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House Republican leader Kenneth Fredette of Newport speaks during the debate encouraging members to vote to sustain Gov.
We have detected that you have JavaScript disabled or you're using a browser that doesn't support it. In order to continue, you will need to enable JavaScript and refresh the page, or alternatively, upgrade your browser. Your bill will also include a tariff comparison rate, which is similar to the APR on loans and credit cards. However, bear in mind that direct debit customers tend to overpay in summer and underpay in winter.
Finally, the bill should include details of how to pay, contact information and advice in case of an emergency.
Your utility firm should, however, give you between 42 and 49 days' notice of the end of a fixed-term contract. Any exit fees attaching to a fixed-term contract should not be applied if you decide to switch once you have been given notice of the contract coming to any end. Energy bills are a strain on household budgets and you might find that you are struggling to meet the cost of your gas and electricity.
The energy supplier is obliged to offer advice and to come up with a weekly, fortnightly monthly or payment plan based on your affordability. If you cannot keep up with the payment plan agreed with the firm, it could install a pre-payment meter.
MoneySupermarket uses cookies, small text files which are downloaded to your computer's hard drive when you visit most websites.
By accepting cookies, MoneySupermarket is able to provide you with a better service and customise your experience with us. Two votes in the House and a determined lobbying effort by supporters fail to generate enough support to pass the measure.
A standing-room-only crowd filled the House gallery to watch the vote on overriding the governor's veto of a solar energy bill on Friday at the State House in Augusta.
The House actually voted twice on the bill, but the outcome did not change despite a heavy State House presence of solar users and industry representatives. The solar bill had, indeed, become a partisan sticking point in recent weeks as the governor led the charge against a bill that he predicted would increase electricity rates. Supporters waged an intense, last-minute push to save a bill that they say is critical to providing a boost to Maine’s solar industry and creating up to 650 good-paying jobs. But opponents said the bill would eventually result in higher energy costs for all ratepayers in order to benefit the few people who install solar energy systems.
The solar bill has been heavily lobbied throughout the legislative session, and supporters in bright-yellow shirts came out in full force Friday. Supporters failed by just two votes to achieve a two-thirds majority Friday morning during a 96-52 vote.
Afterward, environmental and conservation groups accused several Republican lawmakers – including Michael Timmons of Cumberland, Brian Hobart of Bowdoinham, MaryAnn Kinney of Knox and John Pichiottti of Fairfield – of voting to override the governor the first time and then “taking a walk” during the subsequent vote. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. This post will present a practical solution to Jamaica’s energy crisis and require that Jamaicans stop pointing fingers and play their part, since plans for a 360MW Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project failed to materialize. Energy is generated for the consumer, consequently I think the consumers are the ones responsible for our islands energy crisis. These 5 tips can be implement in your home without spending an extra dollar and promises to reduce your energy bill by up to 20% and in turn reduce our nation’s oil importation. Heating and Cooling may account for up to 60% of your monthly  energy consumption in your home or office.
I promised that you would not pay an extra dollar yet my 2nd recommendation is to PAY someone to do your laundry. Here is a comparison of the figures. The Jamaican population under 14 years old is said to be 20% therefore totalling 717,860 children [National Development Plan].

