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PJM told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last week it should allow a Duke Energy peaking plant to recover $9.8 million it spent on expensive natural gas it was unable to burn in January. Responding to a complaint filed by Duke May 2 (EL14-45), PJM disagreed with Duke’s legal analysis and some aspects of its claim. The Market Monitor and others argued against Duke’s claim, saying capacity resources such as Duke need to be responsible for their fuel-cost risk. On Thursday, the Markets and Reliability Committee approved a problem statement to improve PJM’s procedure for committing gas-fired units.
Duke said it was able to recoup $2.6 million by self-scheduling several of the Lee units on Jan. As an alternative, Duke seeks “a one-time, Duke-specific waiver” of Operating Agreement and Tariff provisions that bar make-whole payments.

In its filing last week, PJM insisted that its conversations with Duke did not constitute a directive to buy gas. Nevertheless, it said Duke should be compensated under a waiver because of the “extraordinary” circumstances of January. The Monitor said Duke chose to rely solely on interruptible gas pipeline service and did not invest in back up fuel capability. Several generators, the PJM Power Providers Group and the Electric Power Supply Association filed comments siding with Duke.
NextEra Energy Resources also supported Duke, saying it also suffered losses in late January.
But it said not paying Duke under the circumstances would be an “[in]equitable result” for generation owners. In a filing supporting Duke’s claim, NextEra Energy Resources said it will make a similar claim to recoup $1.3 million in gas costs.

The initiative was broadened at stakeholders’ suggestions to cover several additional issues, including the definition of an outage and handling of dual-fuel units. 27 and 28, selling unused gas and receiving “very limited make-whole payments and credits” from PJM, leaving it with a loss of about $9.8 million. The “waiver would harm the market, principles of market certainty and market participants … who may be forced to pay even more for Balancing Operating Reserve costs,” said the Retail Energy Supply Association. Mike Bryson, executive director of system operations, told RTO Insider last week that about 10 companies have informed PJM that they also suffered “stranded gas” losses. 27, PJM issued a Maximum Generation Alert for the following day, signaling that all generation capacity resources should be ready to operate.

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