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On April 12, 1955, the first successful polio vaccine was administered to almost 2 million schoolchildren around the country. It was a reasonable question, considering that immunity to a deadly disease that afflicted 300,000 Americans annually ought to be worth something. One of Salk’s admirers is Evangelos Michelakis, a cancer researcher at the University of Alberta who, three years ago, discovered that a common, nontoxic chemical known as DCA, short for dichloroacetate, seems to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors in mice. The mechanism by which DCA works in mice is remarkably simple: It killed most types of cancer cells by disrupting the way they metabolize sugar, causing them to self-destruct without adversely affecting normal tissues. Following the animal trials, Michelakis and his colleagues did tests of DCA on human cancer cells in a Petri dish, then conducted human clinical trials using $1.5 million in privately raised funds.
The preliminary work in rodents, cell cultures, and small trials on humans points to DCA as being a powerful cancer treatment. Tell us what you think about this story?  Do you think Big Pharma is intentionally ignoring a cancer cure to save the bottom line?  Leave a comment and let us know. IF a cure has been found I do believe the pharmacuetical companies would hold it back to secure profits. This is the exact same kind of claims used by those people who say that vaccines cause autism. A detailed account or Rife's inventions and discoveries is the subject of The Cancer Cure That Worked. Although the biologists of his day were impressed with the power of this invention, both the medical community and the optical physicists would have little to do with Rife.
In 1934 at the clinic in California, diseased people were exposed to the exact same frequencies that had been seen (through the microscope) to destroy the virus causing their illness.
Yet, 53 years after the arrival of Rife's Frequency Instrument, hundreds of thousands of people still die each year of diseases he cured.
The chapter on AIDS ties together Rife’s ideas and today’s theories -- especially the provocative relationship between cancer and AIDS. To see Rife's work re-created with today's sophisticated technology is the author's vision.
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Make a donation to yourself – People are encouraged to see that you are not only asking but that you are also giving. Its discoverer, University of Pittsburgh medical researcher Jonas Salk, was interviewed on CBS Radio that evening.

His encouraging results — DCA treatment appeared to extend the lives of four of the five study participants — were published last year in Science Translational Medicine.
We have developed an unsustainable society and it is our children and theirs who will have to face the worst of it. Dichloroacetate (DCA) has NEVER been studied in clinical trial for the treatment of cancer on humans. All these exaggerated claims came from ONE badly written popular article by someone who clearly did not understand the research. If they had a cure it would have been marketed to only those who could afford at a price that would put it beyond the range of even the best insurance in the world. Royal Rife and his associates opened 2 small clinics in California and cured sixteen cases of cancer.
Virtually every patient treated by Rife's Frequency Instrument was cured with no adverse side affects. That there were no principles in physics to explain how the Universal Microscope worked was enough reason for them to reject Rife's ideas. Physicians who defied this official stance and continued to use the Frequency Instrument had their licenses to practice medicine revoked.
It's contents will profoundly affect you, and as you turn the final page, you will see your world anew. The ideas of Alan Cantwell, M.D, one of the leading scientists in the forefront or AIDS research, are included here, supporting and updating Rife's work. What modem integrated circuits and computer analysis could do to streamline and further improve the Frequency Instrument is a thrilling possibility.
Load up your address book – No doubt you have email addresses of hundreds of contacts. Drug development is ultimately a business, and investing in the drug simply isn’t a good business move, because there will be no profit.
They would simply keep it under the heading of “experimental (wink, wink) which all insurance programs exclude as part of their coverage. Sometimes, like with this past week, I know far in advance when I’m going to be too busy to update. What Rife saw, as did the other microbiologists who later used his instruments, was astounding, and shook the established theories to their roots. Using the Universal Microscope he observed cancer viruses as they changed their size and form.

The person would wait three days before another exposure giving the lymph system time to cleanse the dead virus from their bodies. Individuals known to make use of the Universal Microscope had their equipment confiscated or destroyed.
The book's three-page bibliography and numerous reproductions add credibility to this already powerful story. The course of a duration of 8 hours with 35 grueling kilometers of mountain biking, hiking, orienteering and water tests. Think of your co-workers, friends and family, team or club members, other business or personal associates including customers and suppliers, etc.
The medical community at large, however, did its best to suppress the work of Rife and his co-workers and to harass them personally.
He discovered that exposing a virus to certain frequencies of radio waves killed it quickly.
Unlike the chemotherapy treatments currently in use, Rife's therapy was 100 percent effective and engendered no adverse symptoms.
Perhaps the time has come for individuals to look for new answers on the horizon and to temper our dependence on the "authority" of medical professionals. With it he was able to view the living cancer virus -- a feat our modern, high-powered electron microscopes still cannot do. Years or experimentation led to Rife's invention of the Frequency Instrument, a device that produced the exact frequencies needed to destroy various viruses. The Land Rover vehicles offer greater breadth of capability than any other vehicle available. Perhaps after they made a trillion or so $$ out of it there would apply for NIH research funds to get it approved.
His microscope used many quartz prisms and lenses, placed to compensate for losses of refraction due to air.
But if it worked you better believe the folks who have hundreds of millions of dollars who be availing themselves of it.

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