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As a rule, when in doubt, check the wikipedia to make sure your stats can actually support the gems before leveling it up.
Eldritch Battery - Converts your energy shield to mana thereby increasing your mana pool tremendously which is highly useful for the high mana consumption of EK and its supports as well as for the running of the auras that you will need.
Inner Force - A must-have for all Eldritch Battery builds in my opinion as most EB builds run tons of auras and Inner Force and its cluster amplifies the effect by 30% in total.
I have a HC Ethereal Knives character at the moment, he is currently level 78 and is residing in the HC League after managing to reach Level 70 during the 1 Week HC Race within 1 day and 8 hours of gameplay. Projectile weakness will complement this build nicely because it enhances projectile damage (EK is a projectile) as well as increasing pierce and knockback chance, with knockback being useful as it can be a offensively defensive measure. Note: It is highly likely that Fork will outperform Chain for the first few levels of the Chain skill gem. EK can be used, but the problem with EK early on is that it's DPS scaling early on doesn't give it that much advantage over Freezing Pulse. At this point, you should have already reached Cavern of Wrath and taken the Fork support gem. After doing Weaver's Chambers, the support gem that you should pick at this point is Faster Projectiles. From level 26 or so onwards, EK linked with the above supports will start to outperform Freezing Pulse completely and I usually ditch Freezing Pulse at this point. However, when you finally do obtain Chain and want to use it, you are advised to swap out Fork for Chain and Faster Projectiles for Mana Leech on a 4L to ensure that you can sustain your EK in terms of mana.
Every time there's a new one-week HC race I'm usually tempted to try a different build to test its viability in a fresh economy and this is my latest project.
I was actually planning to go for CI initially on this EK character so for those of you who see my skill tree you'll realise that I actually have an extra skill point from what my skill tree progression entails because I killed all the bandits in normal. I do have two question though do you think the Deshret's Vise Gloves would end up providing an adequate DPS boost? But I have 1 Quesion: So, u said that this is also viable in PvP (is there 3vs3 like in D2?), which skills are u going to use in PvP?
Made a witch EK a few days ago, pretty much same build but starting from the witch area so saves some points by not having to spec those 5%spell dmg nodes to get the cast speed% nodes. This build looks very interesting, I was also a big fan of your previous build with the Crit CI dagger shadow. As the title says, this build main focus is on the 3 gems Frenzy, Cast on Melee Kill and Discharge.
In theory, these 3 gems have really good synergy together but in practical, they underperformed as the on kill effect was not reliable and you lose significant damage by forgoing 2 extra gem slot which could other wise be slotted with a damage boosting gems.
The key synergy here is that the more frenzy charges you build up the more damage discharge does. However, there is one other alternative, scaling it via Critical Damage (*Booom* - Mind Blown) By focusing on global critical strike chance and global critical multiplier, we can actually solve this issue. Dagger will be our weapon of choice, due to its implicit increase global strike chance and it high base critical strike chance.
This is a very tanky build, wearing full evasion gear converting it to armour which synergies with max block. Herald of Ice and Thunder synergies so well with crit builds as you get free shock and freeze which equals more damage and control. Determination is used instead of Grace due to its more modifier as you will have lots of armour. Taking the notable Sniper in the the shadow starting area is advisable as it increases Ethereal Knives range.
Also a big shout out to Zeno, Ziggy and Pox for hosing State of Exile which inspired me with ideas for this build when I got stuck.
I don't want to be rude or negative, but from what I read I have the impression this is not a good build.
The idea is not bad but not good either cause as you said, you use too many slots for what you get.

