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The 48-week clinical study comprises patients who did not receive any treatment for HBV infection. Through this approval, the drug will have marketing rights in 28 EU countries, as well as Iceland and Norway. TAF has shown a very high antiviral efficacy, as opposed to Gilead’s Viread (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate or TDF), at one-tenth dosage.
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is the most common cause of liver cancer worldwide, and prevails in approximately 400 million people. Gilead has a very competitive and robust pipeline, which consists of four drugs; two of these belong to HIV treatment, while the other two are for liver diseases.
Besides the aforementioned drugs, there are nine more that are undergoing Phase 1-3 trials for treatments of HIV, oncology, and inflammatory conditions, among others.
Key players in the hepatitis B market include GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis, and Merck & Co. Of the 26 analysts who cover GILD shares, 18 recommend buying the stock, while 8 tag it as a Hold. Bank of America upgraded the stock from Underperform to Neutral recently, and set a $107 target price.
TweetHepatitis B virus is the world’s most common serious liver infection, with an estimated 350 million patients worldwide that are chronically infected. Based on the naturally occurring mechanism of RNA interference and Arrowhead’s Dynamic Polyconjugate delivery system, drug candidate ARC-520 has the potential to treat chronic hepatitis B virus infection in a fundamentally different manner than current therapies.
Current treatment options include interferon, which is difficult to use due to highly disruptive side effects, and nucleotide or nucleoside analogues, referred to collectively as NUCs. RNAi in general, and the siRNAs in ARC-520 specifically, act in a fundamentally different way than NUCs. In animal models of HBV infection, a single co-injection of the DPC delivery vehicle with cholesterol-conjugated siRNA targeting HBV sequences resulted in multi-log knockdown of HBV RNA, proteins and viral DNA with long duration of effect. A low dose of ARC-520 induced rapid and deep reductions in viral particles and key viral antigens in a chimpanzee chronically infected with hepatitis B virus. Arrowhead intends to proceed with a phase 1, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-escalating study to evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of ARC-520 in normal adult volunteers.
We are looking for nurses (student,professional, retiree) to write an article for our site. A new technique for studying the lifecycle of the hepatitis B virus could help researchers develop a cure for the disease.
In a paper published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Sangeeta Bhatia of MIT and Charles Rice of Rockefeller University describe using microfabricated cell cultures to sustain hepatitis B virus in human liver cells, allowing them to study immune responses and drug treatments. Around 400 million people worldwide are infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV); of those, one-third will go on to develop life-threatening complications, such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.
Although there is an effective HBV vaccine, only around 50 percent of people in some countries where the disease is endemic are vaccinated. To develop a treatment for HBV, researchers need to be able to study infected liver cells, known as hepatocytes, so they can understand how the virus interacts with them.
But while researchers have previously been able to infect cultures of human hepatocytes with HBV, the cells' limited lifespan has made it difficult to study the virus, says Bhatia, who is also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and a member of MIT's Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science. So the team set out to develop a technique to keep the liver cells stable and functioning long enough to monitor their response to the virus and antiviral drugs. They based their approach on a system they had previously developed for studying the hepatitis C virus, in which they were able to successfully infect human hepatocytes with the virus and use it to compare antiviral regimens. The hepatocytes are first patterned onto surfaces dotted with tiny spots of collagen, and then surrounded by supportive tissue made up of stromal cells, which act as connective tissue and support the hepatocytes in carrying out their liver functions. To apply the technique to infection with HBV, the researchers developed two complementary systems. When they compared the relative merits of the two systems, they found that the primary liver cells had a stronger immune response when infected with the virus than the stem cell progeny. To investigate whether the cell cultures could be used to test new treatments for the disease, the researchers monitored their response to two existing drugs. Having developed the technique, the researchers now plan to begin using it to investigate new treatments for HBV.
