOIDAL GENERATORS could go on forever so I an going to stop there. I challenge anyone producing “Silver Solutions”, “Colloidal Silver Generators”, or ignorant YouTubes to contact me if you believe you can dispute my assertions.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Air Force Study Ebola, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver Facts, Dr. There is overwhelming anecdotal, historical, and testimonial evidence as to the efficacy of Silver as an anti-microbial. It is a fact that a higher concentration than 20ppm (Parts Per Million) is not achievable in an Ionic Solution. If a Silver Ion gets near a pathogen it will displace electrons within the pathogen if not pull it completely free.
It is also known that Silver, in Ionic or Colloid form disables the enzyme by which pathogens respirate. So the proper use of IONIC SILVER is topically for wounds and eye, ear and throat infections. Please note that there is much more to tell as to how Silver kills disease causing microbes, virus’ and fungus. Colloidal Silver  is for use in an Ultrasonic Nebulizer and for drinking to have a systemic Silver presence in the body. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Antibiotic, Blue Man, Bogus, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver Facts, Colloidal Silver Truth, Ionic Silver, Lies, Real, Safety, Toxic, true on November 27, 2013 by smithfix. It's current controlled to make clear, stable colloidal silver that's rich in isolated ions and small particles! Click the ANIMATION button (far left) for a description of the electrolytic process that creates colloidal silver. Commercial bottlers don't have better technology than that used in the Silver Well Generator.
You must start with pure water so you finish with a colloidal silver product that contains nothing but pure water and pure silver.
The following comments should not be taken as my recommendation that you drink the CS made with any of these brands. Water suitable for making colloidal silver should measure below about 2 ppm on a TDS meter or below about 4.5 uS on an EC meter.
IN AUSTRALIA Nobles Pureau water is probably the most widely available pure water, and is good value in 10 litre cardboard casks.
Refresh distilled water is available in supermarkets or home delivered, in most states except S.A. Demineralised or deionised water is far more common and sometimes a bit cheaper than steam distilled water. The purest water we have found so far is Steric 'WT' brand demineralised water from Woolworths.
Black and Gold distilled water and Coles 'Smart buy' demineralised water also seems to be quite good. Western Australian customers tell me that David Grey's deionised water water is widely available and suitable for making colloidal silver. The only home purification system (other than a distiller) that can produce water suitable for making CS is a high grade (usually expensive) well maintained reverse osmosis unit.
NOTE: Many travellers briefly use a colloidal silver generator to help sterilise local drinking water. There's been plenty of debate about whether to store colloidal silver in glass or plastic bottles, but I think most experienced makers now believe that good quality plastic is just as good as good quality glass. What most people refer to as colloidal silver is water containing silver ions and silver particles. The silver particles or collids on the other hand are exactly what the name implies - microsopic particles (colloids) that may be made up of relatively few, or many thousands of silver atoms. A note on particle and ion sizes.A silver ion is a single silver atom that has lost an electron. For more information about ions and particles theres a lengthy discussion at the bottom of this page. If you search the internet you will soon find very persuasive sites spporting both sides of the 'Ions Versus Particles' debate. Stirring produces cleaner, better colloidal silver with an abundance of small particles and a high ionic ppm, while still remaining clear and colorless. IMPORTANT NOTE: Ulta high PPM colloidal silver (in the 100's or 1000's of ppm's) is not made electrically. The Tyndall Effect (TE) is a visual indication of the presence of silver particles in the colloidal silver water. The effect is visible in a liquid containing suspended solid particles, but not in a solution containing for example, dissolved salt or sugar.
Colloidal gold and copper purchased commercially in bottles is very expensive and the strengths are usually pretty low, so the chance you are going to ingest too much of that stuff is probably small.
The graph above plots the progress of an IMAGINARY batch of colloidal silver over a period of 15 hours. FOOTNOTE: It's impossible to make a chart of colloidal silver production thats both simple AND accurate. Mit dem ASAP konnen Sie die Produkte, die Sie jeden Monat verbrauchen, bestellen und moglicherweise keine oder verringerte Versandkosten zahlen. Im Seitenbalken konnen Sie sehen, an welchem Tag zukunftige Bestellungen verschickt werden. Wenn Sie „Ich stimme zu“ auswahlen, berechtige ich Lifeplus, mich dem Automatischen Versandvorteilprogramm (ASAP) anzumelden.
