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Vertigo is the unpleasant sensation of spinning where a person feels that either they or their surroundings are moving when in fact they are standing still. Vertigo is often the result of a problem in the inner ear, which contains the organs that control balance.
Acute Labyrinthitis: This is an inflammation of the labyrinth, part of the vestibule in the inner ear. Chronic Labyrinthitis: In this condition vertigo lasts for a few minutes, but recurs over weeks and months.
Meniere's Disease: This is a rare disorder of the inner ear, in which the balance mechanism becomes filled with fluid. Acoustic Neuroma: This rare tumour affects the nerve connecting the inner ear to the brain. Ear infection is common both in children and in adults and therefore one need to be conscious about the symptoms of the infection. Sore throat – Bacteria that is responsible for ear infection also causes sore throat in adults. Fever – Fever may occur if a person is suffering from severe ear infection, also a common symptom with children.
Diarrhea –When the bacteria responsible for causing ear infection enter the digestive system, it results in diarrhea in children.
Sensorineural Hearing Loss is a hearing loss due to impairment or degeneration of the cochlear (inner ear) resulting in an irreversible hearing loss.
Bilateral Hearing Loss is a hearing loss, either sensorineural or conductive, in both ears. Unilateral Hearing Loss is a hearing loss, either sensorineural or conductive, in one ear only. Lemon juice is again very rich in vitamin C and phytochemicals which have huge anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The caffeine found in tea and coffee not only aggravates the condition but also disturbs the balance of the fluids.Caffeine also causes fluctuation in the blood pressure which in turn intensifies the lightheadedness and whirling sensation.
It can be due to a long-term bacterial infection in the middle ear (otitis media) or to deposits of crystal in the balance mechanisms, which cause dizziness when the head moves.
The symptoms can be severe and include recurrent bouts of vertigo, deafness, tinnitus and pain in the ears.

It is non-cancerous but can press on the nerve or part of the brain, causing dizziness and balance problems. You should remember that treatment needs to be started at an early stage so that the severe pain can be avoided. Children get affected more due to the shorter size of the Eustachian tubes compared to the adults.
It contains anti-viral and antiseptic properties that help to fight ear infections.  Gently apply lemon balm in your ears. Moist ears are the breeding grounds for bacteria and their survival.You should stop inserting anything into your ear like cotton swabs, bobby pins and even fingers.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Sensorineural hearing loss can be caused by aging, noise exposure, birth defects, medication and viral or bacterial infections.
This can be caused by impacted cerumen (wax), punctured eardrum, birth defects or otosclerosis. They are extremely rich in vitamin C and have large amounts of minerals like calcium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium which are very important for the growth and repair of the wear and tear of the tissues and cells in the body. This fruit has been endowed with exceptional medicinal properties and invaluable nutrients that keep the body strong and active and all its organs well functioning.
The citric acid found in lemons, combats bacterial and viral infections and heals the body quickly and effectively. They are low in calories, rich in vitamin C and citric acid and have huge amounts of copper.All these healthy nutrients provide vital strength to the body and keep all its organs well functioning. It is commonly due to problems in the ear and is often associated with nausea and vomiting. Ear is one of the delicate organ of our body so delaying the treatment will only invite problems.
This is one of the simple and natural home remedy for ear infection, it will not cause any harm to your ears.
All these products may cause damage to your eardrum and eventually increase the chance of foreign material getting into the eardrum resulting in infection. This is to prevent contact of the infected ear with the outer atmosphere, hence will reduce the chances of further infections.

It is proven anti histamine and natural antibiotic which also helps to reduce inflammation. Try to add the above mentioned foods to your daily diet as an aid to the treatment of the infection. There is no cure for this type of hearing ,loss; however, most patients with sensorineural hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids.
Surgery or medication can be an appropriate therapy for conductive hearing loss in some cases. Vertigo can also be caused by decreased blood flow to the brain due to complicated diabetes or arteriosclerosis, head trauma or neck injury.
Its antioxidant properties flush out the impurities and harmful toxins and give a huge fillip to the immune system.
The problem usually settles in a few days and antiemetic drugs can help control the sickness. The juice not only acts as a cleanser but also as a disinfectant and fights off viruses and bacteria present inside the ears. A viral or bacterial inner ear infection can also give rise to vertigo.Lightheadedness, a feeling that the entire environment is spinning, dizziness, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting and fluctuating hearing loss are some the most common symptoms. It restores the balance in the inner fluids of the ear and also eradicates any vestige of infection.
Middle ear may get inflamed due to collection and formation of fluids in ear and becomes extremely painful. Yawning will help to contract the muscles which will open the Eustachian tube.Taking hot shower is helpful. You can follow any of the remedies or better choose a couple of remedies to treat your ear infection naturally. Home remedies are free from side effects and therefore will never cause further harm to your ears.
But if the problem persists or the ear ache reappears you should take medical guidance without delay.

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