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Extra Credit: If you took one liter of water and did electrolysis on it, how many grams of oxygen would you get?
Follow up Extra Credit: If a person needs about 2 grams of oxygen per minute, how many minutes of breathing will one liter of water provide? Problem 5: When you are walking on the ground, what predominant element are you standing on? Extra Credit: If the air contained 50% oxygen and 50% fluorine, what would be the most abundant compound produced when hydrogen gas is ignited? Problem 23: Which would have a greater pull on the negative soap ion a sodium ion or a calcium ion? Problem 28: From the salad, you are acquainted with the building blocks for the elements at a personal level. Problem 29: There are many energy drinks on the market and they are packed with sugar and caffeine along with other chemicals. Extra Credit: The Red Bull energy drink is banned in several countries partly because it was connected to 4 deaths even though it was not conclusive that it caused the deaths. Problem 35: One way to determine percent body fat is to weigh the person above the water and also submerged under water. Problem 36: You are stranded in the wilderness with nothing to eat and no chance of finding food, but water is plentiful. Extra credit: Eric lost 214 pounds of fat with most of it going out the lungs as CO2 and H2O.
Problem 46: People who have eaten bagels with poppy seeds have been fired because a drug test showed consumption of morphine or heroin. These gases will give the car more power, but all vendors neglect to say that the alternator becomes harder to turn when it produces the extra electricity needed to split water. Problem 48a: How many of the ice cream bars will put you over the 100% Daily Value of Saturated Fat? Extra Credit: On the Survivorman TV show, the host will sometimes use glycerin and potassium permanganate to start a fire. Acupuncturists discovered that single frequency light could activate acupressure points.
If you use lasers or light-emitting diodes, it will actually speed up healing by a factor of five.
LLLT is an emerging medical and veterinary technique in which exposure to low-level laser light or light emitting diodes might stimulate or inhibit cellular function, possibly leading to beneficial clinical effects. Many published reports document the positive findings for laser biostimulation in pain management.
LLLT has been used clinically since 1981 for the treatment of patients with inflammatory pathologies.
The literature on LLLT applied to the stimulation of wound healing in a variety of animal models contains both positive and negative results.
Although, on average, stars are white in color, there’s a very important reason for that. Inherently, there isn’t anything special about those wavelengths of light, save for the fact of where we are.
This means that stars that burn at hotter temperatures than the Sun will appear bluer, while stars that are cooler will appear progressively yellow, orange, and even red.
As colorful as the stars in these images are, though, they don’t quite explain everything. This great nebula, as seen up close, actually shows off the two major colors visible to human eyes found throughout dusty regions in space. It turns out that regions of space that glow red are a little more common, but regions that glow blue are abundant as well.
The famed horsehead nebula, above, is a dusty, dark outline surrounded by a red, glowing region. The way you ionize an atom is you knock an electron off of the atom, and the hotter your nearby star is, the more hydrogen it can ionize!
You’ve got a region of space with an abundance of both ionized atoms and free electrons. Most of the light that gets emitted is ultraviolet light, but of the light that is visible, most of that occurs at a very particular wavelength: 656 nanometers, which appears to our eyes to be a bright, red color!
So when you see a diffuse, reddish glow coming from outer space, that’s evidence of hydrogen gas surrounding hot, young stars. In fact, if it weren’t hydrogen gas that surrounded your very hot star (or stars), but a myriad of heavier elements, you would get a completely different set of colors. Although the Pleiades is a region filled with young, blue stars, they’re not quite hot enough to ionize the atoms in the space between its stars!
So when light runs into the neutral (not ionized) gas, the red light mostly passes through, with only a little bit reflected, while the blue light gets scattered in all directions, including towards us on Earth! And that’s how hot stars, hydrogen, heavier elements and light-scattering dust, combined with the light from all the surrounding stars, conspire to illuminate the depths of space with the full spectrum of visible light! If this has you imagining what you’d see if, instead of that tiny portion of the light spectrum that’s visible, you could see all the way from Gamma Rays down to Radio Waves, congratulations! The huge variety of information we can see with our eyes covers just one part in 60 of the wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, on a logarithmic scale! Long time reader whos read all of your archives, and this imho is one of your top 10 writes up ever.
Even after all this time, I have no idea which posts are really going to take off and which ones won’t. Still, thanks for the praise and know that personally I’m much more proud of this one! The star colours aren’t really bright to begin with, and with accurate focus they will be burned white.

So if you want to photograph the colours: defocus the camera slightly, and the stars will appear as small disks that retain at least some of the colours at their edges.
You’ve made me now badly -desperately- want to see with my naked eyes beyond the visible spectrum!