Countless hours have been spent to battle those in the “Health” bunch that promote Ionic Silver products and calling them every imaginative name they can come up with to deceive the folks into thinking it is a colloid.
There can be many permutations of Silver creating “Silver Salts” or “Silver Compounds”, and here is the problem I have with Big Pharma, Dr, Rima, Dr.
Big Pharma adds junk to it, gets a rubber stamp patent and rips us off (Silver sulfadiazine), Rima Laibow and her ilk just make a name up and claim it is “New”.
However, with regard to Nano Silver there is both clinical experience and research, namely the DTRA-funded study that was declassified in 2009. On the other hand, I repeat, the research declassified in 2009 by the Defense Department makes it quite clear that exactly the opposite is true of Nano Silver 10 PPM. They will be trying to cash in on the Ebola danger while at the same time giving zero protection against the virus. Till now I have taken a neutral position because even as much as I like it and have seen what it can do for not just humans but all mammals, my dog gets his too, I am never convinced by the claims of others unless they can explain the mechanism by which it works and back that up with sufficient evidence and research. As we examine how mechanism by which Colloidal (particulate) Silver has been shown to stop the Ebola Virus from reproducing you will quickly understand why it is essential to have the real thing. All that matters is your life and the lives of your family, if you try to go beyond that circle; you, or your loved ones, will die.
This current strain is a new strain (Guinea 2014 EBOV) that has been sickening and killing people at least as far back as December, has a mortality rate of approximately 50% percent.
It is now confirmed that dogs can be carriers of the virus without symptoms and infect humans.
Infectivity is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4°C for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70°C (6, 20). The immune system appears to deliver a much more aggressive response than is necessary, one that causes a lot of damage to the body.
2014, a panel of World Health Organization (WHO) experts declared it is ethical to use experimental drugs in this current outbreak. And we all know, who watch these things, the dangers of Big Pharma with their immunity from liability which has led to deaths and illnesses. Avoid the Ripp-Offs!  Only true Colloidal (Particulate) Silver has been shown to have the effect of stopping the virus from multiplying. The electrolysis process produces mostly, if not all, ionic silver and yet it is marketed as colloidal silver.
Because, as you will see, it is the silver particle that has been shown to stop reproduction of Ebola. I have been challenging for months and these purveyors of trash and disinformation refuse to come on air and let you, the folks, decide.
A: While there has been a great deal of money and propaganda spread around to discourage people from trying Colloidal and Ionic Silver as an immunity booster and topical antibiotic, I have found no credible evidence to support that Silver has any deleterious effects to the human body, or any mammal for that matter (ask my dog, he takes his daily too).
Giving that it is missing an electron it has a very strong electric (positive) charge and will steal back that electron at the first opportunity and, fortunately, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungus are complicated biological machines and are also a great source of elections. In short they are aerobic and need oxygen, our beneficial bacteria (in the gut) are anaerobic do not need oxygen. But for brevity I am not, at this point, going to go into surfer inhibition, or electrical field generation. Recommended dose is one half ounce a day and then, if needed, and increase as you feel necessary. In fact the colloidal silver you make at home with a Silver Well Generator is probably better than the CS you buy in the shops.
To make the safest and most beneficial colloidal silver for regular human consumption you MUST use the purest water you can find. I have usually found it to be very good for making Colloidal Silver, in fact its my preferred choice.
It's available in 1 to 10 litre containers from Woolworths, The Warehouse, Pak 'n' Save, and New World.

Tap attachments, simple under-sink cartridge filters, and counter-top pottery filters are totally unsuitable for making water for CS as they do not remove dissolved salts at all! But many home RO systems are not good enough, so even if you have an RO unit you will may still have to buy commercially purified water.
This is probably a good idea for SHORT TERM usage, but after sterilising the water, there may not be enough free silver ions remaining in the water to be of significant further health benefit IN the body. Personally I've never had a problem using HDPE plastic (the waxy type of plastic that demineralised water comes in), although some recent research suggests that PET plastic (Coke or mineral water bottles) MAY be marginally better.
A good quality batch of colloidal silver made with excellent water will often stay completely clear and colorless even in strong light. They may be pure silver, or silver oxides, but they are so small they stay permanently suspended within the water and do not settle to the bottom.