Hepatocyte (liver cell) transplantation is becoming an accepted therapy for acute liver failure, either for liver regeneration or as a bridge to liver transplantation. Scientists at the Helmholtz Zentrum MA?nchen have for the first time decrypted the interaction network of hepatitis C virus proteins in living human cells. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) lingers in the human body for years, slowly damaging the liver and leading to liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer, which is often fatal. New funding is not enough to guarantee success against emerging infectious diseases around the world. An important breakthrough in understanding the Zika virus structure and its behaviour has been highlighted in a study by Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS) scientists. Faulty food practices can also be a reason for the scourge of this liver based viral disorder. Natural remedies are in plenty which can relieve the patient of the associated symptoms.
Specialized herbs can be extracted in the form of oils and must be utilized in lesser dosages as the affected liver needs to process them.

Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. The Hepatitis B virus is spread through bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal discharge or blood. There is no cure for Hepatitis B; patients may need to go into hospital for treatment of their symptoms.
Some people do not get rid of the Hepatitis B virus and become carriers so patients need further checks to see if this happens. So if you'd like to see what they're up to and maybe hit them with a question or two go take a look. This is your site so if you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve, please get in touch. Milk thistle has been used in Europe for over 2000 years for the treatment of liver problems.
Milk thistle can help with atherosclerosis, gallstones, high cholesterol, iron overload, and some forms of cancer. Milk thistle in large doses has shown to protect the kidneys from damage during chemotherapy. Milk thistle can help the liver become less insulin resistant which would be a benefit for diabetics. Milk thistle is best used with phosphatidylcholine, when taken together can boost the absorption by 95% that means more of the milk thistle makes it into the blood stream then with out phosphatidylcholine. The statements in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease please consult your health care physician before discontinuing medication or introducing herbs into your diet if you are currently on medication of any kind.
The drug has proved its efficacy and safety in the clinical studies, which pertained to the renal and bone-safety issues.
It met the primary endpoints, compared to TDF-based drugs in relation to non-superior efficacy criteria. This was a much-needed factor for the company, as the drug’s older version is set to expire in 2017.
The studies showed TAF smoothly crosses the cell membrane, compared to TDF, as a result of which drug is administered in a smaller quantity. Due to the patent’s expiration, the drug maker is working to develop agents that enable the immune system to clear HBV infection. In Europe, about 14 million people live with chronic hepatitis B infection, and over 1 million are infected each year.
These drugs are expected to gain a blockbuster status following their approval, as they are aimed at significant diseases.
Therefore, this makes it easier for the company to gauge the kind of competition it should be prepared to face. In this regard, it has signed a deal with the Egyptian government to make Sovaldi conveniently available. On the other hand, Barclays maintained an Overweight rating, and Piper Jaffray kept a Buy rating.
The goal is to achieve a functional cure, which is an immune clearant state characterized by hepatitis B s-antigen negative serum with or without sero-conversion.
The best NUCs are very good at suppressing viremia, the production and release of new viral particles, but are not capable of directly suppressing the production and release of viral proteins including s-antigen and e-antigen. These siRNAs intervene at the point of DNA transcription, upstream of where nucleotide and nucleoside analogues act, and have been shown to deeply knock down all HBV gene products, including proteins and the viral intermediates necessary to produce viral DNA.
The treatment was well-tolerated and led to a 95% reduction in circulating viral DNA, and approximately 90% reductions in hepatitis e-antigen (HBeAg) and s-antigen (HBsAg).
Or, perhaps share your wonderful nursing Story may it be exciting,romance,action or horror. One uses primary hepatocytes obtained from livers donated for transplant; the second uses stem cells derived from human skin samples and guided into hepatocyte-like cells, Bhatia says.
However, unlike the primary hepatocytes, the hepatocyte-like cells offer an unlimited supply of test cells, since the researchers can simply grow more as required, Bhatia says.
They found that the infected cultures responded to the drugs in the same way that liver cells inside the body are known to do.
They also plan to use the model to study liver cells' natural antiviral response in more detail, and in particular to try to understand why cells from different donors have different immune responses to the disease.
The reason being the effective transmission of several viral strains which in turn can affect the liver and it’s functioning. Unlike chemically enhanced medicines these have no side effects and can be really useful in reducing the symptoms attached to hepatitis B. This is an effective mixture which is also known to dissolve gall bladder and kidney stones as well. Without putting much pressure on the affected organ, oils associated with lemon, oregano and thyme are quite beneficial as they have soothing effects on the liver and other associated organs. Using this daily can be sufficient in treating liver infections and other digestive ailments with care.