Visual observation of slightly defocussed stars will also make their colours appear more clearly.
Ethan, I am now just utterly upset that my eyes are so inadequate to fully enjoy the splendor of the Cosmos!
I love the first diagram you have on this page showing the electromagnetic spectrum and highlighting the visible spectrum. During my sophomore year as an undergraduate I was invited along with 11 other undergraduates from around the country to work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a summer intern of the Astrophysics Research Experience for Undergraduates program funded by the NSF.
For those of us who do not study the stars, we probably think of the term a€?X-raya€? as a medical imaging tool. As energy increases on this scale we say that the light becomes a€?harder.a€? In any range on the scale, a€?hardera€? = higher energy and a€?softera€? = lower energy.
When we look at the sky in the soft X-ray range we look at X-rays coming from a combination of sources in the universe. Each one of the bright spots is an a€?eventa€? - an X-ray hitting the detector, and the brighter the spot the more X-rays that hit that part of the detector.
With this type of plot one can start to try and figure out where the X-rays are coming from because we know about the types of gas and other sources that would be able to produce a spectrum like the one above. The sky in X-rays is littered with point sources that imply instances of extreme bursts of power such as black hole accretion disks, quasars, pulsars, or active galactic nuclei.
This means that at energies above 2keV the galaxy is transparent in all directions and photons of these energies should reach our telescopes. For example between 70-280eV we can be certain that the X-rays we detect are almost all of galactic origin. The processes that produce the non-extragalactic components arise from charge exchange and emission line radiation, which unlike a process such as Bremsstrahlung radiation does not produce a continuum spectrum (see figures below for descriptions of each process). Emission line analysis is an important tool for studying the soft X-ray background, and in the X-ray energy range requires highly ionized, heavy atoms with more tightly bound lower-level electrons.
The ASTRO-EII mission launched the Suzaku Satellite on July 10, 2005 and since it has been taking data with its four soft X-ray telescopes and one hard.
My lab applied for observation time and received data from two observations in 2010 dedicated to the soft X-ray diffuse background, and this summer I analyzed those two fields of view.
Starting at b=90 and decreasing in Galactic latitude, the OVII flux seems to increase somewhat systematically until around b=20 where it drops to a a€?floora€? of ~2 LU. We analyzed and presented nine additional low-latitude observations at an Astrophysical conference in July, though we had to throw several points out due to contamination and low statistics. Then we set timing filters in Xselect removing times when the solar wind proton flux was high.
The red and black points represent times when the proton flux was above the limit, and hence, we cut those times from the data. The timing selection does not appear to match up with the good (green and blue) proton flux data because the camera was not turned on for the entire time of the observation but the proton flux chart shows data for that entire period. The figure on the left shows observation 504038010 on a linear scale with timing and other selections.
The circular regions centered on the point sources were determined by requiring that the source contribute less than 3% to the diffuse background rate in the 0.3-2 keV energy range (middle image).
To begin, we used APEC models for the thermal components and assumed solar abundances allowing kT and the normalization of each to vary. The following is the list of input parameters for the model of observation 504038010 followed by the data and model plotted before the fit. Once a good fit was determined and all parameters were within reasonable ranges we did the fit again but holding the parameters fixed to their new values and inserting two narrow Gaussian functions. To obtain surface brightness values we divide by the 20 arc minute radius field of view implemented by the response file. When we plot our nine points (red) along with Yoshino et al's results (blue) we obtain the following graph for OVII surface brightness vs. Consistent with Yoshino et al's results we find that at low latitudes the OVII flux drops at around b=20 to a level of 2 LU with little spatial variation. Starting by looking straight out of the plane at b = 90 and decreasing the angle, the OVII flux increases systematically until b = 20. In further support of the plane-parallel distribution and local SWCX is the relationship between OVIII and OVII flux. We can guess at possible explanations, and in the future would like to test the prediction for (l,b) = (235, 0) of Masui et al that dwarf M (dM) stars in the plane may be responsible for the additional flux in the plane.
Omega 3 means it has a double bond (unsaturated bond) at the third carbon from the end (like the middle fatty acid in the image). When hydrogen burns in air, why does it combine with mostly oxygen to make H2O rather than nitrogen to make NH3? It was discovered that a test that helped identify potassium nitrate was to place it in a flame. Surprisingly, some of these drinks claim to have no calories (no sugar or other carbohydrodrates), yet they still call themselves an energy drink.
Which one of these guys would you rather have with you if it will be about a month before you are rescued and why? If all came out the lungs, what was the total pounds of CO2 and H2O that was exhaled due to the burning of the fat?
She had pneumonia awhile back and the albuterol opens the bronchial passageways to help breathing. So there are always products for sale that make claims that their product will give your vehicle better gas mileage.