But the truth is that no-one really knows if its the 'oligodynamic' properties* of the ions or particles that are the doing the most good in colloidal silver, although most current research seems to favour the ions.
Most 'credible' commercial bottlers of Colloidal Silver claim that their product is in this range. It is made chemically or mechanically, and should not be confused with the modern, safe, Electrically Isolated (EIS) colloidal silver that is made with a Silver Well.
This was a reasonable statement, but it was also largely a matter of convenience for users of basic generators, as the color change from clear to pale yellow provided a visual indication that it was time to stop.
At left is the TE of the Colloidal Silver in the wine glass shown on the 'What is CS?' page.
Colloidal Silver mixed with Gatorade (or similar electrolyte sports drinks) may speed up and improve absorption into the blood stream and tissues.
Whilst the drinking of 'Pure' Electrolytic Colloidal Silver now has a long history of safe usage, the long term effect of drinking large amounts of colloidal silver mixed with additives is not really known. But if you can make and drink large amounts of much stronger stuff for just a few cents per litre then the chance of overdosing becomes much greater. A low voltage generator like the Silverwell will make colloidal copper but I do not recommend it for human consumption. The background color indicates the color of the water of this imaginary batch at that total PPM. Particles (the dotted black line) begin to form almost as soon as the power is switched on. The colour change of the water is usually not as simple as a straight progression from clear to yellow to grey. This 'leveling out ' of the IONIC PPM (as illustrated by the red line) often leads at-home CS makers who use a TDS meter to think that the PPM of their colloidal silver is no longer increasing. At the 10 hour mark, the total PPM of this imaginary batch (the grey line) is about 45, but a TDS meter would only show 24 ppm because it can only measure the PPM of the IONIC silver (the red line).
This chart definitely leans towards the former so treat it as a 'learning aid' rather than a guide for CS production. Mit dem praktischen Spruhaufsatz konnen Sie dieses Praparat wahlweise direkt in den Mund spruhen; alternativ nehmen Sie das Produkt wie gewohnt mit einem Teeloffel ein. Then there are the bogus “Colloidal Silver Generators” that only produce an Ionic Silver but lie and call it a colloid. Gordon Pedersen, and like creators of new “Names” but not new products; all claims to the contrary. That report suggests, in vitro, a significant inhibition of viral action with Nano Silver 10 PPM.
As a happy coincidence, the Nano Silver 10 PPM offered by the Natural Solutions Foundation in its Dr.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said tests of dogs that ate contaminated meat in the 2001-02 Ebola outbreak in Gabon showed some were exposed to the virus because antibodies were found in dog blood, but no one really knows if that could present a risk to humans.” REEEELY?
Yet when Colloidal Silver Trials were planned, under pressure from the United States, the WHO stopped them. Ionic, for this situation is useless, regardless of claims, and this author will debate anyone, on air who wishes to dispute that fact. There are metallic silver particles (nanoparticles) and silver ions, but no ionic silver particles. Regardless of claims made to the contrary, if the product is made by electrolysis, it is not a true colloid unless it is “Reduced” (“Reduction”, in chemistry, is the gain of electrons by a molecule, atom, or ion.), to create silver atoms from the silver ions.
When chloride is present however, as inside the body, Ionic Silver is useless it becomes Silver Chloride or put differently, the difference between silver ions and silver particles boils down to the fact that silver ions combine with chloride ions to form silver chloride and silver particles do not.
Metallic silver particles are unaffected by hydrochloric stomach acid and chloride ions and will circulate in the bloodstream where they are believed to kill pathogens. The key thing to me is that the silver must be present before there is a heavy load of the pathogens and the damage is being done! Rima Laibow, Ebola, Ionic Silver, Nano Silver, Silver Solution on October 8, 2014 by smithfix. Colloidal Silver is, therefore, particles of Silver suspended in a medium, in this case, distilled water. A Silver particle in the nano size ranges we want absorbs the indigo of the light spectrum and reflects the yellow. Bacteria, Virus, Mold, Fungus, are known to be lethally effected by both Silver Colloids and Silver Ions. I did not state that: Silver Salts, Silver Compounds, Silver Proteins, ect are not potentially deleterious to us, but those are not what we are discussing here. Many have seen the videos of how to make “Colloidal Silver” with three batteries and Silver wire, some show using coins.
