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The Park offers a large choice of memorials in beautiful, award-winning, formal gardens and in tranquil, natural parkland areas.
The cemetery offers a peaceful and serene environment where families can lay their loved one to rest.
The Coogee Bay Hotel is one of Sydney's best known hotels in one of Sydney's most popular locations.
Today we remember former Eastern Suburbs player, Ben Hall, who sadly passed away this week after his battle with motor neuron disease.
We currently have a member of the Mens First Team (and Junior coach) in need of a room to rent for the duration of the season. With the winter season about to start, here is an update regarding our National League entry. If your team needs a referee this season but you’re not sure whether you’re up to the job, then this course is for you! Today’s confirmation of Eastern Suburbs AFC National League status is the culmination of six or so years of determined effort focused on Eastern Suburbs being a hub of football excellence, a club delivering both on-field and off-field success and growth. Our ambition is not to be just another club playing in the highest echelon of club football, we will not be there to simply make up the numbers: our objective is for Eastern Suburbs to be a revered club. Eastern Suburbs have available for hire two Bouncy Castles and two sets of Bouncer Balls for bouncer football!
Suburbs Premier Women's midfielder Grace Jale has been included in the 19-player squad to tour Brazil at the turn of the month. Five Eastern Suburbs Premier Womens players have been selected to represent Auckland in the national league competition.
On Sunday the 20th September 2015, Eastern Suburbs played Napier City Rovers in the final of the 87th Chatham Cup, winning 2-1 after extra-time. The Eastern Suburbs Under-17 Girls Premier team have finished at the top of their Premier Division League this season. The Eastern Suburbs 10th Grade Girls Black team won the Forrest Hill Milford 10th Grade Girls tournament on Sunday 13th September.
As a general rule I don't put a sealing coat over metalizer it looks better without it, however I do use it where I want panel variation on aircraft models; and once again this is brushed on using one of the usual floor finishes such as Future or Pledge, but don't use it neat, thin with water using around a 50-50 mix and apply using a soft bristle brush such as squirrel very sparingly, avoid pooling at all costs, dry using hairdryer.
This one is probably out of sequence, because one thing you simply cannot do with metalizer is mask over a finish that has been applied over it, it will lift straight off, because nothing really adheres to metalizer to any degree, so any markings must be applied prior to any sealing. Happily masking is possible over metalizer itself, but the metalizer is best given a good hard buff with a soft cloth to make sure there are no loose particles to come adrift; and then use a low tack tape. Both types of paint can be sprayed over metalizer, but never attempt to brush enamel over it as it will lift the particles.
The only way you can safely do this is to seal the area to be painted first; on the whole though acrylics work best .

This is where it can get tricky sometimes, regarding carrier film that needs to be clear coated to blend into the finish on a model; if you do this on metalizer you may lose some of the general look of the metal finish.
Lastly and very importantly, any weathering needs to be done after all assembly is complete, including rigging, weapons, canopies etc, otherwise you will rub it off.
For those modelling in resin I can cheerfully report that it seems to work even better on this material than styrene. A remarkable advantage of this finish is the total lack of even the tiniest speck of dust or airborne lint to worry about, it simply will not adhere to it, you could be in a lint storm as you paint and still would not be able to find one speck on the model.
However you will see absolutely every tiny defect on the model kits surface, so any blemish not wanted will need to be seen to. Hopefully you found this article useful to achieve that most elusive of model finishes, Phil and I look forward to seeing some of these on HYPERSCALE sometime soon, happy modelling. Panoramic view of south-eastern Bucharest suburbs with tall residential buildings near natural environment on old Vacaresti Lake. The Park is the resting place of many generations with Sydney families paying their respects to their loved ones in a beautiful environment within relatively close proximity to where they live and work. The Eastern Suburbs AFC Club Brochure gives an introduction to our coaches and programmes for 2016, as well as information through our grades.
Both the National League and it’s associated National Youth league will provide not only greater club profile and prestige, but more importantly a pathway pinnacle for our members to strive for. As one of New Zealand’s largest, and arguably the strongest football club in this country, we are poised to accept the challenge.
However be assured, this ambition will not be at the expense of our members, we will continue to grow the coaching and playing resources we put behind our valued 2.300 members, ensuring they have an enriching and enjoyable experience with Eastern Suburbs.
Until then, on behalf of the Eastern Suburbs, thank you for your support, and enjoy a happy and safe Christmas & New Year. We would like to offer our club members the opportunity have their next birthday party or function at the Eastern Suburbs Clubrooms together with the use of this equipment. VERY IMPORTANT shake bottle well until all metallic particles are free from the bottom of the jar, do this EVERY time you reload the brush for it settles very rapidly in the jar. You need to prime the brush first for best results, do this the same way you will be doing each and every time you reload the brush, shake jar, unscrew cap, thoroughly collect all the contents you can from the lid using your brush, now let it dry for a few minutes and repeat.
Keep repeating until whole part is covered, buff if you like with a dry soft cloth but the brush will do most of the buffing because the impregnated metallic particles in the brush act as the polishing medium.
You will need to find yourself a burnishing tool, I use a spoon shaped stainless steel dental probe, but you could easily make one from brass rod suitably shaped.
MM Metalizer (buffing type), brush, gloves and model, all you really need to create stunning NMF paint jobs. To ensure the volatile solvent won't attack the plastic on your model, paint must only be used from the contents remaining in the cap after shaking bottle, work fast as Metalizer dries quickly.

This is the sheen you get just using the brush, buffing with a cloth will further enhance this if you wish.
Areas pre painted have been masked off to protect them, it is wise to pre paint where possible rather than after Metalizing.
Once covered, Phil  gives the whole wing just a quick going over to blend the effect. You will notice some streaking occasionally, a second application may be required in these areas.
Please go to the appropriate grade page and if you need more information don't hesitate to email the grade coordinator and they will be happy to assist you. At the end of the course you become a qualified CBR and receive the official AFF referee shirt, card, whistle and more.
Every registered family should have received their copy in the mail over the last week; if not, come and pick up a copy at our clubrooms!
Nor will we allow our National League aspirations to compromise the club's sustainability and off field growth objectives. Metal colour, both these paints are essentially the same formula, although the Gunze is somewhat denser in pigment level and thicker; no matter they work equally well and are in fact intermixable. Whatever you use it must be polished to a microscopic smoothness or it will mark the metalized finish. To preserve the untouched finish of the metalizer you will need to trim the carrier film on the decals you will use in these areas. This is more likely to occur with a new bottle, older bottles tend to thicken after prolonged use and won't do this as often.
Located on the site is our Pioneer Memorial Park, where memorials of early pioneers and prominent citizens of the colony of New South Wales still stand today.
Gunze have three shades, brass, copper and a rather strange shade of green bronze as well as their aluminum shades that when intermixed allow a wide colour spectrum. However further buffing removes most of it, personally i think it adds to the realism for it is quite a subtle effect. In 1938 the crematorium was opened to continue to provide personal choice and to ensure cultural requirements can be met.

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