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LIBERATING ELDER- An autonomous nourishment testing office, ENSL Analytics, has quite recently discharged their discoveries on Monster Energy Drink after reports surfaced that their item contained bovine pee known as urea. The testing comprised of 500 jars from stores the nation over, every tried and contrasted with each other.
The compound urea, is not appropriately named on the can as it is not needed to be revealed here in the United States.
The drinking of cow pee may be forbidden here in the United States, yet it is exceedingly looked for after in nations, for example, India.
It just so happens, individuals are drinking cow pee as of now in their soft drinks in Eastern nations. They are working with organizations, for example, Pepsi and Coca-Cola, teaching them on Hindu society and the advantages that bovine pee has – which is known to treat up to 80 varying serious ailments, including diabetes.

Sugar, which these soft drinks are loaded with, is the most obvious explanation behind diabetes in the United States.
Organizations, for example, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Hansen’s Natural Sodas (who owns Monster Energy Drinks) have bounced on board for the therapeutic properties of utilizing bovine pee as a part of their beverages. Why is the US government suppressing this herbal breakthrough that can protect your liver from alcohol damage? Features:As featured by Los Angeles Confidential Magazine - If you're looking for the best, you've found it! The outcomes demonstrated that every beast caffeinated beverage contained anyplace between 2% – 5% pee consistency. National Volunteer Corps, is in the final stages of developing the cow urine cola in the region.

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