Much of it is speculative and no one will give the money to research it thoroughly, though many are trying as opportunity presents. I personally take an ounce a day, every day, but since the Nile Fever was so prevalent in my area I began taking two ounces. If what you produce at home is not put through a REDOX and capping process then it is IONIC SILVER.
Provided you are using a good quality silver maker, your home-made CS will almost certainly have a higher ionic PPM, and an equal or higher colloidal PPM. We strongly recommend you purchase our TDS Meter to help you find the best distilled or demineralised water. The quality of the water can vary but most of the brands from supermarkets including the generic brands (Black and Gold etc) seem to be good.
It has an extremely low conductivity meter reading, lower than any distilled water we have sampled.
No, because as the silver ions are released from the electrodes they will immediately combine with salts, minerals, and other impurites in the tap water to form silver nitrates, chlorides, and other compounds. CS made with impure water should not be consumed on a long term regular basis and a generator used for this purpose should be run for the shortest possible time. Demineralised water bottles don't need to be rinsed but Coke bottles should be well rinsed with clean warm tap water and allowed to drip dry.
When the water cools the silver will be forced out of solution to create large particles that will eventually settle to the bottom of the jar. It's also possible that ions and particles both achieve the same thing, but in different areas of the body.
A simple home made system cannot consistently and easily produce stable, clear, colorless, colloidal silver. It really indicates the total combined weight of silver ions and particles in the water - it does not indicate the actual number of particles. Makers of these ultra high PPM products use very old research to support their claims of effectiveness. Under a bright, focused beam of light the normally invisible silver particles in the colloidal silver become visible as tiny points of light suspended in the water, even though in ordinary daylight the CS appears perfectly clear. Mild argyria is perhaps the worse that could eventuate (pure speculation on my part) but why risk even that without good reason?
So when you use one of these meters to measure colloidal silver you are only measuring the electrically conductive IONIC PPM. The example brewing time here is 15 hours, but depending on variables such as water volume it could just as easily have been 1 hour. It's just an imaginary batch I've constructed 'on paper' to illustrate a few points - including the point that there may be much more silver in the batch than what you might simply measure with a TDS meter. The saturation point is the limit at which water will continue to hold another substance (in this case silver ions) in solution, so in theory this is the highest ionic ppm that can be achieved.
The operator probably should have stopped this batch as soon as it developed a little bit of color.
Very often the water will go straight from clear to a very pale grey without any apparent yellow stage. The effect of stirring and current control in a good quality generator is to delay the formation of particles for as long as possible, and to minimise their size when they do start to form.
Every batch will follow its own unique path anyway, unless you have repeatable outcomes provided by a current controlled generator with auto shut-off like a Silver Well. Lucia Sweden Switzerland Taiwan The NetherlandsTrinidad & TobagoU.S.
Medically silver has been used in the form of colloidal silver, and is used in internal medicine.Colloidal silver has been used effectively in the treatment of Cancer, HIV and herpes, and now as a treatment for gout.
Also, blood clots do not allow a proper blood supply to many organs such as the liver, brain, lungs, kidneys, intestines, breast tissue, testicles, etc. Why, when the Us Air Force’s own study concluded, “Ag-NPs (Silver Nano-Particles) do not prevent the internalization of TCRV , Ag-NPs and TCRV interact inside the cell.
For now I can only tell you what me and my dog are taking and what I plan if this really gets out of hand.
Silver 10 ppm, High Energy Labs Colloidal Silver 15 ppm, Mooners Colloidal Silver 10 ppm, New Silver Solution, Pro Star Colloidal Silver 10 ppm , Silver Biotics 10 ppm, Silver Lightning 5 ppm, Silver Wain Water 3 ppm, Sovereign Silver 10 ppm,  Sovereign Silver Silver Hydrosol ,Survival Enterprises Colloidal Silver 3 ppm , Trace Minerals 30 ppm , Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver 35 ppm , Vision Minerals Colloidal Silver 10 ppm. Colloidal Silver is primarily best used inside the body by drinking or breathing into the lungs by means of a Nebulizer.
