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Many of the cancer deaths occur due to lung cancer every year and many people are target of this disease. When we breathe the air from the nose, it passes through the windpipe (tracea) and to the lungs as it stretches via the tubes known as bronchi. It is extremely important for the patients to have a complete diet that is rich in fat which can lower the disease. Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bitter gourd etc in the diet can also aid in reduction. You can also try out different kinds of exercises in the morning or evening which is a natural cure for diminishing the lung cancer. It even releases endorphins, considered to be a ‘feel-good’ hormone which will aid in overcoming your stress. Therefore besides consulting doctor, you can surely apply the above natural therapies. Lung Cancer is the form of cancer that emerges from lungs and may also spread to different parts of the body. Several treatment options are available for lung cancer patients; however, these treatments do not provide instantaneous relief as well as cause negative side-effects. This herb is known to display strong anti-oxidant properties, which help in boosting immune system in individuals suffering from lung cancer.
This home remedy has been used extensively for treating skin infections, cardiovascular disease, as well as high cholesterol levels.
This is what would happen to the planet in 50 years, if we all became vegeterians.Let Her Sleep In!
It turns out, THC when ingested in highly concentrated forms (such as EATING CANNABIS OIL) will attack any mutated cells in your body while strengthening and rejuvenating the healthy cells. Intelligent people realize that the scientific method does not work by *disproving* information or people. The public must realize that the Government has been lying for over 40 years, that MILLIONS of lives could have been saved and that the dying could grow the cure they need in their backyard. Cancer patients and their loved ones will spend their entire life savings or even sell their houses and businesses in order to pay for Chemotherapy and other Cancer treatment drugs. You will see that there are thousands of published scientific studies, articles, books and documentaries on the subject.
RUN FROM THE CURE: After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. But when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine – leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments – and leaving Rick with unconstitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana!
The Beautiful Truth: Raised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska, 15-year-old Garrett was interested in the dietary habits of the farm animals. Fascinated, Garrett embarks in this documentary on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. The Gerson Miracle: examines many of the elements of the Gerson Therapy, explaining why we are so ill and how we have in our grasp the power to recover our health without expensive, toxic or mutilating treatments, using the restorative forces of our own immune systems. The Cancer Report: This documentary catalogs how allopathic medicine established dominance in the early part of the 20th Century, and how natural medicines were arbitrarily banned from the medical profession, despite the basis of this decision being scientifically unsound.
In addition, it exposes the carnage of the cancer industry, the financial interests that molded it, and why it is so resistant to change. In the last 100 years dozens of doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with the most diverse, apparently effective solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken into serious consideration by official medicine. Cancer is Serious Business: The trillion dollar cancer industry has been waging an illegal and immoral war on Dr.
Harvard study shows that THC actually activates naturally produced receptors to fight off lung cancer. Although a medical substitute of THC, known as Marinol, has been used as an appetite stimulant for cancer patients and other similar treatments, few studies have shown that THC might have anti-tumor activity.
There was also about a 60 percent reduction in cancer lesions on the lungs in these mice as well as a significant reduction in protein markers associated with cancer progression.
Cancer patients with no treatment at all, statistically live four times longer and have a better quality of life.