A microwave is an energy beast, if you have any intention of reducing your energy bill by up to 20% as promised in this post you should unplug it, take it out of your kitchen and find somewhere safe and warm in the storage to hide it.
Here is why: A Sharp microwave [7] rated at 800W consumes a total of 1,250W of energy when in operation.
Suppliers must now, for example, inform their customers if they offer a cheaper tariff and outline the potential savings.
The tariff comparison rate should make it easier to compare costs across the market, not just with your own supplier. If you supplied the meter reading from which the bill was calculated, you should see the letter C for customer. You can also ask the firm to explain how the monthly figure was calculated and negotiate a different monthly payment if you think it is unfair. People on fixed tariffs often get a bill shock when the fix expires and they are automatically switched to a standard rate. In which case, you need to contact the supplier straight away - and back up your case with accurate meter readings. You should contact your supplier immediately if you are in financial difficulty, or your energy supply could be cut off. If the amount is unrealistic, the firm could be in breach of its licence conditions and you could have grounds for complaint.
You would then pay off a fixed amount of your arrears, as well as paying for your current usage. Paul LePage’s veto of a closely watched solar energy bill Friday in a blow to supporters who argued the measure would boost the industry and create jobs. In the end, the 93-50 vote in the House was a few votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to override the veto from LePage, a frequent critic of Maine’s renewable energy policies. LePage met with Gideon and other supporters this week as the two sides attempted to find compromise but to no avail.
1649, aimed to add 196 megawatts of solar energy to the state’s energy portfolio over the next four years, down from the 248 megawatts contained in the original version. But they also warned that defeating the bill would likely eliminate some of the estimated 300 solar energy jobs already in Maine. Hoping to reverse that outcome, Democratic leaders used parliamentary maneuvers to bring the bill back for a second vote, only to lose 93-50. The LNG project was expected to reduce the cost of electricity by up to 40% and scheduled to be completed by 2015.
Let’s see why: According to [1] Jamaica consumed about 30 million Barrels in 2009, more oil than Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Ethiopia, COMBINED. I am all for renewable technologies but this post will not recommend that you buy a single wind turbine or solar panel to reduce your energy bill. The cost for cooling an entire home or office space in Jamaica using a combination of AC and Fan for 8 hours per day and 20 days for the month would be $4,500 [2].
A typical machine accounts for a great portion of the water usage in your home and may use up to 40-Gallons of water for each cycle [5]. Maybe the steps above are too drastic so to conclude here is the middle ground to save 20% on your energy bill. Kimroy is one of the leading engineering minds in the region and has been recognized by the the Prime Minister, Governor General and the IEEE, world’s largest professional engineering body for his engineering innovations.
You can then make sure that the bill is accurate - and that you are signed up to the cheapest tariff.
Suppliers are also obliged to include certain details on your bill to help you to clarify and compare costs.
Plus, the so-called tariff label must set out the key terms and conditions of the price plan in case you want to switch. You might, for example, have turned up the heating or bought a new appliance that consumes more energy. The website can tailor its operations to your needs, likes and dislikes by gathering and remembering information about your preferences.

The recent turn in the LNG development will give the island a brief window to sit and strategically plan a sustainable way forward with a solid supply of renewable composed primarily of wind and solar. Here is the interesting part, Jamaica has a population of less than 3 million people while the comparison countries have a combined population of 117 million residents.
Comparing this technique with cooling your home with 3 fans using the same parameters will cost $990.00 in a given month. This will cost an additional $800 for water expenses totalling $2,738 monthly for water and electricity compared with paying someone $2,000 per load or doing it yourself where you could save it ALL.
Summer is the most energy intensive period for households with children due to the fact that school is no longer in session.
This device may use up to half the total amount of energy it consumes monthly when it’s NOT in use, yes when NOT in use. Kimroy Bailey Robotics currently consults with CXC to integrate Robotics and Renewable Energy to High Schools across the Caribbean. Kathleen Dillingham of Oxford also supported overriding LePage’s veto on the first vote but then missed the second because she was still deciding how she wanted to vote when the roll call was taken. Here is how we can change this: 100% Renewable Jamaica will require parents to produce innovative ways to get their kids to play outdoor.
We are literally using expensive electricity to pump water into the ground” Vidal, Principal Director for Energy in the Ministry of Science Technology and Mining [5]. There are 24 hours in a day, Considering you use this energy monster for 5 minutes daily it then sit in standby mode for the other 1435 minutes in the day.
If you can’t hire someone to do your laundry use only normal temperature to wash and wash by hand once every two months for additional savings. Dillingham said Saturday that she disagreed with the parliamentary maneuver to re-vote on the issue. Opening your window and allowing clean fresh air to blow across your room will almost always ease your mind and refresh your thoughts. They will have to be reintroduce to Kites, hide an seek, play with the neighbour, a bicycle, trips to the park or community center etc. Here are five simple tips each household can implement to reduce their monthly energy bill and contribute to a greener, more sustainable Jamaica where we spend more on production and less on oil importation. Air Conditioners on the other hand, beside being a killer on your energy bill, sucks the freshness out of the room, cools the air, then blows it back out. If you must heat the water use around 30 degree Celsius compared to higher temperature that require a greater energy consumption. This will reduce your energy bill by up to 15% during the long summer days if you can get your child from in front the television or computer. If you can’t buy a tank, simply ensure there are no water leakages on your property and turn of pipes fully after use. Besides the super hot summer months we should allow the cool afternoon breeze to penetrate our homes and turn off the air conditioning unit. If you can’t help but using your microwave the most essential of all the tips is to ensure that you unplug you microwave IMMEDIATELY after each use. You may use a switch to control the microwave power to make it more accessible, that way you will not have to unplug every second but instead switch on and off when not in use. But no one uses a microwave EVERYDAY so lets say 2 days per week that would equate to $5,800 for the month.
100% Renewable Jamaica does not start with everyone rushing to buy solar panels and wind turbine but with each person cutting back on their energy consumption using these simple tips.
A 100% Renewable home will need to be 100% free of microwaves, a stove might not be able to pop your pop corn but I assure you, with a little bit of patience you can heat EVERYTHING else on the good old gas stove and save yourself a few thousand microwave dollars per month.

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