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While HPV infection is the leading cause of cervical cancer, in reality it is very rare for HPV infection to progress to cancer with proper treatment.
Genital warts are soft, usually flesh colored bumps which can appear in the genital area within weeks or months after HPV infection.
HPV Vaccine - what it does, when to expect it, and clinical trials being done on an HPV Vaccine from Merck & Co. HPV Clearance - According to studies up to 90% of those infected with HPV clear the virus from their body within 8-24 months. Why Tell A New Partner About HPV - with HPV being so common, and often times transient why do you need to disclose?

60 to 80 % of CIN 1 dysplasias resolve on their own, and only about 1% of cases progress to invasive cervical cancer.
Several estimates have placed the lifetime likelihood of exposure to HPV in the range of 75-90% though most will not show symptoms.
There are several treatment options ranging from prescription creams, to burning the warts with acid or by laser, freezing them with liquid nitrogen, or surgical removal. Genital Warts come in many shapes and sizes, can be round, flat, and often appear cauliflower like in appearance.Many of the images on the web are of "extreme" cases of genital warts, sometimes warts can appear in groups and sometimes only 1 wart will be present. If you think you may have genital warts or hpv infection it is important to see a skilled clinician to properly diagnose your condition.

Check out our page on Genital Warts Treatments for more information on treatments that are available to you.

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