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At Dancing Willow Tree Mystery School we train students in the art of energetic healing through classes, groups and individual tutoring. The many layers of the human energy field surround and penetrate deeply through the physical body. Physical massage, reiki, aromatherapy, flower essence work and psychological counseling may be part of the healing. This CD series covers the seven stages of the flow of energy that bring health and healing to your physical body, your emotions, your will, your mind and your heart. Once you know the Truth in these seven areas of your life, you will flow the River of Life, health and healing to every part of your being. April's topic was Energetic Boundaries, to facilitate the release of old, negative patterns that no longer serve your growth and development, and the placement of stronger, healthier energetic boundaries to protect you from energy vampires and other draining pursuits.

Required: A quiet place to receive energy healing, comfortable clothing, and perhaps a journal and something to write with, if you'd like to take notes. Don't worry, we hate SPAM as much as you do, and will never, ever sell or trade your information with anyone.
In the school we assist each student in finding his or her own unique style of healing by drawing upon several healing modalities.
Each energetic area is covered in detail showing all the symptoms, conditions and diseases that will develop if they are not brought back into balance. Please do not receive energy healing if you will be driving or on public transportation, or are anywhere you need your undivided attention to be safe. The way YOU can bring balance into each of the seven energetic areas is covered extensively so you can learn how to be healed from any physical, mental, or emotional symptom, condition or disease.

For example liver disease is not just physical toxins in the liver, it is also stored anger, bitterness and resentment along with choosing to believe the lies instead of the Truth.
The same goes for thyroid disease, which is not just an imbalance in the physical gland but also living a life of suppressing your free will.
In this series you will learn how the body, mind, emotions work together to either keep you in total health or to bring disease.

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