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There are two types of Herpes: the 1st type is a so-called "cold", which usually appears on lips, around and in the mouth or anywhere on the face.
You should know that sometimes virus of the 1st type may cause that of the 2nd one and vice versa. Now let's talk about genital herpes as it has become rather "popular" these days (actually as well as herpes of the 1st type). The first attack of herpes is usually the hardest one and the worst reacted to; all the followings are not so painful.
Certainly, during each herpes's attack it's not recommended to make sex of any kind, but during all other time you are welcome!
If you have been infected already for a long time and now you are pregnant -- don't worry, hardly anything will happen to your baby. Please answer the questions as best as possible below to see if you have angular cheilitis*. The dentist will also quiz their patient about the signs and symptoms that they experienced (or didn't experience) both immediately preceding and during their ulcer's formation. They usually only form on the "loose" (movable) tissues of the mouth, meaning those areas where the skin is not tightly bound to the bone underneath. A canker sore will usually heal within 4 to 14 days, although some can heal in as little as 3 to 5.
There is another, larger, kind of aphthous ulcer (see below) that characteristically does have an extended healing time frame. Once a person has experienced an initial outbreak, the probability of recurrence is high, although the rate at which this occurs can be quite variable.

A rate of one outbreak every 1 to 3 months could be considered typical (encompassing 50% of those who get them). A person's first outbreak will typically take place between the ages of 10 and 20 years and then decrease in frequency and severity as the person ages. It's been suggested that women are more likely to experience them than men but not all studies have confirmed this fact.
Outbreaks of multiple canker sores can and do occur (in contrast to the classic single-ulcer form).
If two sores form close to each other, they may combine into a single larger and irregularly shaped ulcer (as opposed to the classic round or oval shape). Canker sores, like we have described above, are formally termed "recurrent minor aphthous ulcers." There's another type of aphthous ulcer termed "major aphthae" (also called Sutton's ulcers). Unlike minor aphthae, the major kind can form on all types of oral tissues (both keratinized and nonkeratinized tissues).
But any herpes is a virus, it can't be cured completely so it aggravates from once per month till once per 2 years (it depends). So the temperature rises, headache torments and little blisters appear around and on (and in) the genitals. It's most likely you'll be made Cesarean section when the time of labor comes and your baby won't be infected. You will find all the possible questions on medications, their action, and side effects in this quiz.
It involves just the sensation of tingling, burning or numbness in the area (see below) where the lesion will ultimately form.

The person often will want to restrict their oral activities somewhat.There are no distinguishing systemic features such as a fever or malaise. The healing of these lesions is typically slower and more painful than that associated with the minor variety.
And though I may not respond to them all, I do read each and every comment and I LOVE to hear from you guys! And how about viruses which can't be cured completely and will stay in your organism forever?
This type is called genital herpes and, of course, it's more serious and problematic than herpes of the 1st type. Who knows, maybe your partner has herpes (or something even more serious) but just doesn't know about that yet! But if you become infected 4-6 weeks before labor it may cause serious problems for your baby, right up to its death!
In some days they burst and leave less painful ulcers at their places, which heal up in about a week. Though it happens in very rare cases, you should avoid any contacts with infected people while being pregnant.

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