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When I first got diagnosed, the cream was the one thing that I had to help me shorten the pain and duration of the OB's. Yeah I use it whenever I feel a tingling sensation and try to keep it in that area but that does happen pretty often. Studies I have read, have found that the antiviral cream actually doesn't really help and oral antivirals are the way to go.
It specifically said to not use in unaffected skin and it's ONLY meant for the treatment, up to 7 days.
It's meant to treat episodic obs, not to use as prevention daily, which is why you're irritated.

It didn't cause any itching aside from the tingling that usually comes with my other prodrome symptoms. Contains extract of medicinal plants "Klinakantus nutans", which helps to effectively deal with a variety of inflammation and irritation of the skin, including allergic nature, as well as with viruses and infections, including herpes virus. I've been using the cream form of acyclovir and it's been working pretty well for the past few weeks.
I've never heard of someone having that in your situation, so unfortunately I don't have much H to offer.
It could be that my body's starting to adjust at the 7 month mark, my hormones were under control this month (I have irregular periods and this month I didn't get one), or that the cream is doing a good job.
This cream treats skin inflammation and skin infections, especially herpes simplex, reduces itching from insect bites and helps with various skin diseases.Apply 3-4 times a day.

I also haven't gotten my period in a while so that could also be the reason I haven't had an outbreak for a while.
I'm not sure I understand the choice between you using the cream vs the meda, but that cream is meant to be used during an OB, not daily to PREVENT obs.
The topical measure seemed to help a lot though so hopefully zinc will have the same effect. The meds are for suppression therapy and the cream is "allegedly", meant to cut the duration of an OB down.

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