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A 4 yo boy presents with a 3 month history of a recurring pruritic eruption on the abdomen. A worried mother brings her 18 month son to the emergency department because of a rash that developed today.
It is a well known viral infection that affects people during the spring and autumn seasons. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is also known as ‘Coxsackievirus Infection’ and ‘Hoof and Mouth Disease’. It is one of the most visible Hand Foot and Mouth Disease symptoms in adults as well as children. In sufferers of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease gums, tongue, tonsils and throat are seen to be covered with rashes. In case of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in toddlers or young children below 12 years of age, Aspirin should not be used. Unless there is a severe infection, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease lasts for a little over a week. The major complications of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease are Dehydration and Febrile seizures. The disease can also give rise to complicated neurological cases like Encephalitis, Guillain Barre Syndrome and Cerebelar Ataxia.
In infants under 4 weeks of age suffering from Hand Foot and Mouth Disease fingernail and toenail loss is quite common. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in pregnancy is very serious for the health of the unborn baby. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease can affect pregnant women only if they have not suffered from it during their childhood.
If you are having Hand Foot and Mouth Disease or have anyone in your family suffering from it, try home remedies.
This page answers the following questions on Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), a common childhood infection causing spots that can blister usually on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet or in the mouth. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) is usually a mild infection caused by a virus.It starts with a fever and your child will often be miserable and off her food.
Then she may get red spots in the mouth (on the gums, tongue or on the inside of cheeks) that can blister and then become ulcers (when the top of the blister comes off).Children can also get small red spots that become blisters on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet and sometimes on the buttocks.
Dr Maud MD (MBChB, FRACP, FRCPCH), a specialist pediatrician, provides health information and medical advice for parents of babies and toddlers. Coxsackie pharyngitis causes sore throat, and may be accompanied by high fevers, rash, vomiting, and diarrhea. Coxsackie pharyngitis (Herpangina) causes small vesicles on the anterior pillars of the tonsils and soft palate that may break open and become shallow sores.
The most common complication of the Coxsackie throat and mouth infections may be dehydration in infants and children who will not drink due to pain.

Physical exam reveals several erythematous plaques on the trunk surmounted by a thick, adherent scale.
She reports that he has had a runny nose and temp to 104F for the last 3 days, but the fever resolved yesterday.
Children, especially those between 6 months and 3 years of age, are the most common victims of this condition though it also affects many adults. The Coxsackievirus A16, a member of genus Enterovirus, is the main causative factor for this disease. In patients of hand foot and mouth disease vomiting sensation follows after a bout of Diarrhea. Treatment mainly involves reducing the effect of the symptoms of the condition until the rashes resolve themselves. In older kids and adults, the infection is typically very mild and continues for around a week or more.
In pregnant women, the virus can be transmitted through the placenta of the mother and affect the child.
However, the child may suffer from mild fever and Meningitis Encephalitis, Epilepsy and Myocarditis in severe cases. Pregnant women should keep away from crowded places, avoid contact with HFMD infected people and also refrain from using contaminated clothes and objects.
But in case of complications such as pain in the arms, neck or legs, it is better to call a doctor. Several patterns may cause sore throat, and they include Coxsackie pharyngitis (Herpangina) and Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease causes mouth and throat pain, fever and small tender lesions on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Hand-Foot-Mouth Syndrome has the same vesicles on the pillars and soft palate, as well as the buccal mucosa (soft tissue on the inside of the cheeks) and the tongue, but also has the small vesicles on the palms and soles. Supportive treatment involves both systemic pain and fever control (Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen). The same vesicles and redness on the anterior pillars of the soft palate and also on the posterior pharngeal wall (back of throat). Physical exam reveals erythematous cheeks and a lacy reticulated erythema involving the extremities. However, the disease can also appear in one-time sufferers due to infection by a different member of the Enterovirus family. Over the counter drugs like Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and Ibuprofen can be used to reduce fever and painful symptoms. If that is not possible and the person happens to be someone in your family, you should wash your hands before and after you treat him or her. An unaffected person may contract the disease by coming in contact with the saliva, blister fluids, stools, nasal discharge, throat discharge of an infected child or adult.

In spite of developing immunity to one type of virus, the patient can fall prey to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease once again due to this new viral infection.
Enteroviral attack in the third semester can give rise to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in babies during the first month after birth. Liver necrosis can also result in death in infants suffering from Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.
Check out these Pictures of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and know how Hand Foot and Mouth Disease rash on body looks like. Both of these disease patterns occur mostly in younger children, and mostly in warm weather months.
Inadequate hand washing by children or caregivers who change diapers increases the transmission of the virus. Topical pain relief by gargling with equal parts of Maalox and Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) may be benei¬?cial in some patients.
Physical exam reveals clustered erythematous papules measuring 4-6 mm in diameter (see picture).
On physical exam, he appears well, is afebrile, and has diffuse 2-3 mm erythematous macules and papules over his trunk. There are also some Hand Foot and Mouth Disease images that you will find useful for reference. But they may be carried out if the doctor suspects a different condition to be the cause of these symptoms.
It is also advisable that you avoid using the objects and clothes of the individual for some time.
Make sure that you act early to make yourself or your dear one bounce back to health with the least complications. The virus then gains entry into the next patient by oral ingestion into the gastrointestinal tract.
Rashes on buttocks arise after a bout of Diarrhea and are one of the major symptoms of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in Children. However, topical drugs are not usually recommended as they prevent rashes from drying naturally.
Virus A infection in third semester can lead to the birth of a stillborn baby in some cases. Topical viscous Xylocaine should be avoided in young children due to toxicity from absorption.

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