So the extra mileage is cancelled out by the extra gas the engine uses to spin an alternator that is dragging down the engine because of the heavy electrical load.
In the image on the left there's a litter glycerin placed on top of the dark purple potassium permanganate. Photons of light from violet end of the spectrum have the highest energies and the highest frequencies, while red photons have lower energies and lower frequencies. One of the best ways is through your belly button, because the aorta artery is behind the belly button. The use of low levels of visible or NIR light for reducing pain, inflammation and edema, promoting healing of wounds, deeper tissues and nerves, and preventing tissue damage has been known for almost forty years since the invention of lasers (Karu, 1998). The reasons for the conflicting reports, sometimes in very similar wound models, are probably diverse.
Our eyes have evolved to see a very narrow set of wavelengths of light, which we know as the visible light spectrum, ranging from violet light at around 400 nanometers to red light at around 700 nanometers.
On the left, the deep blue nebula sharply contrasts with the larger, red glow coming from the right. Believe it or not, it’s the young, hot, very blue stars that cause this nebula to glow red! Instead, the dust can only reflect the light coming from the stars around it, and so these blue regions are known as reflection nebulae.
For those of you inclined towards chemistry, you can mix your own reflection nebula in a beaker, and see how this works firsthand! You’ve just realized why we have telescopes that are sensitive to so many different wavelengths, and why we use false-color composites of all of this different information. So appreciate what you can see and why it has the colors that it does, but don’t believe for a minute that what you see is all there is. We thank the ACE SWEPAM instrument team and the ACE Science Center for providing the ACE data.
A 10 pound rock has about 5 lbs of oxygen in it, but it's tied up in quartz, and it's almost impossible to free the oxygen from quartz.
This fatty acid comes from eating fish, but fish can't produce its own eicosapentaenoic acid. If you feel energetic after drinking one of these no calorie energy drinks and you start doing activities, where is the energy coming from? Some of these create a gas from water that they call HHO gas (Note: This is a name they made up). Beyond the range of our vision are the longer wavelengths of the infrared and the shorter wavelengths of the ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Despite many reports of positive findings from experiments conducted in vitro, in animal models, and in randomized controlled clinical trials, LLLT remains controversial. Incoming red and NIR photons are absorbed in cell mitochondria, producing reactive oxygen species (ROS) and releasing nitric oxide (NO), which leads to gene transcription via activation of transcription factors (NF-κB and AP1). In recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of laser biostimulation as a therapeutic modality for pain management (Strong, 2002).
It is probable that applications of LLLT in animal models will be more effective if carried out on models that have some intrinsic disease state. Cells in the wound respond to light induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) leading to the expression of growth factors, such as transforming growth factor beta (TGF), and platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), which encourage synthesis of more collagen, increased formation of blood vessels, and less inflammation, all of which increase wound healing.
In fact, yesterday’s Astronomy Picture of the Day was a close-up, high-resolution view of that reddish, nebular region in Orion, above. There’s a whole Universe out there, and every day, science helps us see it and understand it just a little bit more. A Study of the Soft X-ray Diffuse Bckground with Suzaku: from the Geocorona to the Galactic Halo.
Mines usually have water in them, and with a 9 volt battery (or higher) it's easy to split the water to get oxygen.
In water the long chain of soap has a negative one charge (-) and the sodium that was attached has a plus 1 (+) charge. These effects in turn lead to increased cell proliferation and migration (particularly by fibroblasts), modulation in the levels of cytokines, growth factors and inflammatory mediators, and increased tissue oxygenation (Pastore et al., 1994). Only the hottest, bluest stars have enough high-energy ultraviolet radiation to take the neutral hydrogen atoms present in interstellar space, and ionize them. This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundations's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program under NSF Award No.
Because of its charge, calcium in hard water grabs onto two soap molecules and causes them to come out of solution to form soap scum. The results of these biochemical and cellular changes in animals and patients include such benefits as increased healing in chronic wounds, improvements in sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, pain reduction in arthritis and neuropathies, and amelioration of damage after heart attacks, stroke, nerve injury and retinal toxicity (Hamblin et al., 2006).
An image of the soft X-ray background is a composite image, meaning the X-rays we detect could come from very near by, from farther away in the Galaxy, or from other galaxies entirely. It uses electricity from the alternator to split water (electrolysis) into two gases that is piped into the air intake of the car. Furthermore, the total collagen content was significantly increased at 2 months, when compared with control wounds. The beneficial effect of LLLT on wound healing can be explained by considering several basic biological mechanisms, including the induction of the expression of cytokines and growth factors known to be responsible for the many phases of wound healing.

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