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Fact check the Energy Bill as it goes through Parliament - what impact will stopping onshore wind really have? The project has reached its target, but please don’t let that put you off chipping in some pounds.  More funds enable Full Fact to spread their net wider, check more claims and persist with getting clarifications in the media (I think we all know the usual suspects they’ll be talking to…). On Monday 7 September amendments to the Energy Bill will be debated at committee stage in the House of Lords, so Full Fact will be running Stage I and II in parallel, only made possible through all your pledges so far - thankyou.
I want to ensure this goes through Parliament with the scrutiny of an independent organisation - Full Fact, an independent and widely respected non-partisan charity. I’m Alison Hood, one of the 19,000 people who work in the onshore wind sector, but have recently been made redundant as a direct impact of this - so I want to make sure that the Energy Bill is being delivered for valid reasons. The Government say this action is necessary to cut costs to consumers and won’t impact on our climate change obligations - but several experts and commentators are saying the opposite. Lots of claims are being made on both sides of the debate, and we’re missing a level of scrutiny required to ensure that all parties use facts and statistics with integrity as the legislation goes through Parliament. This Bill will pass relatively quickly through Parliament, coming into law early next year. Full Fact will independently fact check selected claims by politicians, members of the House of Lords and the media as the Energy Bill goes through the House of Lords. As the Energy Bill goes through the House of Commons, Full Fact will continue to fact check selected claims by politicians and the media. They are an independent and non-partisan charity (registered charity no 1158683) who check claims made by politicians and the media. Full Fact have over 30,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 10,000 on Facebook, who will also be seeing the research as it is published. If we meet our target, I will update this blog dedicated to fact checking the Energy Bill - people can contact me with claims relating to the Energy Bill that could do with a fact check.

Having worked in the renewable sector for over 8 years, it's not hard to guess that I'd prefer Full Fact to find holes in the claims made by Government and certain newspapers that I don't need to list here. As well as donating a few pounds you can use your own social media networks to spread the call to fundraise.
A mention on the friends wall of my blog with a big thank you, and entry to win one of 30 kids wind activity books.
A big thank you on the friends wall of my blog, and entry to win one of two very sexy canvas bags from RenewableUK. A massive thank you on the friends wall of my blog, entry to win a model wind turbine with solar-powered spin and a very sexy RUK canvas bag.
2) Debit or Credit card: You can use your Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Delta or Solo card to pay your gas and electricity bills over the phone. 4) Telephone or Internet: You can pay your gas and electricity bills via Telephone or Internet you want sort code and account number plus your EDF Energy account number.
5) By post: You can also pay your gas and electricity bill by post, make sure make your cheque payable to EDF Energy Customers plc and write your EDF Energy account number on the back.
6) Prepayment meter – EDF also offers home prepayment meters, you have to pay as you go for the energy you use, but before using this service you have to inform the EDF Energy.
7) Post Office: You can pay your gas and electricity bills at the Post Office, but they may charge some amount of money for this service. The UK oil and gas industry welcomed the new Energy Bill introduced into the House of Lords on Thursday.
Kindly note that we only lightly edit content for grammar and do not edit externally contributed content. It probably won't be possible to fact check everything, but I'll work with Full Fact to ensure we get as many of the project aims achieved.

They have a wide media contact database, meaning they can not only ask for corrections, but also know which journalists might want to cover one of their fact checks.
However, I'm determined that all claims are thoroughly researched and clear evidence is provided for everyone to see, regardless of whether or not I like the findings. If the funding target is met, we need lots of people spreading news of Full Fact's research. For more details about using an Energy Card, please call customer services on 0800 096 9000.
Since the Government announcement in June more than 270MW of projects have been scrapped, and people like me are losing their jobs across the industry. Full Fact have previously secured corrections from Ministers, government departments, MPs, the BBC, pressure groups and national newspapers. Full Fact don't tell you what to think: they provide a short cut to making up your own mind by providing sources, explanation and context to the claim. They look at every side of the debate so you can make up your own mind, using information you can trace. In the UK, EDF energy generates approximately 7% of the UK’s electricity and many people depend on them. EDF supplies energy to approximately 5 million customers and company employs 1,13,000 people via their retail brands.
EDF Energy covers London Energy, SWEB Energy and Seeboard Energy and also has its own EDF Energy customers who were previously Virgin HomeEnergy customers.

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