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CBS' "60 Minutes" did an extended segment on the Duke research, which involves injecting a genetically modified polio virus directly into a brain tumor. She is thriving with her treatment, which is in a final Phase III trial in preparation for submission to the U.S.
The FDA approved a Phase I clinical study for Gromeier's treatment in 2011, and Duke has since enrolled 22 patients who had already undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy but still suffered from glioblastoma tumors.
While Phase I trials usually focus on determining an optimal drug dose for treatment, the Duke researchers had dramatic results.

Two patients in the study, who both had been given months to live a few years ago because of their glioblastomas, are now cancer-free. The virus latches onto cancer cells and activates the body's immune system to attack the tumor. She was experiencing headaches while she was pregnant with her second child, and an MRI found a glioblastoma.
Several others lived long past the time doctors had predicted they would with their tumors.

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