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Making bills easier to understand is "complementary with what we are trying to achieve," the Prime Minister's official spokeswoman said. But is it complementary, or contradictory, given Ofgem are proposing compelling energy companies to comply with their ideas and this doesn't need new legislation? But when the Lib Dem Energy Secretary Ed Davey was given repeated opportunities this morning to support what the Prime Minister has said, he declined.
Drawing the simple out of the complex, it seems, is proving complicated in itself, and difficult to communicate. Under Ofgem's proposals tariff information like this would appear on annual statements, switching sites and suppliers' websites.
A row about anti-Semitism is being used by Jeremy Corbyn's opponents within Labour to undermine his leadership, Unite chief Len McCluskey says. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The energy watchdog said that, while providers had achieved 99 percent of energy efficiency targets set by the government, some companies had missed the targets. Market reform: The energy regulator Ofgem is asking firms to have one standard tariff which will help customers compare prices.
Currently firms offer a complex combination of tariffs which can confuse customers and make comparing prices difficult.Most tariffs include a standing charge - the fixed cost of supplying energy to the customer - but some do not. The Ofgem plan will mean that all firms will have to charge one set amount for its standing charge a€“ the fixed cost of supplying energy to the customer. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Alistair Buchanan, the boss of Ofgem, has warned that Britain faces a "rollercoaster" fall in energy supplies that will lead to a rise in consumer bills. Gas and electricity prices have increased by four times the rate of inflation over the past 10 years, according to a new TUC analysis. With evidence also showing people suffering the longest real wage squeeze in over a century, the latest bill increases from SSE and British Gas will widen the gap further.

1.4 million relied on non-condensing boilers, which are more costly and less efficient than modern condensing boilers. BG and SSE have published widely different versions of the costs of green taxes, some of which provide for mandatory investment in energy efficiency measures like home insulation – paid for by consumers through their energy bills since public funding  was curtailed. Philip is a former Senior Policy Officer in the TUC’s Economic & Social Affairs Department, working on issues around climate change, energy and transport.
Some of Britain’s top engineers working for the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) have approved a ?93,000 grant to help us build a prototype Latent Power Turbine.
If LP Turbines work in line with preliminary evidence from Lancaster University, they will reduce fuel bills and produce greener energy.
Promoted by Frances O'Grady on behalf of the TUC, both of Congress House, Great Russell St, London, WC1b 3LS. Britain's energy regulator should be given powers to slash bills when companies refuse to pass on cost savings to customers, Ed Miliband has said. He added that George Osborne, the Chancellor, now "understands" the energy market is "broken" and called on him and David Cameron to back his reforms.
With energy bills going up again and recent announcements about energy company profits we take a look at the work Ofgem is doing to create a fairer market for customers.
This week Ofgem have announced changes to simplify tariffs in a bid to improve the level of competition between energy providers. The reforms have been welcomed by consumer groups but they have also been greeted with concern that Ofgem is not going far enough and that more needs to be done to ensure a fairer deal for customers.
The current reforms involve a standard charge set by Ofgem to cover the cost of getting energy to consumers along with a charge per unit of energy that can be easily compared across companies but this is only for standard tariffs. Others will bill customers on a two tier structure a€“ charging one price for the first amount of energy used and then a different amount for energy used above this level. This amount will be set by the regulator.Firms will then be able to choose the amount they charge customers per unit of energy and this will differ depending on the customersa€™ location.
These would include cheaper online deals and fixed deals which offer protection against price rises by locking customers into a contract.However, despite calling for simplified deals, Ofgem has stopped short of demanding that firms be banned from marketing the more complex deals.

Shopping around and switching energy packages to a cheaper deal can produce big savings, but the baffling array of tariffs to choose from puts a lot of people off a€“ only 15 per cent of us switched supplier last year.'That is why we are backing Ofgema€™s drive to simplify tariffs, as well as taking forward work to make bills clearer and boost competition so there are more players in the energy market competing for your business.'Consumer group Which? As a whole, renewables in the UK benefited from ?1.4bn government support over the same period, according to data from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
Natural gas receives the most support through tax breaks and contributions for infrastructure development, at ?3.6 billion.
The reforms are intended to create a market where consumers can have confidence that prices are set by effective competition between energy companies.
Consumer groups would like to see this applied across all tariffs to ensure the clearest possible pricing and billing to help us all ensure we are getting the best deal. Two-tier pricing - charging one price for the first amount of energy used and more thereafter - would still be possible but firms would have to persuade customers to switch to these deals.Firms have twelve weeks to agree with the proposals and if they do Ofgem will then make change energy supplier licensing rules.
TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will say at today’s TUC climate change conference that “Energy chiefs tried to blame green obligations for the size of consumer bills.
The average poverty gap per household was ?438 last year  and is forecast to reach ?494 in 2013. With widespread anger about price hikes and bad customer service, a much bigger shake-up is needed to guarantee that fair and affordable energy is available to all.'The first step must be to deliver a more complete overhaul of energy tariffs. But, with this vote Parliament can require the government to bring forward fast-track legislation.
It would mean we would still do some good before Parliament is dissolved before the General Election." Ofgem has referred the energy companies to the Competition and Markets Authority after analysis showed they were slower in passing on energy cost falls to consumers than rises.
But the evidence increasingly shows the threat of Labour's high Price Freeze is responsible for higher household bills now.

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