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Body + Spirit is a unique inspirational New Age Shop, Crystal Store and Therapy Center on Mooloolaba Esplanade, the heart of bustling Mooloolaba Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. We are also thankful to all those who are sending us some amazing queries, giving us an opportunity to work on and reply. Every day we have a professional inspirational clairvoyant psychic tarot reader available to inspire, delight and guide you through the journey of life, as well as massage therapist and reiki healing. There are some, which make us think, work on the queries and then write up an article, so as we are able to clear the same doubts from many energies.Yesterday, we got an interesting query from our fellow Reiki energy in British Columbia with her confusion on Swastika symbol, used on our Brass camphor lamps with German Natzy Swastica.
She told us that her mother had suffered a lot during second world war and want to know if our Swastika symbol had any relation with the German Natzy Swastica symbol.After reading it, I simply felt that the Natzy symbol was reversed, so told her so, but later, she mailed us the images of both Reiki symbols.
After reading it all, I was tempted to learn some more of it, so started searching the relevant data, available on internet. There were some eye opening facts in front of my eyes, and am sharing with you all.Please see both of the symbols and try to understand the difference and also the relationship with open Heart.

Please note that with this article, I only want to clear my intentions and it has nothing to do with anything personal to it. The Natzy symbol is inclined upwards and downward, while the spiritual one is moving ahead. However, after reading both the symbols, I realised what I was missing a bit and I gave some more time to read and understand them. As we can see that both of the symbols are just showing a progressive movement, and also a great feeling of self motivation.
Just by seeing these symbols, we feel like our hopes are again alive and we have just to go for our aim.
Even though he did bad to this world, I appreciate him for his speeches and words, which changed the thinking of his fellow army. With his speeches, he was able to mould the mental setup of his fellow energies, and this symbol too was one of the energies, supporting him.

We all know that he did a lot of wrong to this world, but we also must accept that he was a great speaker, who united his all the country men and also helped in making the rest of the world as one.
Well, we can never stop anyone from that, but what we should understand is that we should use them wisely and for good only. A knife is used to slice fruits, vegetables but is also used in violence.  If we are good, positive, we should know what to use where and how.
Without a proper usage of any energy, we could end up living a life without a mission or direction in life.

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