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So entsteht ein neues Dampfungselement mit eigener Zellstruktur, das Energie bei jedem Schritt effizienter speichert und wieder zuruckgibt. Bernd Wahler, adidas Head of Innovation: „BOOST™ bringt dem Laufer sowohl Komfort und Leichtigkeit, als auch Stabilitat und Dampfung. Eine Studie des adidas Innovation Teams zeigt, dass das widerstandsfahige Material den hochsten Energiegewinn verzeichnet.
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Paste for sport horses that have to deliver brief and powerful burst of energy for top performances. Cavalor An Energy Boost is designed to provide an instant boost of nutrients (energy) before the horse enters the competition arena. Is there a risk of electrolyte overdose when combining Cavalor An Energy Boost with Cavalor Electrolyte Balance or Cavalor Electroliq Balance? It is safe to combine Cavalor An Energy Boost with Cavalor Electrolyte Balance or Cavalor Electroliq Balance.
Cavaalor An Energy Boost contains certain amino acids known for their specific roles in cell growht and immunity (lysine), digestion and mental well-being (threonine) and stress reduction (tryptophan).
Self-mixing electrolytes are not as effective as a professionally formulated mixture because the balance of different minerals as well as the source of these minerals and the quality of their absorption is key.
In function of the cooperation between Cavalor and the VLP within the context of the VLP Talent plan, I have received detailed advice from Cavalor for my horse Velvet Dream.
We are so happy to hear that Carol Wilson and Ted Alexander's horses are having such a good results with Endurix, Super Force, An Energy Boost, Take It Easy and Free Bute Pro. Indication for use Cavalor An Energy Boost is formulated to provide the horse with an extra energy boost and important nutrients before, during and after strenuous efforts.

When administered before strenuous efforts, Cavalor An Energy Boost supplies the horse with high-quality nutrients to maintain and boost performance.
Cavalor An Energy Boost is also supplied after competition or strenuous effort for a quick recuperation.
Composition, administration and safety of the product Cavalor An Energy Boost is formulated for top competition horses. Weitere Tests belegen die dreimal hohere Temperaturresistenz im Vergleich zu herkommlichem EVA-Schaum (Ethylenvinylacetat).
In unserer Freizeit inspiriert uns Kunst, gehen gerne lecker Essen, folgen den (exklusiven oder extravaganten) Streetwear Trends und lassen uns taglich von Neuem begeistern .
Classee dans la gamme performance de la marque aux trois bandes, la Energy Boost Reveal est composee d’un mesh elastique bicolore, d’une semelle Boost et d’un renfort plastique a l’arriere de la cheville rappelant celui des Energy Boost 2. Cavalor Energy Booster is a mix of high-quality electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, sugars and salt, important for the body when engaging in sports. If your horse needs extra vitamins and minerals during high level multi-day-events, Cavalor Powa€™red Performance may be more effective.
The body cannot store electrolytes and the excess will be excreted from the body through urine.
Sport horses sweat heavily due to physical exertion and stress, as well as during transport. Cavalor An Energy Boost contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C), minerals (calcium and phosphorus), amino acids and glucose with a very complete and rapid absorption (within 10 minutes) to prevent the horse from running out of energy. To supply extra vitamins and minerals during during off-competition periods, Cavalor NutriPlus should be used.
Make sure that your horse has access to fresh water at all times when supplementing with electrolytes.

During heavy efforts the glucose level can decrease drastically with detrimental consequences for athletic performance. Diese Momente tragen wir gerne nach aussen und halten unsere Leser mit spannenden, einmaligen, multimedialen Berichten am Puls der urbanen Welt. Prevu en pointures homme et femme, ce modele sera disponible des la fin du mois de juillet chez adidas.
To ensure that the horse has an optimal glucose level for the start, it is recommended to administer Cavalor An Energy Boost just before the effort (maximum half an hour before the effort).
In addition Cavalor An Energy Boost provides minerals, vitamins and substrates important for muscular activity. As tissue repair is increased by muscular activity, an increased demand of nutrients and building blocks is needed. Administration is simple: the paste is applied to the back of the horse's tongue with the oral dosage booster.
Further, mineral losses due to transpiration, stress or substrate used for muscular activity should be replenished for a quick recuperation and a constant optimal condition. My horse has positively evolved and is completely ready for the upcoming competition season.

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