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Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy (Sacral Neuromodulation delivered through the InterStim® System) is a proven treatment option that targets the communication problem between the brain and the sacral nerves. Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy may help you resume normal activities and help you avoid frustating experiences associated with bowel incontinence. You can try Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy during an evaluation to find out whether it will work for you before making a long-term commitment. Complications can occur with the evaluation, including movement of the wire, technical problems with the device, and some temporary pain. With the long-term therapy, a flexible wire (also known as a “lead” and pronounced “leed”) and a neurostimulator are implanted under the skin during a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy, delivered through the InterStim® System, may be an option if you have chronic bowel control problems and have not had success with, or are not a candidate for, more conservative treatments. If you’ve tried other treatments without success, Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy (Sacral Neuromodulation delivered through the InterStim® System) may provide you relief from chronic bowel incontinence. Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy is a reversible treatment option that can be discontinued at any time by turning off or removing the device. SmartPill is an ingestible, wireless capsule that measures pressure, pH and temperature as it transits the GI tract. Administered in the physician’s office, the SmartPill test is completely ambulatory and allows the patient to go about their normal routine during the course of the test. The SmartPill Capsule transits the intestines by peristalsis, or the normal rhythmic contraction of the intestinal muscles, and is capable of transmitting data continuously for at least five days. The SmartPill Data Receiver must be worn by the patient for the duration of the test on a belt clip or a lanyard around their neck.
After completion of the test, the SmartPill Data Receiver is connected to the system computer using the SmartPill Docking Station. SmartPill MotiliGI software comes pre-installed on the system PC and provides an graphical user interface. The activation fixture contains very powerful magnets and is used to activate and deactivate the SmartPill Capsule. We’ve tried cutting carbs, switching sugary drinks for diet varieties, saying no to fat and banning dairy.

But even more surprisingly, research shows that our microbiome (where the gut bacteria live) may hold the key to why some people aren’t able to shift excess weight. A new SBS documentary called The Diet Myth airing on Thursday night examines this concept by looking at overweight people who have struggled to shift weight for years and the state of their microbiome.
Basically they have less species of good bacteria in their gut caused by a combination of things. What all of this does is spin your microbiome into a poor state which may contribute to someone’s inability to lose weight. Spector likens your microbiome to a rainforest in that, if one species becomes extinct, it throws the rest of the stable ecosystem out.
The documentary includes a mini Supersize Me experiment to demonstrate the effect junk food has on our gut.
To illustrate this, he used his own son for an experiment where he put him on a diet of only burgers and chicken nuggets for three weeks to see the effect it would have on his microbiome. Fast food is a feast for the upper intestine but it leads to famine down below where your gut bugs are waiting to be fed.
As a whole, most of the microbes researchers have found are protective against obesity which means the more you have, the better chance you have of maintaining a healthy weight.
What Spector found in his research was that after looking at years of data, most of the things he believed relating to calories in, energy out had no evidence. Instead, it should be about eating a diverse range of food including lots of fibre so as to give your gut a wide range of microbes. To do that, we should be avoiding processed food, minimising antibiotic intake and following a Mediterranean-style diet. For the evaluation, a thin wire is inserted in your upper buttock and attached to a small external device that you can wear discreetly under your clothing.
Your doctor or nurse will provide you with information regarding how to operate the test device, and inform you of other precautions related to the evaluation and activity restrictions. If your bowel control problem has become bothersome and is getting in the way of your active lifestyle, talk with your doctor about whether the InterStim System is right for you.
The InterStim System has risks similar to any surgical procedure, including swelling, bruising, and bleeding.

As the SmartPill Capsule passes through the GI tract, it transmits data to a SmartPill Data Receiver worn by the patient. The data receiver may be removed for sleeping or bathing but should be kept in close proximity at all times. This obsession about fructose or certain types of saturated fats is missing the point,” Spector said. There’s evidence that if we increase our fibre levels and diversity our guts are much more robust,” Spector said.
If the brain and sacral nerves don’t communicate correctly, bowels will not function properly. During the evaluation, which lasts several days, you still have the freedom to do most of your regular daily activities.
Complications can include pain at the implant site, new pain, infection, lead (thin wire) movement, technical or device problems, undesirable changes in urinary or bowel function, and uncomfortable stimulation. Once the single-use capsule has passed from the body, the patient returns the data receiver to the Physician who then can download the collected data to a PC. It also stores a complete record of the data captured by the SmartPill Capsule for download to a PC after the test is complete. The data analysis can be performed at the convenience of the physician in a single session or during multiple sessions without the need for the patient to be present.
MotiliGI provides powerful data analysis tools, and affords the user a variety of test reporting and exporting options. Researchers have discovered that some people posses fat busting microbes, just as some possess microbes that puts them at higher risk of being overweight. The Physician then uses SmartPill’s MotiliGI software to display and analyze the data, providing the physician with test results in both graphical and report formats. Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy targets these symptoms by modulating the sacral nerves with mild electrical pulses.

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