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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Suzanne NeePhoenix Solar Energy ExaminerSuzanne Nee previously held the positions of power supply designer and strategic marketing manager for global technology companies.
We will assume here you are going to remain grid connected and want to take advantage of a net metering arrangement. Your electric bill probably goes up and down monthly or seasonally, therefore it’s important to consider the details of your net metering rules.
It may be necessary to install a bigger system that will produce more kWh’s but not run 100% of the time. If your net metering rules allow carry forward and banking of excess production on an annual basis then your system likely doesn’t have to be as big to entirely offset your bill. Making sense of your energy choices is like trying to find your way through a treacherous maze in the dark.
We peel back the layers of fluff and perform real apples-to-apples comparisons so there are no surprises and the end results are savings! Understanding energy requires independent data sources from many different providers to be combined together.
The cost of your utility bill depends on a variety of influences, such as the size of your home, how well insulated it is, how many people live there, energy rates in your region, and how careful everyone in the household is with energy usage.

You probably groan slightly every month when your utility bill arrives, and you may wonder how you can account for utilities in your monthly budget when it's so unpredictable. Smart appliances such as your thermostat and water heater can be automatically controlled by EnergyBill to meet a specific budget. For example, we can control the temperature for you automatically to stay within budget, and provide an indoor forecast comparable with an outdoor weather forecast. EnergyBill gives you the tools to track, trend, analyze and CONTROL all of your energy usage, for electric, natural gas, water, and propane. She holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Arizona State University.
You might want to think againIn the 21st century, technological advancement has brought on many revolutions.
Ideally, we would look at your total kWh use for the year, and then based on your water source daily heads and flows figure out the size of system that can take advantage of those heads and flows and offset your bill on an annual basis. We enable “smart” devices to truly live up to their name by turning them into more than just trendy gadgets.
EnergyBill brings energy savings and utility rate savings into one easy, flexible and custom experience. The price you pay is not determined until the end of the month and will vary depending on your energy usage patterns, how much energy you use and when you use it.

Not just based on a schedule, but based on the energy impact, taking into account your budget and other variables like the weather and usage patterns. As the boss, you can set rules to prevent someone in the house from changing the temperature or limit the range.
She is interested in digging deeper into the business, technical, social and political issues related to solar energy. By combining smart devices and appliances with meter, billing, and other data sources, they become tools for helping you save money. All your different energy sources, electricity, gas, and water, are combined into a single context.
EnergyBill combs through your available energy saving opportunities to maximize your monthly savings.
You can manage all of your home automation devices in one place and leverage them to save energy! If we assume 65% as we did before, then divide the kW’s you use on an hourly basis on average for the year as determined above by .65 to get the size of system you would need to offset your bill.

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