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From security to industrial control, wireless sensors are being deployed in a variety of applications because they can be easily powered by batteries. Linear Technology has released a wide range of ultra-low-power boost converter modules for harvesting energy from piezoelectric and photovoltaic sources to thermoelectric generators (TEGs). Additionally, the LTC3108 also provides a low-current, low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator to provide a regulated 2.2 VDC output for powering low-power processors or other low-power ICs.
The step-up transformer turns ratio will determine how low the input voltage can be for the converter to start.
Similarly, LTC3105 operates over an extremely-wide input range of 225 mV to 5 V, making it suitable for harvesting energy from high-impedance alternative-power sources, including photovoltaic cells, thermoelectric generators (TEGs), and fuel cells.
Tailored for wireless sensors and data acquisition applications, LTC3105 offers an auxiliary 6 mA 2.2 VDC LDO for external microcontrollers and sensors while the main output voltage is charging.
For those who prefer a complete, optimized energy-harvesting solution for high-output impedance energy sources, such as piezoelectric transducers, Linear Technology offers LTC3588-1, which integrates a low-loss full-wave bridge rectifier with a high-efficiency buck converter on-chip (Figure 3).
Another supplier in this arena, Texas Instruments, offers its BQ25504 boost converter specifically designed to efficiently acquire and manage μW to mW of power generated from a variety of DC sources, such as solar cells or TEGs. In summary, suppliers like Linear Technology and Texas Instruments have developed ultra-low- power boost converters that are facilitating the creation of energy-harvesting solutions to drive a variety of wireless sensors deployed in applications ranging from factory automation to data collection from a remote site. Why is it that people dieting on starvation rations so often just cannot shift the extra fat, while some people who eat like horses, stay thin? The answer hit clinical dietician, Tabitha Hume, like a bolt from the blue: sugar is not the enemy…fat is.
The way to banish fat, and it’s many associated health problems, Tabitha realised, was to kickstart a sluggish metabolism by radically increasing one’s intake of carbohydrates…even including those sugary foods traditionally frowned upon by health experts!
The X-Diet shows you how rev up your metabolism by feasting on delicious energy giving foods, and how to eliminate fats from the diet without ever feeling deprived.
Backed up by cutting edge international medical research, Tabitha’s X Diet explains fat loss and carbohydrate metabolism in the simple and entertaining way, reflecting her passion for food, flavour and the delight of the varied and sensuous diet.
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Who Else Wants to Know How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Stress and Change Negative Thoughts and Energy into Positive Thinking Instantly? How Can I Think Positive and Boost Low Self Confidence?: Transform Negative Thoughts and Self Talk Using the Power of Positive Thinking, Positive Affirmations and Understanding Why We Make Mistakes by Heather Jenkins - (Approx. Energy for Your Life: Seven Energy Giving Habits was written so that every day, you can get enough energy to live your life well and stay healthy. As shown in Figure 1 below, the SSOP- or QFN-packaged LTC3108 provides a complete power management solution for wireless sensing and data acquisition using a small step-up transformer.
The boost converter’s power-good indicator signals that the main output voltage is within regulation, and a storage capacitor provides power when the input voltage source is unavailable.
Once fully charged, the main output can deliver voltages as high as 5.25 VDC with up to 100 mA output current. According to the supplier, an ultra-low-quiescent current undervoltage lockout (UVLO) mode with a wide-hysteresis window allows charge to accumulate on an input capacitor until the buck converter can efficiently transfer a portion of the stored charge to the output.
Designed for systems such as wireless-sensor networks, BQ25504 requires only microwatts of power to begin operation.
Its switching regulator architecture maximizes efficiency while minimizing start-up and operation power. For more information on the products discussed in this article, use the links provided to access product pages on the Digi-Key website. We will respond with either a confirmation of your appointment or a suggestion for an alternative date and time. 111 Kindle pages, 31,700 words) Would you like to think positive, boost low self confidence and learn how to transform negative thoughts using the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations?
The bad news is that these batteries must be regularly replaced in the field, which turns out to be a costly and clumsy maintenance project. Hence, to fully exploit them requires ultra-low-power boost converters that can provide the necessary step-up conversion required to generate useable power from a variety of energy sources, as well as regulate the boosted output voltage. In addition, the supplier has also readied a complete energy-harvesting solution LTC3588-1, which is optimized for high-output impedance energy sources, such as piezoelectric transducers. The boost converter’s main output VOUT is programmed to deliver one of four regulated output voltages, using the voltage-select pins VS1 and VS2, to power a transmitter or sensor (Table 1).

Extremely-low-quiescent current and high-efficiency design ensures the fastest possible charge times of the output-reservoir capacitor. Furthermore, a user-programmable maximum-power-point controller (MPPC) set point maximizes the energy that can be extracted from any power source (Figure 2). The product data sheet shows that LTC3105 can regulate output voltage even when input voltage is greater than or equal to output voltage, offering further design flexibility.
In regulation mode, the LTC3588-1 enters a sleep state in which both input and output quiescent currents are minimal. Plus, it uses pulse frequency modulation (PFM) technique to maintain efficiency, even under light-load conditions. Consequently, a more practical and effective wireless power solution is to harvest energy from ambient energy sources such as light, heat differentials, piezoelectric devices, transmitted RF signals, or any other source that can produce electrical power through a transducer. The data sheet suggests that the boost converter can be started with input voltage VIN as low as 330 mV. In addition, BQ25504 also implements battery protection features so that either rechargeable batteries or capacitors can be used as energy-storage elements.
For optimal transfer of power into the device, BQ25504 implements a programmable maximum-power-point-tracking sampling network. There’s a cliche question that is asked when talking about this topic: Do you look at the glass as half-empty or half-full? Sampling the open circuit voltage (VIN_DC) is programmed using external resistors, and held with an external capacitor CREF, as shown in Figure 4. Millions of people suffer from negative thoughts and destroy their future through a lot of mistakes.

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