Positive is your tree which looks really solid, but I can't see this build having any chance in lategame content when you play solo and have to defeat map bosses. Math: LvL 20 Discharge (163-245 cold damage per frenzy charge) LVL 20 CoMK (77% increase Spell damage), 20% elemental damage from passive Trickery. We do not have any issue with discharge damage as the discharge is the answer to killing packs.
My new route will be Dual Wield Daggers with Eldritch Battery, Mind Over Matter, Ondar's Guile with 50% block. Last post I mention that I am shifting towards Eldritch Battery and Mind Over Matter, I bought a 5L Cloak of Defiance and just got the Eldritch Battery passive.
Sustaining mana has not been an issue even thought my passive nodes are not set at optimum due to me tinkering with it all the time.
Without a high ES chest, the amount of ES you will have as CI will be severely compromised and I saw no way around it, hence I opted for a HP build instead, which would also give me the opportunity to test out HP vs CI. Being a physical spell, EK deals physical damage and reflect physical mobs are very, very painful. After playing this hp build character, I can most certainly tell you that is is 100% easier to build in HC as compared to CI characters. I recommend you keep Chain in a swapped out weapon slot to level it first while you stick to Fork.
Useful because of its extremely high single-target DPS and the fact that it locks enemies in place, thus allowing you to EK them from afar without having to kite. The fourth can be anything that adds damage, such as added lightning damage or added chaos damage although i'm leaning slightly more towards added chaos damage. Yes, I call it brotem because its your best friend in the game, be it versus flicker mobs, kraityn, oak or even random smelly bears. I usually just dual wield weapons and use Dual Strike for single-target DPS in normal Act1 + 2. Add to the fact that it has a slower cast time, I usually level the gem in a swapped out weapon's socket and use Freezing Pulse as my main AoE. Linking it to EK will increase the mana cost too much without it being that much useful yet. You can do very well with Fork all the way till Merciless hence there's no need to trade for it early on. I'm afraid I can't really tell you the exact numbers as it is all based on experience and instinct for me, but in HC, I would generally only respec to EB after Merciless Vaal and when I entered maps, I had about 2.5k HP which served me quite well. However, there will come a point when you realise that you can no longer get better gear through trading, and that is where crafting comes in, as explained in the next section.
My apologies Zeshin I didn't mean to hijack your EK shadow guide, at the time of planning this character, which was before the one week HC race, there weren't any EK shadow guides written yet. I also helped Kraityn in Cruel for the +8 to all resists because I hadn't yet decided if I wanted to go for CI or HP at that time. I mean, EK doenst seem such a good single target dps for me and bear trap is easy to dodge? It doesn't really feel like you picked all that many, so wouldn't you crit less than 30% of the time when using EK? Considering the fact that you use EB, I would imagine it being quite difficult to get over 2k HP. When you kill a mob with frenzy, you automatically cast discharge which consumes all your frenzy charges. In this case, a melee weapon will be the ideal weapon of choice as Discharge damages every monster in an area around you.
On the other hand, Discharge already has a high base critical chance of 8% and scaling it will be easy. Even a crit Discharge without power charges can shock plus all the shattering AOE from killing frozen mob due to Frenzy Discharge.
With both Assasin's Mark and Warlord's Mark, you have the ability to gain both endurance charges and power charges resulting in a bigger BOOM!

Herald of Ice and Herald of Thunder has on kill effect and our main skill also have on kill effect. Especially with State of Exile Episode #15 with the GGG devs when they talked about the implementation of Heralds with its on kill effects and its the kind of direction they want to head towards in future.
Even though you are constantly gaining and losing charges, that unique boots has a penalty for hording frenzy charges in situation when you are trying to kill uniques and rares.
Its Frenzy, with a 5L, you essentially have a 3L single target skill and its effective when you have 7 frenzy charges.
I am also trying to strip my passive nodes down to a bare minimum to not include any block nodes, My reasoning, adding block on top of evasion has diminishing return. Cast on Melee Kill does not appear viable because it requires taking 2 superior damage gems away. Also immensely useful for taking out the reflect physical bosses as damage dealt by bear traps isn't reflected back to the user. Whatever support that adds damage will in turn be further amplified by bear trap's 150% damage effectiveness.
The non-linear scaling of damage reduction means that armour will offer less protection the higher your damage gets.
I'm also using Fork because Chain is expensive as hell and I'm not really seeing a huge potential upgrade in dmg at the moment(mostly because every normal trash mob dies in one or two casts anyway). Triggered skills deal 20% increased spell damage at gem level 1, up to 77% at gem level 20. You get more value out of Enhance as it affects 2 active skill gems and it is a sort of a halfway between an Increase AOE gem and a Faster Attack gem. The only other option was Spectral Throw but its aoe is limited due to not being able to use LMP or GMP as we only have a 4 link to work with.
With blood rage, you can go from pack to pack with full frenzy charges as discharge kills and herald of thunder secondary effect grants you frenzy charges.(Not sure about Herald of Ice shattering). When you get stunned which generally means you took quite a big hit, it discharges and you leech life back.
Killing the 1st mob in a pack is the hardest after that this build just keeps going on and on. At the moment I am experiencing a lack of Frenzy damage to progress to higher maps despite me taking all the damage nodes in my build. I can see a synergy with dual curse with warlord's mark you can essentially have 10%+ mana leech from physical and also being able to leech of discharge damage.
A quality 20 Discharge is mandatory in my opinion as we don't take any increase AOE passives.
Ideally a corrupted amulet is better as we want 2 diamond rings due to its implicit modifier to crit chance. Another charge from Blood Rage, plus more frenzy charges from the number of mob killed by discharge. Reason to go EXACTLY this order is that you want charges FIRST, so trigger 1 will just grant charges, trigger 2 will consume them for IC and grant new charges immediately after. Will just rely on AA for physical damage mitigation and big effective HP pool due to Mind Over Matter. Even though I am not using dual curse at the moment due to me unable to cap my resist without the ring slot. You also have around 30% to get power charges and endurance charges from warlord's mark and assasin's mark when maxed if the mobs are dual cursed.

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