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There might be a more comfortable running shoe out there, but if there is, we don't know about it. If you've been thinking "all Vans really need are a perforated upper", than we have some good news for you.Vans OTW Perf Sneakers ($80-$90) are a collection of four classic silhouettes featuring the aforementioned perforated Nubuck uppers, mint-colored hangtags, and mint-colored alternative laces.
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For only the second time in its storied history, The Simpsons will be part of an official crossover episode, this time with Family Guy.

The cushioning in these new Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes ($150) is all about what happens after that. Both black and gray colorways of the Alcon, Lasdun, Prelow and Stovepipe will be available starting next month. Focusing on an improved look and feel to the shoe, the new runner features a stretch mesh upper which offers a second skin-like fit while remaining breathable thanks to the engineered perforations dotting the upper.
Replacing traditional EVA foam in the midsole is the company's new energy-returning Boost material, which aims to make your runs easier by bouncing your foot back up after each step.
Synthetic overlays running across the length of the shoe add support to the lightweight upper, while also adding some textural contrast to the design.

He could use a Boost, as in the Energy Boost running shoe Adidas is unveiling Wednesday and hopes will change its fortunes in the market.
Other features include a breathable techfit upper, Torsion technology for midfoot support, an external heel counter for a better fit, and compatibility with Adidas' miCoach system. Of course, the main feature is the shoe’s full-length Boost midsole, which promises an unparalleled level of comfort and energy return.

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