Simply put, it stops them from breathing it has also known that it interferes with the Electrical Field generated by some pathogens to camouflage themselves from the body’s natural defenses. It is actually the capping agent (a carbohydrate) that gives the natural repulsion to the Nano Silver Particles, keeping them in suspension indefinitely, till exposed to the body where it dissolves harmlessly. The sad part is that a Silver Ion, once it has regained this electron it is now a different compound, and loses a great majority of its detrimental effect on pathogens, and can no longer be said to be absolutely harmless to the human body. Probably over kill but I was working outside a lot and haven’t the time to worry about a few mosquitoes! This is usually steam distilled water or demineralised water from a high grade purification system. The end result is that you you won't get nicely isolated 'bio-available' colloidal silver ions and particles.
Larger volumes should be stored in a cupboard, out of the light, but its handy to keep a small coloured glass or plastic bottle on the kitchen counter for daily use.
Silver ions, created via the the application of low voltage electricity, will dissolve in water. An ion is not a particle, but some producers will deliberately confuse the two in order to claim they produce extremely small particles or so-called 'microparticles'.
There are also some theoretical chemical sequences that suggest that ions convert to particles in the blood stream, or alternatively, some particles release ions.
Bacteria cells die due to the cumulative effects of ions within or in contact with the cell, even if the concentration of ions in the solution is miniscule.
Today however, current controlled, generators with a stirring system like the Silver Well are designed to only produce small particles and isolated ions, so the CS usually remains perfectly clear even when relatively high PPM colloidal silver is produced. The benefits and risks of colloidal silver have been well established over nearly a century of use, but that is not the case with gold and copper . You can find plenty of videos of colloidal gold manufacture on Youtube, but personally its a bit too experimental for my liking. It should not be viewed as advice that every batch will go yellow from about 10 PPM or go dark grey at 80 PPM.
Above this point the ions will precipitate out of solution, form particles, aggregate into larger particles, and eventually, if the particles get big enough, fall out of suspension over a period of hours or years.
This is best done by using a combination of current control and stirring to create ions and particles slowly, and disperse them to low concentration zones where the conditions are less advantageous for particle aggregation. The process of electrolysis will continue to dissolve silver ions into the water as long as the power is on, but in our imaginary brew the saturation point of the CS has been reached so those silver ions can't stay in solution. Dieses Produkt ist nicht zur Diagnose, akuten oder vorbeugenden Behandlung von Erkrankungen konzipiert.
This winter I thought I was going to finally go a winter without the cough, but it came on about 1 ½ weeks ago.
But there are side effects, colloidal silver should not be taken orally due to effects such as a€?argyriaa€? where the skin becomes blue or bluish grey. If you are ignorant, you or your loved ones will die and if you are afraid to be laughed at because others believe articles like this one by National Geographic, “Why Deadly Ebola Virus Is Likely to Hit the U.S.
This can include diffuse intravascular coagulopathy, which is why the virus is often called a hemorrhagic fever virus. Since it is the particles of metallic silver that provide the particle surface area and thus the real benefit, it is important to know how much of any colloidal silver product is in the form of particles.
In doing so it weakens them as they try to maintain the field making them easier for our body to identify and kill, if the Silver doesn’t kill it outright itself. If you read carefully all the crafted arguments against Silver you will find why I make this distinction clear. Unfortunately for him he did not know that if you add salt to the process of silver electrolysis that massive particles of Silver Chloride would be created and that Silver Chloride is a Silver Salt (another word for Compound) that is used in the film developing process, and further, the body is loaded with chemicals that serve quite well as developers.
Ions of Silver repel each other because they all have a positive charge due to the missing electron. Salt (Chlorides) are another source of elections and will convert silver ions very quickly into silver chloride, and our bodies are loaded with chlorides! WT brand demineralised water provides the best colloidal silver clarity of any water we have used but it can take a long time to make a batch. This means that you are either wasting your time producing inneffective water, or possibly producing a cocktail that your body won't appreciate. If you lower the temperature of the water then you reduce the ability of that water to keep the silver in solution. Current control and Stirring, as featured in the Silverwell system, helps to keep these particles small. Ions and particles are two completely different and beneficial forms of silver and as such need to be considered independently. What we can be sure of though, is that what most people have been using and praising for the last 20 years is colloidal silver that contains BOTH ions and particles - because that's the sort of colloidal silver that has been most readily available. Exactly why these ions are lethal to bacteria is not fully known but it may be that they dissable the bacteria's ability to deal with oxygen.
