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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Energy de Neo, se compone de un fruto y una raiz, su uso tradicional es de hace miles de anos como estimulantes,  se utilizan como tonico y adaptogeno, con esta combinacion conseguimos un producto que satisfara plenamente tus necesidades. Forma de uso: tomar una capsula cuando se encuentre decaido o necesite un aporte extra de energia.

This set will prove to be one of the most powerful releases for the Yugioh Trading Card Game! With All new GX cards and combos, and the power of the Elemental Hero Shining Flame Wingman, the strongest E-Hero card to date, the E-Hero family is no longer a joke! Also look one of the most popular card trios finally makes their set debut: Jacks Knight, Queens Knight, and Kings Knight!

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