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While most bills will have differing layouts the basic information that they carry will be the same. Account Number: This is your unique customer number which you will need to quote if you contact your supplier.
Date and Package Details: This is the date your bill was issued, and also the name of your tariff.
Contact Information: Suppliers must provide this information in case you need to contact them about your account.
Electricity Supplier Number: Your electricity supply number (or MPAN) is a unique number assigned to your meter.

Message Panel: The message panel features pricing information, special offers and announcements. With paperless billing you have the ability to conveniently view and pay your bill online each month. ENMAT’s Tenant Billing Software provides organisations with the ability to accurately divide utility costs between tenants. Alongside this service users can  add supporting documents such as Energy bills, re-bills, and credit notes. Below is an example of an energy bill and from these details you will be able to find the important details from your own papers.

It’s providing a variety of options for our customers to quickly and conveniently pay their bill, or easily getting in touch with us if there is a question. You also have the benefit of saving on postage costs, decreasing the number of checks written and reducing paper – helping save trees and the environment. Over 90% of all websites do this, however, since the 25th of May 2011 we are required by EU regulations to notify you.

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