The maximum clear PPM possible with an electric colloidal silver generator system is normally around 30 ppm.

The larger the particles, the brighter the reflection, so with practice the Tyndall Effect can be used as a visual guide to the type of colloidal silver you are making: for example whether you have numerous very small particles, mixed fine and large (sparkling) particles, or mainly large particles. The addition of MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) or DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) possibly increases absorption and penetration in internal or external applications. One theory behind this is that the Gatorade and CS forms a compound of silver chloride that is more soluble in the stomach - and the more soluble it is the better chance it has of being absorbed. If you start making and drinking too much colloidal gold or copper you are in unknown territory.
The IONIC PPM (red) is about 13, a proven safe dose and very effective if you drink enough.
In this imaginary brew the saturation point is about 24 ppm but it varies depending on factors such water quality and temperature.
The batch is near saturation point for IONIC silver so the particles are rapidly becoming more numerous and larger.
They are coming out of solution and forming particles as fast as they are dissolving off the electrode.
Normally, coagulation is constantly serving your body, so if you get cut you get a nice blood clot that seals you up.
I must leave that discussion for another day as this article is meant to give you answers and expose the frauds in the “Silver Solutions” market.
Information is coming out now about it also interferes with the pathogens ability to produce and process sulfur. When the word “Colloidal” Silver is mixed in with every conceivable permutation of silver in an altered, or adulterated state to confuse, frighten, and mislead then a disservice is done. So, these huge particles of Silver Chloride got hung up in the dermis (skin) and when exposed to light; yep, he became a walking negative, Poppa Smurf, or the lead role in Avatar II. Simply put, a True Nano Colloid or Ionic Solution will stay in suspension forever, naturally. ANYONE PLACING A PRODUCT ON THIS POST AS COMMENTS ARE NOT ENDORSED BY ME AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED TILL SUCH TIME AS THEY CAN PROVE THEIR PRODUCT TO ME. Commercially bottled colloidal silver is often made using the same process but it is made fast, often at high voltages, and in bulk quantities. Note the packaging for Nobles Pureau has changed since the above photo was taken, its now a simpler white and blue box illustrated below.
To make the safest and most beneficial CS you must start with pure distilled or demineralised water. Cooling the water reduces it's 'saturation point', forcing the silver to precipitate out of solution and eventually settle to the bottom of the bottle. As silver ions are released in the water they raise the electrical conductivity of the water, and consequently can be measured (approximately ) with a PPM or EC meter. These particles do not raise the conductivity of the water so they cannot be measured with a PPM or EC meter but you canb 'observe' then with a laser. Good quality, commercially bottled colloidal silver is about 85% ionic and 15% particles - the same as colloidal silver produced in a Silver Well. If you want a clear, stable product, rich in isolated silver ions and small particles you need to build a much more sophisticated generator and have an excellent understanding of the principles of colloidal silver making. Stirring moves the individual ions and particles quickly away from the electrodes so they can be isolated from each other by a surrounding barrier of water molecules.
You can achieve this with a Silver Well if you follow a few special procedures such as using small jars and allowing the batch to stabilize between 're-charges'.
2 or 3 drops of 3% H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) in a glass full of colloidal silver may break Colloidal Silver particles into even smaller particles, or turn ions into particles. This is the method developed over the last 30 years to produce the electrolytic style of colloidal silver that most people are now familiar with. Copper deficiency is extremely rare so the likelihood that you need a copper top-up is remote. Meters can't measure the silver that's contained in the PARTICLES because the particles are not conductive, but it's worth remembering that the particles (or colloids) hold significant additional PPM's within the batch. As particles become larger they develop a greater power to attract and draw ions out of solution.
There is no such thing as “Nano Silver”; only Silver Colloids, for health in the “Nano Meter” size ranges, or for Nano technology industrial uses such as to coat medical instruments. Silver  Chloride has no value as  an anti-biotic, is insoluble in the body, and is the substance that if taken internally in large quantities can turn you blue over a long period of time and in great enough quantities. Quite simply, if it is impossible to make a higher concentration than 20ppm in Ionic Solution, it stands to reason that it is impossible to convert to a higher concentration than was there to begin with. When I am going to be on a radio show I always nebulize the day before to clear up congestion.
