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Alternative Delivery Doctoral Programs in Higher Education An assessment of alternative delivery doctoral programs in foodservice and lodging management and family and consumer sciences education, PhD, Michele Wehrle.
By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. When online doctorate degrees were first offered on the Internet, many individuals wondered if they were legitimate and comparative to a traditional university. Many individuals that are eager to go to the next level in their field of study take advantage of online doctorate degrees.
Usually, online doctorate degrees can be obtained in as little as three years, or as long as a decade to fully complete. When the program requires classroom time, the size of the class is often significantly smaller than a traditional undergraduate program. There are specific rankings of online programs that list the most popular and respected online degrees. With available government reports and statistics, resources can help the student when considering the authenticity of online doctorate degrees. Today’s doctoral programs continue to prepare students for a traditional academic career path despite the inadequate supply of research-focused faculty positions.
It is no longer possible to deny the fact that the majority of PhD recipients will have to look outside of Academia for employment, yet their traditional training does not necessarily reflect the job skills currently in demand on the job market. Yevgeniy grew up in New York, but decided to transplant himself to the West Coast for his PhD studies at the Scripps Research Institute, where he studied mechanisms of gene regulation in the immune system.
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BenchFly is the premier science video production platform designed by research and video experts. However, it was not long after that the acceptance and legitimacy of obtaining a doctorate degree online became highly popular and a valuable alternative to attending a local college. This is often dependent on the field of study the student chooses along with the amount of time they can commit to studies every semester.
Each school is chosen on a ranking scale using crucial factors including accreditation, the program’s quality and any unique feature that allows the program to stand out from its competition. These useful factors allow the student to compare online programs along with their unique features and curriculum. At the same time, PhDs who decide to pursue a non-academic careers are somehow considered failures or sell-outs by the Ivory Tower. As a result, many new PhDs are forced to default into doing a series of post-doc fellowships, which may not necessarily increase their chances of getting a job they want (fewer than 1 in 5 post-docs will actually get a tenured faculty position!). Recently, Yevgeniy again found himself in New York City, pursuing a post-doctoral research project in oncology. I agree, being employed part-time is definitely not equivalent to out of labor force (unemployed). I've been saying this since I realized the number of options that are there for PhD graduates. Both professional and research doctorate degrees are available through distant education programs. Some students choose to blend their classroom time with their field experience and online work as a comprehensive alternative to doing each separately. Like a traditional college or university, online doctorate degrees require a dissertation after final exams to achieve a doctorate or PhD in the specific field.

It is becoming painfully clear that graduate training programs should be raising awareness about non-academic opportunities and what they entail.
In his spare time Yevgeniy works as a Krav Maga self-defense instructor, and as a scientific writer to share his passion for fostering communication between the scientific community and the public. This diagram is taken from the 2006 NSF survey and I think this particular categorization still represents the general mentality of traditional academic employment vs.
Overall, student and faculty respondents found the alternative delivery doctoral programs at ISU as successful and an accessible alternative to traditional on-campus doctoral education programs. This will allow the student to find the ideal program that will specifically meet their professional and academic needs.
The academic training has ignored the many trainees who will pursue non-traditional positions. While it should be the incentive of graduate programs to educate students about possible career choices before they are thrown into the job market, in most cases, PhD students have to provide for themselves and look for such opportunities on their own. Other degree programs require the student to spend part of their time attending an actual classroom or performing fieldwork as a way to complete their study. The facts are undeniable, and as Meghan Mott masterfully demonstrates with a series of eye-opening and alarming facts in her article Careers in Traditional Academia: Outlook Bleak, academia simply has no room for the newly minted PhDs. So, given that academic jobs are limited and the current graduate training does not prepare the majority of students for jobs outside of the traditional academic career, I think it would be prudent for every PhD student to think about their professional development while they are still in the midst of their graduate training.
While this type of classification has its limitations, I think it does prove the point that PhD recipients represent a very diverse pool of career directions, with academia being only one direction among many other ones.

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