Alkaline foods are the best way to maintain optimum health and the best form of Cancer prevention. Radiation therapy, one of way or treatment to cure cancer, is the delivery of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Related to lung cancer, radiation following surgery for stages II or III non-small cell lung cancer may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence in the chest, but long-term survival rates are not significantly improved because cancer may have already spread to other areas of the body.Else, there are some people who used it for prevention. Many people are able to carry on daily activities during therapy, although fatigue is very common and tends to worsen during the course of treatment. Skin irritation, including redness and peeling, usually starts within the first week or two of treatment.
The two types of Lung Cancer, which grow and spread differently, are the small cell lung cancers (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLC). There are about 221,200 new cases of lung cancer (115,610 in men and 105,590 in women), and an estimated 158,040 deaths from lung cancer (86,380 in men and 71,660 among women). Other health options include a balanced diet; focus on reducing stress and intake of vitamins and related pills. Curcumin contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which will aid in healing the disease.
You can implement a few stress relief options by taking the help of therapist who will motivate you for full relaxation of body. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Native to South and Central America, the medicinal properties of this herb have made it an excellent remedy for several conditions such as arthritis, cancer as well as infections. Skullcap is a part of the mint family and has been used extensively for treating cancer, atherosclerosis, hepatitis, insomnia, and inflammatory disorders. Ginger contains strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help destroying free radicals responsible for lung cancer. To make ginger tea at home, add small piece of ginger to a glass of water and boil this tea for 8-10 minutes. Garlic exhibits strong antioxidant properties that help in destroying harmful free radicals.
The PERFECT Cure for Cancer: it works fast, it works well, it works on many different forms of Cancer in ALL stages and it has ZERO harmful side effects. Cannabinoids are listed on the National Cancer Institute website and once you see how fast the cure works, the cognitive dissonance wears off pretty quickly. In this new documentary, 30 prominent doctors and scientists are getting together, to raise awareness of how Cancer is Curable NOW! The complete movie covers -in great detail- the different kinds of natural treatment options and the influence of our emotions and mind on our body. After the tragic death of his mother, Garrett’s father decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures. The wholesale transition from natural medicines to chemical ones was based on financial and political reasons, at the expense of patients. Most of them were in fact rejected out-front, even though healing were claimed in the thousands, their proposers often being labeled as charlatans, ostracized by the medical community and ultimately forced to leave the country. Burzynski, and the patients his therapy has cured of what are normally terminal cancers, have fought the FDA and the big drug companies who have continually and systematically tried to discredit and punish a man who’s only purpose in life has been to develop and perfect a life-giving and non-toxic cure for the disease of the 20th century. The researchers suggest that THC or other designer agents that activate these receptors might be used in a targeted fashion to treat lung cancer. For three weeks, researchers injected standard doses of THC into mice that had been implanted with human lung cancer cells, and found that tumors were reduced in size and weight by about 50 percent in treated animals compared to a control group. The Cancer Report also catalogs the histories and procedures of the most popular alternative therapies, which generally have significantly better success rates than standard treatments.
In small-cell lung cancer, radiation therapy to the brain is sometimes given to kill any cells that have spread to the brain but are not detected by scans.

With external radiation therapy, you do not need to be concerned that the radiation will affect those around you, as with some therapies used for other cancers. Your oncologist may prescribe a cream for you and special attention to skin care is important. Statistics on survival in people with lung cancer vary depending on the stage (extent) of the cancer when it is diagnosed.
The chances of lung cancer will decrease if you quit smoking and stay away from the secondhand smoke and asbestos. You can have diet comprising fruits such as bananas, watermelon, pineapple, sugar-apple etc. You can also have spices like garlic and ginger; few flavored tea such as green and black, and other bright fresh foods that have more vitamin contents. You can also have varied supplements such as astragalus, green tea, multivitamins, quercetin and additional flavonoids. Although lung cancer can affect individuals of any age, it mostly affects people older than 40 years of age. Health experts highly recommend the use of cats claw in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments. However, ginger also exhibits blood-thinning properties, therefore, it is advisable that you inform your doctor before consuming ginger. This is because fruits and vegetables contain high concentrations of vitamins that destroy free radicals. They spend billions every year lobbying to keep Cannabis illegal because they make TRILLIONS off Cancer drugs and research. At the same time more than 20,000 people die of cancer every day, without official medicine being able to offer a true sense of hope to those affected by it.
That’s right, STOP him, from saving the lives of cancer sufferers through the use of his patented breakthrough therapy, which uses a natural and non-toxic substance called antineoplastons.
Radiation may come from a machine outside the body (external radiation therapy) or from putting materials that produce radiation (radioisotopes) through thin plastic tubes into the area where the cancer cells are found (internal radiation therapy, also called brachytherapy). A small amount of radioactive material is then passed through the tube, allowing treatment to be delivered to a precise area. Research studies have indicated that this herb exhibits anti-cancer properties due to presence of flavonoids.
Fruits and vegetables that possess highest amounts of vitamins include citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, kiwifruit, collard greens and bell peppers.
Not only that, but it dissolves ALL forms of tumors and can even combat superbugs like MRSA. Radiation therapy is often used in combination with surgery or chemotherapy (see chemo side effects) or both. Pain or difficulty with swallowing (esophagitis) can occur and are reasons to contact your oncologist. According to a research study conducted on human lung cancer cells, it was noted that skullcap induced death in cancerous cells. In addition to that, you should also consume fish as it contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which help in destroying free radicals. Late symptoms such as radiation-induced lung damage can occur, but in most cases, the benefits of therapy far outweigh the risks of these complications. Prior to using skullcap in the treatment of lung cancer, seek advice from your doctor regarding suitable dosage. Other foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids include flaxseed, sunflower seeds, olive oil and nuts.

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