Its extremely hard to control the quality of large quantities so a lot of guesswork is involved.
Above that size, mixing it with some previously-made CS is a handy way to shorten the running time. Good quality CS generators are designed to make (1) a high concentration of ions that stay in solution and (2) the smallest possible particles because these are believed to be more 'bio-available'. Statements by some bottlers that their 'new' CS is more effective because it is (supposedly) 100% ionic, or 100% particles, have no such history of everyday usage to support their claims.
Medium and high voltage DC commercial systems also use exactly the same electrolysis method. Although color is no accurate indicator of PPM strength, it does at least indicate that there are plenty of particles in the batch. In fact they can sometimes attract the ions faster than the ions can be produced, resulting in a drop in IONIC PPM as illustrated by the red dashed line.
Total PPM in this imaginary batch is 75 PPM but a real batch this color might be hundreds of PPM.
And since I'm not a doctor, I can't diagnose your condition, nor "prescribe" for you what to do.
In the case of Ebola, you get clotting in inappropriate places, such as organs like the liver. Silver is used in the burn units at hospitals because it fights infection, promotes healing and reduces pain. There is just no credible evidence that Silver, in its pure form, or Ionic Silver when used topically, present any health risks at all. JUST SEVERAL YEARS STUDY AND HUNDREDS OF CALLS TO PRODUCERS OF PRODUCTS TO CONFIRM THAT THEY ARE BULLSHIT. Also, because it's more difficult and more time consuming to produce good quality colloidal silver with a long shelf life, some commercial producers settle for a quick, easy, low ppm product. WT brand is labelled 'not for drinking' but it is also labelled as 'suitable for laboratory solutions'. Quite simply, we dont need to take sides in the ions versus particles debate because the Silver Well gives you both.
The high ppm colloidal silver in the wine glass on the 'What is CS' page was made with a Silver Well.
Without stirring, the ions and particles remain in high concentration zones where they are more likely to collide and combine - forming particles of ever increasing size.
PPM can only truly be measured by a scientific laboratory using thousands of dollars worth of specialist equipment. If you are making CS for topical use such as in gels or sprays, where very high PPM is desired, and the color of the batch is not a concern, then its important to know that your TOTAL PPM may be vastly higher than just what is measured by the TDS or EC meter.
This means that your TDS meter can show a drop in IONIC PPM even while you continue to brew.
However, I get pretty much the same thing every year during cold and flu season, and it almost always happens directly after a nasty cold. Dan Goia (Clarkson University, Center for Advanced MaterialsProcessing, Potsdam, NY) So where are you in this “Liar Laibow”? The problem is, you have a finite number of clotting factors in your body, and they get depleted from the inappropriate clotting. It would be very difficult (probably impossible) to make anything like it with a basic home made system. It is widely accepted that CS is much more effective when it contains billions of individually isolated ions and small particles rather than 'aggregated' clumps.
No hand-held meter in the world can actually measure PPM, so hand-held PWT and TDS meters are a guide only. Because they can produce bigger quantities faster, Medium and High Voltage DC and AC systems are popular with commercial CS bottlers.
Although this is an imaginary batch, most research seems to suggest that good quality CLEAR CS is usually about 85 - 95% ionic and 5 - 15% particles, so a TDS or EC meter that only measures the IONIC PPM can probably, by reasoning, provide a clue to the TOTAL PPM as long as the CS is CLEAR. When that happens, you have a hole in your body that needs clotting but won’t stop bleeding.
The Silver Well makes CS while you sleep, so you can make plenty for your family and friends.
Independent tests have shown that the actual PPM in some products varies hugely from what is stated on the label. So with labour costs, rent, bottling, labelling, transport etc, plus the store's markup to cover its own staff and rent costs, its no wonder its $25+ a bottle. LVDC generators like the Silver Well make colloidal silver in which the total silver content is about 85% Ionic and 15% particles. Stirring also keeps silver suspended in the water, rather than it plating the negative electrode (cathode). All the small things that happen on a daily basis that are normally taken care of by coagulation are not working. In a nutshell, the commercial colloidal silver is more expensive simply because its a retail product, not because its made by some superior manufacturing process. And stirring keeps the ions well diffused throughout the water so you don't get a more conductive area beween the electrodes that can mislead the monitoring circuitry of a current controlled generator, possibly causing it to switch off too soon.