It is native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and has been naturalized to Australia and California. Milk thistle helps the liver convert LDL cholesterol (Bad cholesterol) into HDL cholesterol (Good cholesterol), and milk thistle helps the liver reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bile which is dumped directly into the intestines where it can be reabsorb. Laboratory experiments demonstrated silybin, the active ingredient in milk thistle, will fight for estrogen receptor sites and block the estrogen that is in the body from landing on cancer cells.
A study done with mice given milk thistle in very large doses equivalent to 30grams per 110 pounds in adults completely shielded the kidneys from damage during chemotherapy. The liver helps remove insulin from the blood stream with type 2 diabetes and can help with diabetes caused by liver damage from excess alcohol drinking.
Phosphatidylcholine is also known as soy lecithin which can be picked up at any health food store. The molecule TLR7 agonist GS-9620, with GS-4774—a therapeutic vaccine, is currently in Phase 2 studies, and can be used in combination with Viread, TAF, or other oral therapies.
HBV can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and is responsible for 80% of primary liver cancers globally. Arrowhead is on track to conduct a phase 1 single ascending dose study in normal volunteers in mid-2013, which the company expects will be followed by a phase 2a study in chronic HBV patients in Hong Kong. Many experts in the field believe that knocking down key viral antigens may revive the host adaptive immune response and potentially achieve a functional cure. The chimp being treated had exceptionally high titers of circulating HBV DNA and HBsAg that measured 1,000 to 10,000-fold higher than the average chronic hepatitis B patient. This means the systems could be used to help predict how effective new treatments will be in eradicating the virus from liver cells, Bhatia says. Hepatitis B is a similar ailment which is mainly transmitted through blood transfusions or via other techniques which require constant exposure to different drugs and patients.
The procedure remains simple as the patient is required to consume 1 teaspoon of each daily for better and faster results.
The best procedure happens to be grinding the tomato and adding pinches of ground pepper to it. Another effective antiviral happens to be the Ravensara oil which can help cure liver infections quite effectively.
Other herbal forms include isatis and white peony which have similar anti parasitic and viral attributes associated with them. Hepatitis B mainly affects the liver and this oil strengthens the overall immunity to control the ailment effectively.
Milk thistle has been used for the treatment of liver disease such as alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver poisoning, and viral hepatitis. Milk thistle would be a good preventative herb for those at risk for breast cancer and cancers stimulated by estrogen. The two drugs used were doxorubicin and cisplatin; milk thistle actually increased the effectiveness of these two drugs.
When there is excess insulin in the blood stream weight gain can occur, milk thistle can help fight weight gain by helping the liver remove insulin from the blood. If you are currently a diabetic, you should monitor your blood sugar carefully while you on milk thistle. The HBV infection has been chronic for over thirty years and has persisted despite prior therapy with multiple anti-viral drugs and therapeutic vaccine exposures. The reason for this popularity happens to be the anti parasitic nature of castor oil which kills the parasites active in colon and liver by thus maintaining a state of well being among the patents. It has some warm and bitter properties added which clear associated blockages instigating normalization. It helps regulate blood sugar, fat metabolism and helps with the excretion of certain hormones. With liver cancer, milk thistle will protect a special immune system cell called kuppfer cells which destroys bacteria, toxins, and other foreign matter that enters the liver. Women who are using the birth control pill should not take milk thistle because it helps the liver remove hormones from the blood stream and may render the birth control pill ineffective. Notably, these results were achieved despite a mismatch in sequence between the viral DNA and one of the siRNAs included in ARC-520.
Other conditions associated with hepatitis involving jaundice, emotional instability and fatigue can also be dealt using this oil as a mode of natural therapy. It’s been known to help with acne, constipation, crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. Anybody who starts taking milk thistle might experience loose bowels because gallbladder activity will increase, but after a few days this will subside. It is enriched with Thymoquinone which is an effective compound used to alleviate the body of hepatitis and related ailments. The liver produces bile and milk thistle helps in the production of bile which metabolizes fats in the small intestines.

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