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Biorock? Technology is the only known method which features an expanding CaC03 substrate, is capable of self repair, excels in passive shoreline protection, attracts natural larval settlement and juvenile fish populations, sustains and accelerates coral growth while at the same time provides protective buffering against anthropogenic factors. Named ‘Extended Activities of Daily Living,’ Macquarie’s new TPD Insurance product follows products offered overseas and is offered to all current FutureWise Life Insurance policies and new policies offered.TPD Insurance offered in Australia is a disability based style of insurance, where claims are based against a person’s inability to ever conduct an occupation again. This claims assessment style, particularly for Any Occupation TPD Insurance, is somewhat subjective leaving in some cases the insurer to deem if a person is able to return to work based on medical opinion. It may also speed claims as less opinion is required.Flexible Payments – The Partial Impairment Option allows partial payments for less severe disablement or advanced payments for early stages of disablement providing funds quicker.

Under this option, TPD claims are likely to be paid in circumstances where traditional TPD claims would not.The additional new definition is available under superannuation, however in order to be released from superannuation, the usual superannuation permanent disability definition applies.
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