I've been to doctors about it repeatedly over the past three or four years, and in every case the doctor tells me, "It's your sinuses. In fact some commercial products were so low in silver content it was considered to be in 'homeopathic quantities'.
It can cause ion collisions which also result in aggregation, or it can trap fuzzy deposits on one side of the electrodes due to water pressure. You need to start using one of the over-the-counter anti-allergy medications in order to stop it."Well, I won't do that because I don't like the side effects of allergy or sinus medications. But even worse, some other commercially produced high ppm colloidal silvers are actually mild silver protein (a kind of chemically produced silver concentrate) which has been known in some rare cases to produce mild argyria.
So the best stirring methods are gentle and continuous, as is achieved with thermal or magnetic stirring systems. But thankfully, based upon my research for The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, I've found that there are four basic ways to get colloidal silver up into the sinus cavities and resolve the problem:Method #1 -- Take an eye dropper (available in the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart) and fill it with colloidal silver. The Silver Well Generator makes safe, clear, colloidal silver everytime - and it does it automatically! Lay on your back and then slowly, start dripping colloidal silver, drip by drip, into one of your nostrils allowing it to run down into your sinuses and down your throat.
You may need to do this several times a day for a few days in order to notice the problem resolving. But in my own personal experience it is not as effective as any of the other three methods below. So if that doesn't work for you, you might want to consider trying this: Method #2 -- Go to the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart and purchase one of those little one-ounce or two-ounce nasal squeeze spray bottles full of saline solution that people use to spray a fine mist of saline solution up into their sinuses. They cost about a buck.But what you're going to do when you get it home is grab the little nipple-nozzle and pull it right out of the bottle. Finally, fill it about half-way with colloidal silver (no more than halfway or it won't spray the fine mist you need) and put the little nipple-nozzle back in. Then start using it to spray a fine mist of colloidal silver up into your nostrils at least three or four times a day, while sniffing vigorously to get it up into the sinuses.
Basically, you follow the directions that come with the neti pot, adding lukewarm water to the basin of the pot, while stirring in a packet of the powder. But you're going to add about a half ounce to an ounce of colloidal silver to the mix and make sure it's well stirred. The general idea is to stand over a bathroom sink, lean forward, turn your head to one side, and insert the end of the long neti pot spout into one of your nostrils, and then literally start pouring the solution into your nostril.
But go to this web site and read more about using a neti pot and colloidal silver for sinus problems. Then follow the simple video instructions you'll find there on how to flush your sinuses using a neti pot.Method #4 -- Finally, if all else fails, you can nebulize colloidal silver up into your sinuses.
This is perhaps the most effective way ever devised of getting rid of sinus infections and related sinus problems, according to just about everyone I know who's used it (including myself).It's a last resort for most people, because medical nebulizers are genrally hard to come by and they can be a bit pricey. Plus, they are considered to be medical devices, so most commercial outlets want a prescription from your doctor before they'll sell you one. And you can easily pick one up for under $40 by going to eBay and using the eBay search engine. Just search under the term "Omron Nebulizer" (Omron is one of the top manufacturers of commercial nebulizers). In case you don't know it, a nebulizer is a device generally used by asthmatics to get asthma medicine directly into their lungs.
You simply fill the tiny plastic well with colloidal silver instead, and then turn the device on and it will rather quickly start turning the liquid colloidal silver solution into a very fine mist that closely resembles fog.
Nebulizers have a spout through which the fog-like mist comes out, allowing you to lean forward toward the spout and gently inhale the mist into your lungs. But when you're using colloidal silver in a nebulizer in order to deal with pesky sinus issues, you simply start inhaling the mist gently through your nostrils instead of through your mouth. That way the fine, fog-like colloidal silver mist coats your sinus cavities as you breathe it in.Most people I know do this for anywhere from three to five minutes at a time, and then stop. But it doesn't take long to start healing your sinuses, and you can then judge how often you need to use it after that.
For me, it generally knocks out a sinus problem (along with that irritating sinus cough) in two or three days, or less. Okay, those are the four basic methods for using colloidal silver to deal with pesky sinus problems.
Again, I'm not "diagnosing" or "prescribing." Just reporting what I've learned in the course of my research for The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.Be sure to let me know how it works out for you, should you decide to try any of these methods!

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